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9-1-1 (2018)

Action | Thriller 
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Rayting:   7.7/10 26K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Explores the high pressure experiences of the first responders who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart stopping situations.

Episode Guide

Season 6

March 20, 2023Episode 12 Recovery
March 6, 2023Episode 10 In a Flash
November 28, 2022Episode 9 Red Flag
November 7, 2022Episode 7 Cursed
October 24, 2022Episode 6 Tomorrow
October 17, 2022Episode 5 Home Invasion
October 10, 2022Episode 4 Animal Instincts
September 26, 2022Episode 2 Crash & Learn
September 19, 2022Episode 1 Let the Games Begin

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best 9-1-1 Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 30, 2019star9.2 915 votesS3E2 Sink or Swim
October 7, 2019star9.1 759 votesS3E3 The Searchers
April 1, 2019star8.9 837 votesS2E13 Fight or Flight
April 13, 2020star8.8 612 votesS3E14 The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1
September 24, 2018star8.7 1007 votesS2E2 7.1
November 26, 2018star8.7 865 votesS2E10 Merry Ex-Mas
November 4, 2019star8.7 837 votesS3E7 Athena Begins
March 18, 2019star8.7 753 votesS2E11 New Beginnings
May 13, 2019star8.7 624 votesS2E18 This Life We Choose
May 24, 2021star8.7 408 votesS4E14 Survivors
January 24, 2018star8.6 1142 votesS1E4 Worst Day Ever
March 25, 2019star8.6 803 votesS2E12 Chimney Begins
April 19, 2021star8.6 464 votesS4E9 Blindsided
May 17, 2021star8.6 463 votesS4E13 Suspicion
April 22, 2019star8.5 661 votesS2E15 Ocean's 9-1-1
April 15, 2019star8.5 637 votesS2E14 Broken
April 29, 2019star8.5 613 votesS2E16 Bobby Begins Again
November 11, 2019star8.5 602 votesS3E8 Malfunction
September 20, 2021star8.5 266 votesS5E1 Panic
October 1, 2018star8.4 906 votesS2E3 Help Is Not Coming

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User Reviews

d-mahan 10 June 2018

Watchseries; Who cares if it's not realistic you see enough of that on the news. We were entertained and would recommend as the story lines are imaginative and not the use dull dribble most shows seem to copy. Can't wait for next season.

d-mahan 10 June 2018

Who cares if it's not realistic you see enough of that on the news. We were entertained and would recommend as the story lines are imaginative and not the use dull dribble most shows seem to copy. Can't wait for next season.

jecal 18 January 2018

9-1-1 watchseries. This is a TV show, pure escapism so I would advise leaving your first aid knowledge outside the door and just enjoy this series as is. I watched the pilot and at the end was a bit unsure if I liked it or not. It has it's moments. You need to watch the second episode as it is starting to get into it's stride, by episode three, I was hooked. Expect the unexpected and enjoy this roller coaster of awe and special effects and make up is pretty darn good. The acting in the pilot was not the greatest but definitely improves with each episode. Stick with it, I believe it has potential to win an award.

wolfchick225 27 January 2018

I don't usually write reviews, but I felt the need to combat all the 1's and 2's. I think those people watched the pilot and gave up. Yes, the pilot is a bit weak, and there are scenes that are a bit ridiculous, but I just watched the 4th episode and holy shit. Stick with it people, it gets better.

CineasteNorth 28 October 2018

Sometimes I let TV shamelessly pull on all my heart strings. I know what I am watching is a distortion, but I don't care. I know none of these actors are giving the performance of their careers, but I don't care. There's a lot of other content on TV right now to satisfy my need for tier one well written and compelling drama. This show satisfies a different craving in my viewing habits. I don't know anything about EMT first responders work, and I don't expect this (or any show) to be a crash course or remotely accurate. The stories push buttons of humanity and compassion; sympathy and empathy in heavy doses. And I like it all Sometimes I need a bit of this stuff in my TV diet to counter the tsunami of content exploring the darker sides of better written and more interesting characters. I'm fully aware I'm escaping into characters whose one dimensional goodness isn't what a lot of people expect. I'm good with that.

sarahcavanaugh 5 January 2018

There are so many people on here complaining that this show isn't realistic. It's a TV drama, not a reality show! Way too many people with expectations on a realistic drama, when, let's all be honest, these shows are NEVER realistic. If you want reality, look elsewhere.

I personally found this show to be intriguing, and intense. The previews were awesome, and the show did not disappoint. I always find the pilot episodes to be chalked full of introductions, and sometimes find pilots to not be as strong as the following episodes that's really allow the stories to shine. I got just enough intrigue to catch me in, but not spoil too much.

Peter Krause is the obvious star of the show, with a strong character and a backstory I can't wait to see more of. Angela Bassett was equally strong in her role as an LAPD officer. She's one of the best actresses out there and I'm super excited to see her in this bad ass role! Connie Britton is also great, but I wanted to see more from her. The rookie fireman was the weakest part for me, but there's potential for an incredible character arc if played right.

I say ignore the other viewers who are expecting a reality show, and take this for what a TV show is supposed to be. An escape from reality.

kevin-878 26 January 2018

I've been a reserve law enforcement officer and a volunteer fire fighter, yet somehow I knew going into this show that I wasn't going to be presented with accurate interpretations of the work. Why? Because it's scripted television.

Do they get most of the tactical elements wrong? Yup. Are the situations these people put themselves into completely ridiculous? Yup. Are we supposed to care? Nope. It's scripted television.

Take any TV show about any specific line of work - law enforcement, Fire/EMS, attorneys, military, hospital/medical - and anyone who works in that field is going to shred the show. Why? Because it's scripted television. I was a professional broadcaster for the better part of 20 years and even though a lot of what happened on WKRP, NewsRadio, and The Newsroom was completely wrong, the shows were still entertaining.

If I were a full time cop, firefighter, or dispatcher, the last thing I'd want to watch when I get home is a dead-accurate TV show about what I just did for the last 12+ hours. 9-1-1 is unrealistic and sometimes very silly, but then again it was never meant to be anything but. It's entertainment, pure and simple, and if you go into this show with that in mind, you'll be far less ragey.

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