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All of Us Are Dead (2022)

Action | Fantasy 
Rayting:   7.6/10 29K votes
Country: South Korea
Language: English

A high school becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. Trapped students must fight their way out or turn into one of the rabid infected.

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Season 1

January 28, 2022Episode 12 Episode 12
January 28, 2022Episode 11 Episode 11
January 28, 2022Episode 10 Episode 10
January 28, 2022Episode 9 Episode 9
January 28, 2022Episode 8 Episode 8
January 28, 2022Episode 7 Episode 7
January 28, 2022Episode 6 Episode 6
January 28, 2022Episode 5 Episode 5
January 28, 2022Episode 4 Episode 4
January 28, 2022Episode 3 Episode 3
January 28, 2022Episode 2 Episode 2
January 28, 2022Episode 1 Episode 1

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Top 20 (Ranked)

January 28, 2022star8.2 690 votesS1E7 Episode 7
January 28, 2022star8.2 674 votesS1E11 Episode 11
January 28, 2022star8.2 637 votesS1E10 Episode 10
January 28, 2022star8.1 899 votesS1E3 Episode 3
January 28, 2022star8.1 763 votesS1E5 Episode 5
January 28, 2022star8.1 681 votesS1E8 Episode 8
January 28, 2022star8.1 643 votesS1E9 Episode 9
January 28, 2022star8.0 1006 votesS1E2 Episode 2
January 28, 2022star7.9 793 votesS1E4 Episode 4
January 28, 2022star7.7 892 votesS1E12 Episode 12
January 28, 2022star7.7 726 votesS1E6 Episode 6
January 28, 2022star7.6 1361 votesS1E1 Episode 1

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User Reviews

phd_travel 4 February 2022

I can't begin to praise this superbly entertaining zombie thriller enough. The direction is superb clear even though lots is going on. Some of the scenes are truly memorable and epic. There is such a variety of scenarios and action sequences that it is exciting throughout. The stunt work is seamless so that it looks like the actors are doing them. Some epic scenes feel like a big budget movie.

The show doesn't fall short in the more intimate quiet scenes either. Characters both heroes and villains are involving and sympathetic and the relationships are interesting enough. The emotional scenes are good too - not overwrought but moving enough when a character you like gets bitten.

Cast members do a good job. The older cast has some familiar faces especially if you have seen the excellent but different pandemic show Happiness. The young cast isn't very famous and that's good since you don't associate them with other roles that much.

The 12 episodes just sped by. Of the recent worldwide topping Netflix shows I enjoyed this more than Hellbound and Squid Game.

andrewchristianjr 1 February 2022

The action of the zombies in this show is very realistic. It is interesting to watch the relationship between friends. Well executed until the middle of the series. From the ridiculous lines, to the moronic "decisions" to the horrible way they treated some characters. The typical Netflix-style ending was a bit disappointing, but I really enjoyed this show.

Pairic 31 January 2022

All of Us Are Dead: Zombie outbreak at a high school in Hyosan. South Korea. Most of characters are meant to be 16-17 but this is really an adult drama, when the students turn Zombie they bite out throats, take chunks out of people. Victims and Zombies alike jump and fall out of windows, frantic boys and girls barricade themselves in classrooms, battle against the Zombies. Fast moving action just like the Zombies who sprint about. Subplots about bullying and teen romance help the narrative along while the school principal wants to pretend everything is ok. A horror series which shocks but the terror is leavened by the teen love stories. The outbreak spreads. Zombie hordes charging at lines of riot police, even 3 deep they struggle to hold them back. Zombies munching on intestines. The dranas between the still human students becoming more intense. Refugees fleeing Hyosan are "othered", feared, even attacked. As so ften happens the authorities abandon the inhabitants of Hyosan while pretending to help them. It's an old trope but is given new life (or death) here due to the editing, acting and direction. How the Zombie virus was created is gradually revealed, it's root cause tied in with events which transpired at the school, you'll have to watch the series to put everything together, no spoilers here! Really convincing acting and effects. Directed by Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-su. Written by Chun Sung-il. 12 episodes on Netflix. 9/10.

mhorg2018 1 February 2022

Really, barely interesting. Nothing truly original and no likeable characters at all. We've seen this all before-but not as interestingly done as High School of the Dead (which, with teenage girls with huge bosoms, was specifically targeted at the young male audience). We've seen this all before. People get bit and turn in about two seconds (the rage virus from 28 Days later), at least one character thinks, perhaps so and so bitten won't change (virtually EVERY zombie movie or TV show ever made). This is really pedestrian and simply can't hold a candle to the early days of The Walking Dead, but it's way better than The World Beyond, and if you want to watch a great zombie show from Korea-watch Kingdom.

katyayan-12892 5 February 2022

Review By Kamal K

Season 1 - 6/10

"All of us are dead" is a classic zombie drama with a lot of action, thriller and horror elements. Even though the story is nothing groundbreaking, it doesn't fail to deliver enjoyment to the viewers that seek for zombies and epic action.

My overall impression of the drama's story is not very great, not very bad either. It was a mediocre story and there were many unnecessary and illogical things for me to accept. Also, several same (or almost same) things and events happened which made the story repetitive and tedious at times. What I liked the most, was how it manages to show how differently everyone acts in order to survive or to save someone else.

Postive -



Negative -

Plot Holes

Illogical Things.

Movi3DO 3 February 2022

On-jo: Push me to edge, All my Friends are Dead. Push me to edge, All my Friends are Dead. Push me to edge, All my Friends are Dead.

Probably the most infuriating show of this year so far. When I looked through this show, I was surprised that there's 12 episodes with 1 hour average runtime per episode. How can you make such a long show about zombies, one of the most saturated horror genres?

Just as my suspicion, the first 4 episodes were utter rubbish. It added nothing new, just the zombies pandemic breaking out. At this point I was thinking: let's rewatch Kingdom or Busan rather than this. The only thing kept me forward was the unique way of how the pandemic started.

Then episode 5 started, and the show picked up quickly with a new twist. It was very intense, chaotic, and unexpectedly funny. The characters were all hormonal kids, so they are bound to make stupid decisions amid a zombie attack. The twist was pretty good, and I think that it did enough to justify the existence of this show.

Character-wise, some were just straight-up wasteful. The two most notable were Na Yeon and On-Jo's dad. Some characters were incredibly infuriating like Nam-ra. The rest were pretty straightforward.

One thing that I have to point out. This show referenced Train to Busan, and made it clear that zombies movies exist in this universe. I think that it's supposed to be funny, but this really made the character decisions baffling. One kid pointed out this fact, but no one else seemed to be aware of this fact. The zombies acted pretty much exactly like in Busan and Peninsula. Couple of characters at one point killed zombies by stabbing the neck or head, but at another point had no clue how to kill a zombie. Like why don't they learn? It's an urgent situation, but they can't be that stupid.

Overall, this show is filled with problems, but it still added something new and made most of the runtime intense and fun. 6.5/10.

garabedian123 10 February 2022

I really liked this show and left reviews on a couple of episodes...but here Im going to talk about major plot holes that for some reason are not being discussed over the internet.

So the high school science teacher must have actually created a cure that is neither shown nor does he talk about it. The problem is the cure was only temporary. He cured his son and his son went back to school. But he died or became angry and turned into a halfbie or something else. He could still talk, after fully transforming. But he never talked in any of the videos.

Zombies are attracted to thunder and cannot see is thwarted by the flares

The military does not save the kids saying they could be infected and not know it...By that logic so could everyone back at camp. Making the decision not to save the children completely flawed.

Also maybe its a Korean or Asian thing, but why does the military commander kill himself after blowing up the zombies.

And lastly i think...The half zombie girl jumps off the roof of the school...We were just shown that they still get hurt even if they can slowly she just broke both her legs on that landing.

All the zombies are dead now so will season 2 be a vampire show?

alcantaraj-16594 2 February 2022

Having seen shows and movies like "Goblin," "Squid Game," "Miracle in Cell Number 7," "Train to Busan," "The Flu," "Love in the Moonlight," "Kingdom" and the Philippine made "Block Z," I can definitely say that "All of Us Are Dead" is one of the most okay yet overhyped Korean series and Zombie flick on social media. Featuring storylines and premises done better in the movies and shows I have mentioned - like drama, romance and Zombies in a campus - the series is predictable and only adds one thing new: the "Halfbies."

MandalBros-5 8 February 2022

The show started in a brilliant way and I thought this would be some unique in the zombie genre. As things were shown in a very realistic way. But, the way the episodes moved forward I started to lose interest. As I felt some middle episodes were so repetitive & lengthy. The show didn't deserve 12 hrs runtime. After finishing the season I can say the story would've been completed within 8 - 9 hrs max. One thing I can't deny is that this show was technically brilliant.

Each character had its own story, it's not a problem for a series. But, in a Zombie apocalypse it has been shown in a very stretchy way. In the other hand, some characters didn't end up the way they should've been. As an audience we get to know so many things but the character didn't, that's the reason it was very disturbing to watch some scenes. Last 4 episodes were too much interesting and were the best episodes of the show. Good thing is that we get to know some good survival techniques.

Finally, it's not the best in zombie genre but of course A Very Good Watch.

Available on Netflix.

© Zombieddict.

ramisaakter 4 February 2022

Korean Industry has set high expectations about Zombie movies and dramas. So,if I compare this with these than this is nothing infront of those masterpieces. It is an avarage Zombie drama about how the school students survives from Zombie Apocalypse. I find the reflection of ''High School of dead '' anime somehow. It is because both occurred at school and they kind of have similarities too. However,I enjoyed it without thinking more. For me maybe, 5/6 episodes would be enough. It seemed to be dragged a lot. As there were no survival techniques were shown, all are about running or climbing the floors again and again. There weren't much character development and plenty of plot holes. Most funny thing is some zombies don't even die after killing multiple times. What they are trying to convey? They are immortal??

The ending is awful. I don't think there is any season needed, it was already dragged too much but they ended it this way.

pranayjalvi 29 January 2022

All of Us Are Dead is South Korea's latest entry into its esscalating body of undead mayhem (Train to Busan, #Alive, Happiness).

All of Us Are Dead pulls no punches and unleashes a savage and seemingly never-ending assault of fast-running zombies on an unfortunate squad of students who've managed to survive the first wave of a zombiecalypse. With 12 episodes running 1 hr long each, it gets a bit exhausting at times due to continuous gore and violence, yet it sticks to the basics and delivers a positive outcome, although there's nothing new.

All of Us Are Dead's zombie action is never not impressive. Whether it's giant chaotic crowd shots, massive ensemble brawls, or tricky "oners," this is massively kinetic storytelling that will drain you as emotionally as it drains our heroes physically. Likewise, there are dozens of instances involving astounding body acting.

All of Us Are Dead may not offer up anything exactly new in the realm of zombie carnage other than its somewhat cruel and unrelenting nature, but sometimes that's enough to pull off some damn effective survival horror.

My Rating : 7.5/10.

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