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American Dad! (2005)

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Country: USA
Language: English

The random escapades of Stan Smith, a conservative C.I.A. Agent dealing with family life, and keeping America safe, all in the most absurd way possible.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

February 8, 2009star8.9 1243 votesS5E9 Stan Time
November 28, 2016star8.8 633 votesS14E4 Portrait of Francine's Genitals
November 29, 2009star8.6 879 votesS6E8 G-String Circus
January 7, 2007star8.5 875 votesS3E10 Bush Comes to Dinner
May 13, 2012star8.4 869 votesS8E18 Toy Whorey
September 28, 2008star8.2 760 votesS5E1 1600 Candles
September 10, 2006star8.2 748 votesS3E1 Camp Refoogee
September 24, 2006star8.2 712 votesS3E3 Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option
May 3, 2009star8.2 609 votesS5E18 Weiner of Our Discontent
October 10, 2010star8.1 745 votesS7E2 Son of Stan (2)
December 18, 2005star8.0 716 votesS2E9 Not Particularly Desperate Housewives
December 10, 2006star8.0 667 votesS3E8 Irregarding Steve
March 1, 2009star8.0 627 votesS5E11 Live and Let Fry
July 8, 2019star8.0 134 votesS16E13 Mom Sauce
July 6, 2020star8.0 134 votesS17E13 Salute Your Sllort
October 7, 2007star7.9 691 votesS4E2 Meter Made
April 29, 2007star7.9 640 votesS3E16 When a Stan Loves a Woman

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User Reviews

tylercullen 30 January 2020

I've never done a review, but I think I should just drop one in here for my favorite show ever. I've watched endless amount of shows, movies, and most people's all time favorites. NOTHING beats American Dad. Also, Family Guy is great, but American Dad is a different world! It has everything you can imagine and enjoy and the amount of happiness I get from it is just unexplainable. You could describe it in a million ways and it's still not enough. Always being surprised by what comes next and what Roger is up to. Can't wait for season 15!

grubbytom 9 March 2020

They are currently in season 14 and this show somehow still makes me laugh out loud more than almost any other show on TV.

I took a break from the show a couple of years ago, as around season 11 it seemed to be showing signs of wear, but wow did they course-correct.

Seasons 13 and 14 are among some of the best ever, and the writing is outstanding. They are still packing every episode with an insane amount of jokes, even on the level of <10 Simpsons. Also, this show somehow manages to tackle very common and complex human behavior in the most outlandish ways.

The fact that this show has been hilarious for 14 straight years is a feat I don't think any other show outside of South Park has achieved.

I really hope time helps more people find this absolute gem of a show.

ExpendableMan 9 May 2006

On first glance, American Dad looks like a carbon copy of Seth MacFarlane's "other" show Family Guy. The animation is near identical, the lead character Stan Smith's knuckle headed optimism and in-your-face presentation doesn't so much recall Peter Griffin as grab you by the throat and scream in your face and Roger the alien and Klaus the goldfish work in much the same way Stewie and Brian do in the previous show. So far so very familiar, as though MacFarlane dressed up his fourth FG series with different characters when it was initially cancelled so as to stay on the air but stick with it, and American Dad will eventually reveal itself as a superior cartoon to it's predecessor.

Sure, the humour is once again a mixture of insightful witticisms, biting satire and odd bursts into toilet humour but rather than the chaos of Family Guy where the plot seems to revolve round the jokes, here the opposite is true. The flashbacks are almost totally absent and instead each episode features a structure and character development that is normally missing from the first show. Okay some of the episodes fall a bit flat but nevertheless, there are considerably more hits than there are misses and when it's good, it's brilliant. "A Smith In The Hand" for example is in this writer's humble opinion, the funniest thing MacFarlane and his team have ever produced.

What's more, American Dad is considerably more politically-orientated and everything you could conceive about the USA's current state of fear mongering and distrust is put beneath a microscope and parodied mercilessly. Stan Smith is a boorish depiction of all that paranoia rolled into one and some of his outbursts and overreactions are hilarious. Take the scene where he locks up his new Arab neighbours in his back garden for instance in a moment that scarily recalls the nightmarish conditions of Guantanamo bay yet still manages to be side splittingly funny or any of his numerous conceited one-liners ("only women have emotions son, they come from their ovaries").

Only time will tell if American Dad can outlive the shadow of it's far more successful big brother, but like the relationship between Futurama and the Simpsons beforehand, it's often a far funnier and considerably more focused show that deserves a wider audience. Highly recommended.

chirsa 27 October 2005

I love this show. It's such a relief to see a show like "American Dad," especially on Fox. It can't be helped that some people are too unconscious to understand the desperately needed, hilarious criticism that it offers. It's "Sullivan's Travels" meets "Dr. Strangelove," rolled up into an animated series. Yeah, it's probably too smart for the masses, but we have to start somewhere. If it's marketed like "The Family Guy," during DVD release, then hopefully it will later be recognized for its absolute brilliance. Speaking of brilliance, airing the first episode immediately after the Super Bowl was unquestionably the most impeccably timed programming in the history of television. Did I mention that I love this show? That I need this show for sustenance?

Stonedwithoutdope 10 November 2005

I was expecting this to just be a family guy clone with different character, This is more than that, its hilarious. The characters and humor are on the same sort of level as family guy but Seth McFarlane managed to work his magic and create a whole new different level of humor and wit for this show which sets itself apart from family guy.

A secret service FBI agent, prone to overreacting must find a way to use his skills to help his family and their new illegal alien housemate with basic troubles in life. Problem is sometimes it proves too much with hilarious results.

Remember this isn't a kid's show and I guess thats what makes this and family guy so special. They can put in all the added toilet humor it needs and the writers seem to know how to do it perfectly. The characters are great but the main character Stan Smith stands out above all the rest (With their alien friend coming in a close second). Anyone who wants a laugh, drop everything and watch this.

joshkroitor 19 September 2018

I love American Dad, because it has a healthy mixture of pop culture, and pure comedy so that if you are a lot younger and you aren't as familiar with pop culture, you'd enjoy it. This is unlike Family Guy where Seth Macfarlane mainly focuses on pop culture for laughs.

connorsimmo-78859 1 August 2015

At first glance this show may look like a dodgy Family Guy copy but with different characters but it is far from that. American Dad focuses more on political humor and jokes that never fall flat. In a way it is Seth McFarlanes' Futurama. By this I mean its a show made by him that looks like his other show but has a completely different vibe. Fans of Family Guy constantly hate on this show because it has a different style of humour and tone. It still has curses, crude humor, violence and sexual references like Family Guy but focuses on making fun of political situations and current events. I say definitely check out American Dad if you want a nice satisfying half an hour of comedy. It is well worth watching.

johnny-270 25 September 2005

For those who know little about this show, don't believe the ignorant bashers. The sad truth (i really mean sad) is that the jokes, and plot lines in American Dad are much more interesting, humorous, and intelligent than any new Family Guy episode. I loved Family Guy. I say loved because it seems to be the one that has fallen prey to recycled humor and an obvious detachment from its original creator. I don't know if lackluster Stanford grads were picked to write new Family Guy, or its just been watered down for mass consumption, but its return is so stale that MacFarlane needed another outlet source for his genius. It is American Dad. It has the same energy that pre-cancelled Family Guy episodes have. Along with that, it also has the same number of people disliking it for its dry sick humor, and overall intelligence. The fact that the show has generic characters is a joke itself for those who may not have noticed. Its recycled Family Guy lines aren't out of lack of creativity. They too are inside jokes for those who know all the Family Guy lines. If you are a true fan of what made Family Guy great, then American Dad should fill the void of what it now lacks. Another show ahead of its time for MacFarlane, which I hope gets cancelled and becomes rare since its current issues are far too developed for most people with Neilson Ratings boxes in their homes.

checkiec 29 October 2016

Like Family Guy this show found it's own identity when it first started. My favorite characters are Roger because of his multiple personalities and over the top craziness, Francine with her history of being raised by a Chinese family and also harboring a secret life of stealing valuable items for 20 years, and Steve's awesome singing voice and energetic attitude of bringing new stuff to the table when his family are bored. Stan, Hayley, and Klaus are interesting characters as well. Who doesn't want a gungho CIA agent, a hardcore liberal activist and a German guy trapped in a fish body? I do because I love this show to death after family Guy. I love both shows for different reasons but I love them for their common interests to make me laugh out loud and enjoy these awesome shows.

garydiamond 28 September 2006

I always liked Family Guy. What it lacked in plot it made up for in outrageous non-sequitur humour and Peter Griffin's ubiquitous laugh. The juxtaposition of random jokes and standard plots made for some hilarious moments. But after season four it got old. It was a great one-dimensional concept while it lasted, but the appeal of a show with wafer-thin plots just to produce set-pieces can't last forever. Enter American Dad and his huge chin.

It started off pretty good. The thirteen episodes on the first DVD (technically not the whole first season if the production numbers are anything to go by) get stronger and more likable as they go by. 'A Smith In The Hand' which satirises the supposed taboo of masturbation and 'All About Steve' which demystifies geek culture are personal favourites.

Then it got better - MUCH better. Around the time of the episode 'It's Good To Be The Queen' things really started to come together. Seth knows how to draw his characters in ways that suit the initial ideas he had when he started the show and leaves plenty of opportunity for comedy as he fleshes them out. He's really got a feel for how to pace his episodes and how to write great stories, still retaining his trademark for outlandish humour. Certainly there are a few episodes in the whole run so far that are weak, but they are more than made up for by the best ones. Family Guy has more consistency but it doesn't have the sheer brilliance of American Dad when it's at it's best.

What we have here is an animated show that is nearly as strong as my personal favourite, Futurama. In other words, Seth MacFarlene's best work to date.

ssakella 29 June 2018

This show Hilarious I always crack up and roger is the funniest his jokes and puns are good and his burns make me go ooohhhh

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