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24 (2001)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   8.3/10 171757 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Jack Bauer races against the clock to subvert terrorist plots and save his nation from ultimate disaster.

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dishjones 4 September 2020

The first 4 seasons were so incredible. It was a tough premise to keep up though. Cracks started appearing in season 5 and season 6 just became down right ridiculous. But Jack Bauer is one of the best TV characters ever created and Kiefer Sutherland was born to play this part. This show was the definition of serial thrill ride. My friends and I used to have weekly viewing parties and if you broke the gag order on spoilers you were dead to us. Some of the funniest times I've ever had watching a show. It was more like an experience.

hernanbusso 4 October 2020

I haven't watched every single TV show out there but I've watched more than a fair share (GoT, The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Breaking Bad, House, The Shield, Dexter, Lost, Justified, Prison Break, Mad Men, Walking Dead, House of Cards and a few others) and this reamins my favorite of them all. Great premise, top acting, superb action scenes, etc. The only flaw is they started recycling plots and storylines at one point but that was after years of incredible quality. Must-watch.

joseyankie 17 February 2009

What i found amazing is how can anyone criticize 24 ... The actors are not boring, they all have their own role on the show. Each season speaks about a terrorist problem, and what's the problem? do they look so much alike? no! If you start to watch a episode with all the suspense and REALLY GREAT action, you'll keep sit on the couch till it's end! Watching 24 won't make you smarter or add anything new to your brains, but will definitely entertain you more than any other TV show for 43minutes and you'll pray till next Monday arrives! If you expect a drama, or worst, a similar show to any of those recent movies such as "body of lies", you can turn your head to the other side, 24 only offers what best the TV got, the pleasure of be inside the screen..

It's a perfect 10 in 10 for 24 and Jack Bauer!

martin-1598 5 June 2007

24 is a great TV series. It's design and story lines are really a thrill to experience. The day out of the life of agent Jack Bauer is one of a kind. The series plays in real time (including the commercial breaks).

I can certainly recommend to watch this series. It's even more fantastic, if you not watch it as it's aired, but record some episodes and then watch them in in a pattern of 2 per evening for some days after another. In this way you find yourself addicted to the adrenaline which 24 unleashes.

This is TV as it was designed. I must admit that I look forward to the movie which is planned. I hope not that it's a normal movie, but that they put elements of the real time (or something similar) into it. At least the thrill should be similar.

I just finished Day 6 (season 6) and now have to rehab from my 24 addiction again.

jameslamont 21 February 2005

This show can best be described as the most innovative, ground-breaking television show of the past 50 years. The reason this show is so ground breaking is the fact that it has used split screen cameras, and a real time format to create the element of a quality made show.

The show follows the worst days of likable, down-to-earth hero Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and each episode chronicles every hour of the day, and is shot in real-time. What makes this show so unique are the character relationships, the shows writing and the attention to detail.Whether the shows themes are about kidnappings, bomb threats, personal vendettas, assassinations, or terrorist attacks the themes are handled in such a compelling way that the viewer is hooked at every jump and turn.

The viewers really learn to care about Jack as we learn more about his life and his past. Kiefer Sutherland was perfect for the role as Jack Bauer, so much that many people describe him as "born for the role". Dennis Haysbert does a superb acting job as Sen David Palmer and the show has an excellent group of characters who make the support team of the show and these include Carols Bernard as Tony and Elisha Cuthbert as Kim Bauer. A big bonus of the show is that 24 is constantly surprising viewers in unexpected moments, and you never know what to expect on the show. Anything can and does happen.

The scripts on this show are top class and they deserve a mention in their own right. The attention to detail as I mentioned earlier is prominent with the real time aspect of the show. There are very rarely any mistakes with the time aspect of the show, and this is a strength of the show. The show always uses multiple split screen camera shots and this is innovative work because it helps to make the show seem realistic and also in real time. You will also see most of the camera focused on Jacks point of view and this is to make the show from a humans point of view and it helps to bring the viewer more involved in the show.

The story may change; new characters may arrive and leave but one thing always stays the same; the underlying story of the show is about one mans fight to do what is right. If there is a bad aspect to this show it may be that some of the action sequences are a bit too predictable, but this is rare and should not detach from the viewers viewing pleasure of the show. This show will make you feel every emotion under the sun but nevertheless it is gripping, thrilling storytelling of the highest calibre. Long may this show continue and the legacy of this show will be remembered for many years to come. Miss this at your peril 10/10

iainsmith-18061 25 October 2020

If you have just watched one season of 24 and thought it was brilliant trust me every season is awesome with twist & turns in every season. I loved every season of 24 and it remains my favourite programme of all time. The way it's filmed in real time is just genius & I hope someday that Jack Bauer returns for another day .

Rhysoedwards 16 May 2007

24, What can i say? A breakthrough in TV history, one of the greatest show's to reach our screen in a long time. With amazing plot lines that changed constantly, you can never trust a character no matter what, and you can never grow to love a character as tradition within 24 has it, everyone dies in the end.

Season One was fantastic followed by another amazing season, then the show shook with a rockety season 3. However producers reinvented 24 with its forth season followed by another brilliant season, but the curse of the third season struck once more, season 6. It started well, but towards the end it made you feel, they've done this before, and you would find yourself thinking, what actually happened ? Producers promise Season 7 and 8 to be a new re-invention, with a totally new cast, lets hope it survives...

G-Man-25 12 May 2002

This show definitely has re-written the book on intelligent and credible suspense on TV. Extremely well acted, written and directed. Truly gripping, heart-stopping suspense from one hour to the next. The show is so well done that you can easily forgive the very few plot devices that seem a little weak. When a show gets 99% of everything right, it's very hard to quibble. Keifer Sutherland has never been better as the flawed hero. "24" deserves to be a model on which all future TV suspense thrillers can be compared to. A+++

RobScott-13 24 January 2021

24 was such an original and exciting show! It was a groundbreaking show that had it all...action, drama, suspense, mystery, twists, excitement, etc. Not every season was great but most were and they're all worth watching! Kiefer Sutherland was perfect as Jack Bauer!

titolove-65900 8 January 2021

The acting of kiefer was legendary very good story all the 9 sessions great i hope they do another one with the same casting i loved the show

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