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American Horror Stories (2021)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.7/10 1700 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An anthology series of stand alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore.

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Season 1

August 12, 2021Episode 6 Feral
August 5, 2021Episode 5 Ba'al
July 22, 2021Episode 3 Drive In

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User Reviews

georgemakrbanks 15 July 2021

Going into this series I was expecting great acting,great characters and what we got is a knock-off murder house. I expected to see violet and tate and everybody else but....dissapointed.

pmgussert-67090 15 July 2021

So far, this new series seems to lack the spark of the original series. Besides the more seasoned actors, the other acting seems robotic. It's as though I'm having a dream about American Horror Story; some of the people and scenery are familiar, but there's something off. This may be appealing to those CW fans who value style over substance, but for me I need more than just pretty people who kill. However, I want to be fair so I'll keep watching to see where this goes.

reechandi-97337 15 July 2021

This is a disappointing addition to the AHS franchise. The lead actress has a complete lack of charisma so it's hard to care about her or anything she's going through. The other actresses were added purely out of nepotism and not due to any semblance of decent acting. Matt Bomer is great as usual, but it's sad to see him on a such a terribly written and acted show. This is a definite no for me.

sharonbianchini 15 July 2021

The dads are decent actors I guess as was the therapist but can't carry the show.

The 'teen' actors all look 30 and are terrible actors. I spent most of their scenes waiting for them to be over.

It's like someone put a teen drama in the AHS house and they are play acting.

I tried to force myself to watch both episodes and gave up half way thru the second episode.

Someone call me when the grownups get back...

thebestdrummerintheworld 16 July 2021

I cannot, for the life of me, see why there are so many reviews over 5 stars. This show, at most, is a 5/10 and that's just because they didn't film it on an Android. The acting is comical, the plot line is so confusing it's nauseating. Think Riverdale but just so much worse.

This is just another show to add to the pile of COVID quick cash grabs. Please don't believe those positive reviews, these shows are just unacceptable.

devonleighjohnson 15 July 2021

Every person in the school looks close to 30 which is really messing with my immersion, especially when you compare it to the believable school and students in Murder House.

karasimmons-79944 16 July 2021

Where are the plot twist? Both stories were cringe and predictable, it's like this show is trying to be a scary romantic rom com if that genre exists. I kept waiting for plot twist like like we have all come to live from ahs but this was a watered down Disney version. Sorry but this is not it and confusing to have American horror STORIES and American horror STORY playing around the same time frame. Stick with what works and axe this show.

bwrobinson-89149 15 July 2021

Rewatch the first season. It's similar and a lot better.

fyxnvm 17 July 2021

They were thinking about paying homage to Murder House but the only thing they've accomplished was its desecration. Nothing new, filled with used ideas, plus the acting and writing were unimaginably bad. Had high hopes since I admire Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's work but that all fell into the water, especially after watching second episode.

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