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American Horror Story (2011)

Drama | Thriller 
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Country: USA
Language: English

An anthology series centering on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an insane asylum, a witch coven, a freak show circus, a haunted hotel, a possessed farmhouse, a cult, the apocalypse, a slasher summer camp, and a bleak beach town and desert valley.

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Season 10

October 13, 2021Episode 9 Blue Moon
October 6, 2021Episode 8 Inside
September 22, 2021Episode 6 Winter Kills
September 15, 2021Episode 5 Gaslight
September 8, 2021Episode 4 Blood Buffet
September 1, 2021Episode 3 Thirst
August 25, 2021Episode 2 Pale
August 25, 2021Episode 1 Cape Fear

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Season 8

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Top 20 (Ranked)

October 17, 2018star9.3 5440 votesS8E6 Return to Murder House
September 15, 2021star9.1 1563 votesS10E5 Gaslight
January 2, 2013star9.0 5651 votesS2E10 The Name Game
November 14, 2012star8.9 4935 votesS2E5 I Am Anne Frank (2)
October 3, 2018star8.9 3950 votesS8E4 Could It Be... Satan?
January 23, 2013star8.8 5302 votesS2E13 Madness Ends
December 17, 2014star8.7 4369 votesS4E10 Orphans
October 29, 2014star8.7 4222 votesS4E4 Edward Mordrake, Pt. 2
August 25, 2021star8.7 1796 votesS10E2 Pale
December 5, 2012star8.6 4475 votesS2E8 Unholy Night
October 10, 2018star8.6 3385 votesS8E5 Boy Wonder
December 7, 2011star8.5 4960 votesS1E10 Smoldering Children
December 14, 2011star8.5 4826 votesS1E11 Birth
January 9, 2013star8.5 4260 votesS2E11 Spilt Milk
September 1, 2021star8.5 1383 votesS10E3 Thirst
October 9, 2013star8.4 5931 votesS3E1 Bitchcraft
October 24, 2012star8.4 4776 votesS2E2 Tricks and Treats
December 11, 2013star8.4 4214 votesS3E9 Head
December 12, 2012star8.4 4092 votesS2E9 The Coat Hanger
September 26, 2018star8.4 3523 votesS8E3 Forbidden Fruit

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User Reviews

senn-51692 20 July 2018

American horror story is a great if you're into this kind of horror, people that are into slasher movies/shows will probably not like this.

Overall AHS has its low seasons and high seasons, every season is very different and that's why most people aren't into all the seasons. Overall probably the best thing about this show is the casting and acting. Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates for example are incredible actors/actresses that never disappoint in this show.

I personally think its genius how Ryan Murphy managed to make every season very different from the ones before but still manages to connect all of them.

My opinions on the seasons;

1. Murder House: 7.5/10, Great season with some real scary things, not my favorite season, it had flaws but the casting was amazing. 2. Asylum: 9/10, Scariest season of all for sure, my kind of horror. You'd expect that a season that is mostly filmed in just one building would be kinda boring, but it sure wasn't. Incredibly great season 3. Coven: 8.5/10 probably the most hated season of the show, but why? I loved it. Sure, it wasn't that scary and it had flaws but the casting was perfect. Lange and Emma Roberts were both perfect for their roles. Evan Peters annoyed me though, his role with the whole love triangle with Madison and Zoe was stupid. Probably my favorite season although it wasnt scary at all. 4. Freak Show: 5.5/10 Doesn't compete with the other seasons to me, the casting was good but that was about it. Overall I kinda enjoyed it, I guess? The ending was disappointing although Lange left the series in a great way. The only character I really enjoyed was the villain. Not a great season, sorry. 5. Hotel: 6.5/10 Not a very beloved season by most, but to me it was watchable and I dont feel like I wasted my time watching it. The casting was okay, Lady Gaga did great job acting and definitely added a great touch to the season but apart from that it wasn't a really interesting season all around. A lot of blood and sex but not the best season of the show. Overall I would recommend watching it although most people aren't into it. 6: Roanoke 7/10 Finally another scary season. The season felt like a haunted-House horror movie but longer. Sarah Paulson did incredible as the "crazy, paranoid wife". A big plot twist in the middle of the season and it left me with some confusion but I sure did enjoy this season. 7. Cult 7/10 Before the season started I was really scared I wasn't gonne like this, politics, clowns and Evan as the villian, but after watching it I actually enjoyed it. The concept was alright to me and some episodes were just boring. Again, Sarah Paulson played the crazy wife but again, she portrayed it well. Her wife was very annoying and I hoped she'd die early on but she didn't. The "different" episode with Frances Conroy was incredibly boring and didnt feel needed but sure let's forget about it. Sarah did a perfect job and her character was great, excited to see more of her next season.

I love this show and I'm definitely excited for season 8 (Apocalypse) and season 9&10. I can understand why people dislike it but it just is your cup if tea or it isn't. Hope to see more of these horror shows in the future.

demented_baboon 7 October 2011

A dysfunctional family moves into an old house, a house with a history of horror. For the main characters, history is what the first episode is all about: the husband's history of infidelity, the wife's history of having a bloody stillbirth, the daughter's history of cutting herself -- for each a long history of pain and resentment and longing for change, though it quickly becomes apparent the only change coming will leave them hysterically screaming to the sudden, violent, gory end. The one sure thing this show promises is that people will die horribly, and we will all be terrified by it.

The characters are not likable; they may not even be redeemable. Even the suffering wife is bitter and cold and hateful. But do they deserve what horrible things will assuredly happen to them? Nope. Which means their fight is our fight, and their fear is our fear.

American Horror Story is interesting, entertaining, suspenseful, and ambitious. After watching the first episode, I want to watch some more.

JoeC345 14 October 2011

These days when the genre of horror is brought up most people think of the latest slasher bloodfest like "A Nightmare on Elm Street" or the latest attempt at trying to scare us with some lame movie like "The Ring". It might be a problem with the time constraints of a 90 minute or 2 hour movie, it's hard to completely capture the audience and slowly twist the perceptions.

Another thing forgotten in recent horror movies is the fact of NOT explaining everything within 5 minutes of it happening, it's more entertaining and spooky to speculate why someone sees something or what actually happened in a particular scene. People forget that in some of the best horror pictures like "Psycho" the real horror came from the suspense and the wondering of what was going to happen and that the violence was secondary.

The dialogue between characters is actually impressive especially in a couple scenes that you will be able to easily pick out. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk who also created Nip/Tuck and Glee (odd combo) seem to be able to excel in almost any genre and especially now in horror. It's rare to writers like this who aren't afraid to jump around from genre to genre fearlessly.

It's hard to describe many aspects of this show without giving away to much so I must refrain from describing the plot as it appears so far.

The day after I viewed the pilot episode I was shocked to see all the negative feelings towards the content of the show. So let's be VERY clear this show is classified MA which stands for "Mature Audiences" which should be taken the same as and "R" rating for films, so if you don't want you or your kids to see it that's fine but don't get all pissy about a show you decided to watch that was marketed as a "psycho-sexual horror". Yes there is scenes of semi explicit sexual acts and scenes of disturbing violence but it's a horror story so images like that are to be expected.

It's refreshing to find a show that is different and does not follow traditional formula's TV horror shows. I plan to watch every week and enjoy the series fully, since it is honestly very rare to see a show do better in it's genre then most recent films.

American Horror Story arrived a couple weeks ago on the great FX network that also houses two of my favorite shows: "Sons of Anarchy" and "Justified".

ChrisMichael81 12 October 2011

There are so many things that could have gone wrong with F.X. attempting to take on a genre that American Film makers have turned into a high school idiot machine. Thankfully the people who made this know what they are doing. If you are a horror buff you will understand what I am talking about after a couple of viewings. It could have been so easy to make a high school shock fest all wrapped up for a safe and appropriate viewing experience. This show is weird, deranged, creepy, and best off all well acted and well written. Great character development that is based on things people would actually do if they faced that situation. This show really does have a bright future if they keep rolling at this pace. I must say, I am very impressed. Almost Walking Dead impressed. This show though is way more deranged then Walking Dead though. Keep it up F.X. . You have a potential winner on your hands. This show of course is not for everybody. The people who don't like it would be better served by watching something a little more tame and mediocre like Tera Nova.

lukepatrik 8 October 2011

I found the first episode to be awesome, great suspense and has a really eerie/scary feeling to it., Definitely not your typical haunted house plot, i think the writing is very creative and very well thought out,.

The first episode is very well assembled and an impressive pilot. We are quickly introduced to all the characters, who appear to be quite likable, yet slightly flawed. Then we are introduced to a cast of supernatural beings, Who are definitely flawed,and most most definitely BIGTIME CREEPY,. Man just watch this show its overly awesome. wont be regretted. ,If you grab a lot of the great horror movies and mix them up you get American horror stories. There were quite a number of sequences that were unsettling and quite disturbingly perfect,. Every scene leaves you stunned in a way, waiting there stil and anxiously not knowing whats gunna happen next,. This show has everything and more all us horror fans need these days.

OVERALL The show utilizes both shock and psychological terror to frighten, Absolutely loved it, exceeding my expectations like nothing else. A MUST WATCH!!

cannot wait for the next episodes!

10/10 there is nothing else that compares to this style on TV,. watch it and try to disagree ;)

winsumlosesum 27 October 2011

Initially I was left wondering how - what essentially is a short horror movie - could be made in to a long running TV series, but after a few episodes I started to realise that it's the Ryan Murphy magic that is sustaining this outstanding show.

Much like Nip/Tuck, you have to suspend your belief and see this as purely entertainment. There's so many open ended narratives that are slowly unfolding and although at times the show verges on the edge of cliché, a single episode could easily match the brilliance of such horror classics like The Amityville Horror and The People Under the Stairs.

At the end of every episode I feel shocked that 40 minutes have gone by, which is a sure sign that this show is pure, unadulterated, entertainment.

lynsayjbailey 11 November 2018

The first three seasons were fantastic. They were creative, well-written, and well-casted. Things began going really downhill at season 5 and they have progressively gotten more political and less creative. I was ADDICTED to the first few seasons but I couldn't even get through one full episode this past season. Just political garbage. Who is writing this??

patstaciemcgue 19 September 2017

Season 7 - Cult. I will be completely honest, the first 2 episodes really turned me off. I figured this season was heading down the same path as Roanoke and perhaps worse with the political and social overtones. HOWEVER, I decided to keep watching. Things have turned around dramatically and I am now engaged in this season. It is ridiculous and unbelievable, but the characters are now starting to show themselves and several secrets are now out in the open. The show has been very good the past 3 episodes and has officially drawn me back in.

I will say this... the 5th episode "Holes" is brutal. I've been watching horror for over 30 years and I can honestly say I haven't had a scene un-nerve me to the extent this one did. Watch and you'll see what I mean.

wierdwar 20 November 2011

Something totally different in a entertainment landscape of toned down crap. Finally something that pushes the boundaries and takes some chances. In a time when everybody worries so much about whats real they unwilling to buy into anything slightly outlandish. Suspend your disbelieve and take a walk into the strangest, most twisted little series I've seen since Carnivale. I love this nightmarish ride into the twilight zone.

I think the casting is superb. Great acting throughout. The writing is fast paced and doesn't stretch things out like many long winded series. Too many shows take for ever to get the ball rolling. This show is fast paced and never leaves you much chance to breath before springing another traumatic event your way. I can hardly wait to see where this fun house ride leads to next.

ravenfaust 18 November 2017

Season Seven of AHS is nothing like the others, it has NO horror just murder. The story is somewhat like the Manson murders but more politically charged against Trump etc/ AHS took a turn for the worst in this season buy using politics and senseless murder for the "Cult" (manson) . I enjoyed the other seasons which had somewhat of a horror theme but this one was boing, nothing creepy or anything like the rest. Enjoy if you like politics ..

ethanjjacobs 22 March 2021

This show is one of my favourites and I get excited for every season but some seasons are quite disappointing , most are great though.

Season 1 (murder house) 9.5/10 One of the most entertaining and creepy seasons I have ever watched tate and violet were great characters and so was Jessica Lange's character this season was brilliant.

Season 2 (asylum) 9.5/10 Absolutely loved this season. A very weird season with aliens, the devil, a angel, and some very twisted nuns. I feel like the ending definitely could have been better but other than that this season really didn't disappoint.

Season 3 (coven) 9.3/10 Is a great season ! Tarissa farmiga and Evan peters really didn't disappoint. I loved every minute of this season and it is one of my favourites

Season 4 (freak show) 7.7/10 This season was a step down but still really entertaining Emma roberts character was a let down and I didn't like a lot of the characters. I did love the fact pepper returned and Finn witrocks performance was excellent. This season had one of the best endings but overall wasn't the best season

Season 5 (hotel) 8.8/10 I know a lot of people didn't enjoy this season but I found it really great. The first few episodes were a big let down but the rest was excellent. Evan peters character was really well acted and I really enjoyed lady gaga's character.

Season 6 (Roanoke) I honestly couldn't watch this season. I watched the first few episodes and it was a big disappointment.from what I've saw I'd give it a 5.0/10

Season 7 (cult) 8.3/10 There is a lot of controversy on this season but I thought it was great. The first 4 or 5 episodes aren't great but I really enjoyed the rest. Its got a crazy ending and in my opinion Evan peters deserved a Emmy for his performance as Kai

Season 8 (apocalypse) 9.0/10 Absolutely brilliant! The return of one of the best seasons, coven and murder house, and they handled it great unlike a lot of shows returning something would do. Evan peters character was a let down because it was a very average character and was only in a few episodes, except for his performance as tate Langton, this was one of the best seasons and didn't fail to entertain me. On of the most twisted endings this show has had

Season 9 (1984) 7.9/10 A very enjoyable season but did get a little boring they made most of the season 1 night. And Emma roberts character was extremely boring and generic. I was really disappointed Evan peters wasn't in this season. Montana's character was one of the best this show has had. And a very entertaining character was the night stalker. The rest were honestly pretty boring , but overall I did really like this season

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