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9-1-1: Lone Star (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.6/10 9.9K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A New York firefighter relocates to Austin, Texas with his son, where he works to save people's lives while trying to solve his own personal problems.

Episode Guide

Season 3

March 7, 2022Episode 9 The Bird
February 21, 2022Episode 7 Red vs. Blue
February 14, 2022Episode 6 The ATX-Files
February 7, 2022Episode 5 Child Care
January 31, 2022Episode 4 Push
January 24, 2022Episode 3 Shock & Thaw
January 10, 2022Episode 2 Thin Ice
January 3, 2022Episode 1 The Big Chill

Season 2

Season 1

Best 9-1-1: Lone Star Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

May 10, 2021star8.9 387 votesS2E12 The Big Heat
April 19, 2021star8.7 420 votesS2E9 Saving Grace
March 8, 2021star8.6 412 votesS2E8 Bad Call
May 17, 2021star8.6 335 votesS2E13 One Day
February 1, 2021star8.4 429 votesS2E3 Hold the Line
May 24, 2021star8.4 244 votesS2E14 Dust to Dust
March 9, 2020star8.3 459 votesS1E10 Austin, We Have a Problem
January 25, 2021star8.3 394 votesS2E2 2100°
March 2, 2020star8.2 448 votesS1E8 Monster Inside
February 15, 2021star8.1 334 votesS2E5 Difficult Conversations
February 3, 2020star8.0 473 votesS1E4 Act of God
February 17, 2020star8.0 443 votesS1E6 Friends Like These
March 9, 2020star8.0 393 votesS1E9 Awakening
April 26, 2021star8.0 281 votesS2E10 A Little Help From My Friends
February 24, 2020star7.9 419 votesS1E7 Bum Steer
February 8, 2021star7.9 351 votesS2E4 Friends with Benefits
February 10, 2020star7.8 451 votesS1E5 Studs
May 3, 2021star7.8 272 votesS2E11 Slow Burn
January 18, 2021star7.7 404 votesS2E1 Back in the Saddle
February 22, 2021star7.7 318 votesS2E6 Everyone and Their Brother

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User Reviews

ausrick-66483 20 January 2020

Watchseries; One of the phoniest procedural shows ever and the acting (or maybe it's the writing) is awful.

ausrick-66483 20 January 2020

One of the phoniest procedural shows ever and the acting (or maybe it's the writing) is awful.

marbishop 3 March 2020

9-1-1: Lone Star watchseries. Love this show, yeah it's not believable and it's kind of a joke. But it has a storyline. It's not a comparison to the other one, but normally the OG is the best anyway. I love the cast. It's TV people don't be so critical and sit back and enjoy. You voted for Trump and you think this is a joke. Haha. I'm glad I'm Canadian.

dave_miller-18937 20 January 2020

Do not waste your time with this show. It manages to immediately delve into politics as opposed to offering an interesting story line. Typical one season and cancelled garbage.

cmeirinhas 11 February 2020

Well i have to disagree with most of the reviews, i loved it and found it refreshing! You people have to forget politics and just watch it carefully. It aproaches a lot of the tabus thas society still has. The focus on PTSD, cancer and the whole views on sexual and cultural of nowadays is awsome. Disregard all comments and see it at least once ;)

lmwalker87 23 January 2020

These writers/producers know nothing about Texas. It's not full of desert and it's not full of podunk white hicks. Texas has the most diverse city in the country (Houston), and any of those firefighters Rob Lowe's character recruits could have been found probably right there in Austin. We also don't all go line dancing every night and wear cowboy hats (although some do). It's quite insulting to think this would be considered entertainment. Please don't make shows about something you didn't bother to research.

leilaviana-81894 20 January 2020

This show is so cheesy and bad , so predictable . It's so badly written that is embarrassing. Just cancel this thing already .

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