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1000-lb Sisters (2020)

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Country: USA
Language: English

The Slaton sisters averaging over a thousand pounds, have always depended on each other for support. Now in their 30s, Amy wants to have children, but cannot due to her weight, while her elder sister Tammy is near bedridden.

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January 31, 2022star8.8 18 votesS3E12 Never Say Never
March 1, 2021star8.0 21 votesS2E9 Labor of Love
March 8, 2021star7.9 19 votesS2E10 Do Or Die
November 15, 2021star7.8 21 votesS3E1 Welcome To Rehab
January 3, 2022star7.8 16 votesS3E8 A Very Slaton Vacation
January 17, 2022star7.8 15 votesS3E10 Moving On Up And Partying On Down
January 10, 2022star7.8 15 votesS3E9 Smoky Mountain Meltdown
December 13, 2021star7.6 16 votesS3E5 Pushed Too Far
December 27, 2021star7.6 14 votesS3E7 The Moment Of Truth
December 6, 2021star7.4 17 votesS3E4 Heavy Hoarders
December 20, 2021star7.4 17 votesS3E6 Man vs Scale
January 24, 2022star7.3 13 votesS3E11 End Of An Era
November 22, 2021star7.2 17 votesS3E2 Goodbye Freedom
January 4, 2021star7.0 26 votesS2E1 Life-Altering News
November 29, 2021star6.9 18 votesS3E3 Tammy's New Squeeze
February 1, 2021star6.8 19 votesS2E5 Dropping Bombs
February 22, 2021star6.8 16 votesS2E8 Everybody Hurts
January 11, 2021star6.7 20 votesS2E2 Tippin' the Scales
January 25, 2021star6.7 18 votesS2E4 A Fork in the Road
February 15, 2021star6.7 18 votesS2E7 Jerry Bites Back

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User Reviews

leftbanker-1 9 February 2021

The trick is to wear black clothes as the color black has a slimming effect on the eye. Another gimmick is to wear clothing with vertical stripes which has this same effect. If they would just sit up straighter it would help them to appear thinner.

This is a classic example of how you look at life. Do you see the glass as half full, or half empty? In their household, if the glass is anything but completely empty, that is due to the fact that it is pointing downward into an open mouth. You can replace "glass" with "industrial size can of mayonnaise" and it still holds true.

I think the title is very misleading to the point of false advertising. 1000-lb Sisters implies that they both weigh in at a thousand pounds when in fact, together they don't even reach that hallowed threshold. Granted, they come close to that mark together, so the show should be called "1000-lb of Sisters" or something to that effect that shows it's a group effort. Can't they find two sisters who weigh 1,000 pound each? Did they even try? Then they could change the name of the show to the more poetic, "A Ton of Sisters," which is much better than the current, rather prosaic title.

plargreg 1 July 2020

This show is just about two complaining lazy sisters who live life as unhealthy as possible, one of the worst most disgusting shows ever created do NOT waste yer time

ginasharp 6 February 2021

I am so addicted and invested in this show! I just keep rooting for them to break the addiction and overcome to get healthy! It is very sad that they are unable to learn how to communicate well and care for each other. What makes me continue to watch is that I am hoping they achieve the weight loss they desire and become able to live a happy, healthy life.

It is disappointing that they keep trying to restrict foods and failing. That is just a fail waiting to happen! The key is to eat the same in the beginning but cut calories, the lower cal food will come later and have a flipping' free day of no counting. They could easily lose this way! I have lost 60 lbs this way. But the world continues to tell you that you must cut out everything with fat and sugar, so stupid! The is not realistic for an addict that has to control food! You can't switch from pizza to eggplant. Just eat 2 pieces of pizza instead of the whole pizza! It's sad that no one helps them to figure this out. Don't restrict all foods you enjoy, just cut them back. If you were taking in 10,000 calories per day, cut back to 6000 a day, and so on and so on. You will lose! I would love to see them get this concept and win! Also, start with a 5 minute walk per day, then build up to 10 minute, and so on and so on.

Rooting for them, but sad that dietitians and doctors don't help with how many calories to take in. Make them log every calorie and have a goal calorie amt to hit! I wonder if the show wants them to succeed ?

juanruiz-65679 8 February 2021

Ah, yes, TLC. It used to be called The Learning Channel, but doing that now would make it guilty of fraudulent advertising. Anything feeding the mind was removed long ago in favor of tripe like this.

Given that all these shows are completely scripted, from the Kilchers to the pawn brokers, ghost hunters, and everyone else, one wonders if the producers want these two women to look brain-dead, or if they found them that way. One is told not to get pregnant, so she does. The other is told she is going die, gets cut loose by one doctor, and resents that the next expects her to lose weight before surgery. Or maybe they've been told to play the stereotype role of poor southerners.

I have a hunch that the series will come to an end when the one does die. It would be too bad, but at least the show is paying for their treatment, plus close to 5 figures an episode to take to the bank.

tlharrison-59546 13 July 2020

The tension between these sisters is incredible. They need therapy and probably shouldn't be living together. They are constantly fighting over which one of them is more of a victim. I appreciate shows that show the struggle of weightloss and food addiction but this one is hard to watch. I wish them both the best.

SamUnfiltered1979 24 April 2020

This is a show about the most obnoxious hateable sisters. I mean, they have no redeeming qualities. Their weight is the least of their issues. They don't want anything to do with healthy eating or exercise. They just want attention, pity and for everyone to do their work. The first episode the two of them ate enough for a army platoon by themselves. They sit and eat a bowl of spray redi whip then sit and belch on camera. They want to be lazy and people to fawn over them. What has happened to TLC?. This is garbage.

k_rae_rae 11 December 2020

Trash TV but darn is it entertaining. It's TLC what more do you expect? But on a serious note, as sad as it is, this story of two morbidly obese sisters motivates me to eat healthier and stay active.

kissmyasthma-95598 27 January 2021

So this is what it's come to, watching 2 obese sisters literally eat themselves to death. P.T. Barnum would be so proud, yet here we are a little shy of two hundred years later, watching the freak show on digital cable TV. I can only imagine the remuneration they receive for shaming themselves publicly is quickly swallowed whole before ever reaching the local S & L. I can't imagine this show lasting very many seasons, let's just hope they are welcomed with open arms in Gibsonton, Florida when this is all over.

daddygracenyc 11 February 2022

Watching this reality series is very sad. Several weeks ago watching television, I seen several commercials regarding 1,000 lb Sisters. I start to watch this reality show this morning at 2 a.m. On Demand on the TLC cable channel and I was horrified at the way these 2 sisters ate food and waking up eating food. I am surprised that they haven't died from a heart attack or some other medical condition. 😢 😭

When I was a young boy and teenager many years ago, my friends and I made fun of obese people. I was young and stupid back then because nothing is funny about seeing people looking like this.

sb-487-173392 15 August 2020

This is just another odd show of odd people airing all of their problems to the public. To me this show about these sisters who are trying to lose weight is just exploitation. The show may be paying for their service and operations but to me it's just another sad example of TLC scraping the bottom of the barrel again with what I call for black of a better term freak shows. TLC has shows about little girls doing pageants and they're hyped up drama. Then there are the shows with the little people and their hyped up drama.. And don't forget the people who are trying to find love in foreign countries and those families who have some religious proclivities in their church to have many many children. All these people can do what they want it's not that I care about that I just think it's sad that they come on television and exploit the situations. It would be wonderful to say shows with more intelligence less silly hyped up drama and just get rid of the trash TV.

lroyce-48163 11 February 2022

I thought at first this would be a show about women struggling with difficult, hundred pounds of weight loss as they try to get the surgery that will help them Instead, it devolves into a show displaying morbidly obese women, very much like a side show display. The show has a car wreck quality that makes it hard to turn away but to what end? Not sure what, if any lessons are to be learned.

The women are put on display airing all their dirty laundry.

Can't even call it a guilty pleasure.

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