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And Just Like That... (2021)

Comedy | Romance 
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Rayting:   5.8/10 6.2K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The series will follow Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s.

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December 9, 2021star7.2 932 votesS1E2 Little Black Dress
December 16, 2021star6.5 169 votesS1E3 When in Rome…
December 9, 2021star6.3 1249 votesS1E1 Hello It's Me
January 27, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E9 No Strings Attached
January 20, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E8 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
January 13, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E7 Sex and the Widow
January 6, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 Diwali
December 30, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Tragically Hip
December 23, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Some of My Best Friends
February 3, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E10 Seeing the Light

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User Reviews

Johnny_West 14 December 2021

These grannies have so much mileage on them it feels like elderly abuse to watch them out on the town trying to get laid. Kind of gross and disgusting. Do they even know what they are doing? Can old people get STDs?

These elderly ladies need to find a good nursing home, so they can focus on knitting and playing parcheesi with the other old folks. Granny clean up your act!

bregund 16 December 2021

I'm not quite sure what has gotten into the minds of writers these days but the nonstop lecturing is off the chart. I'm hopeful that one day we'll look back on these days of heaping piles of guilt on a certain segment of the population because they somehow "deserve" it and collectively greet it with the derision and scorn it deserves. Just tell a good story, no more "lessons" about race or gender, people are exhausted with it. The characters are older, I get it, but to sap all the fun and life out of them and leave them dessicated, joyless corpses is as big a disservice as a pointless imagining of Tony Soprano's childhood or making the ghostbusters an all-woman team just because. Being a man I am surely not this show's target audience, but the original program was smart and funny and Samantha was clearly the most entertaining character; the show is nothing without her. Kim Cattrall probably read the script and wisely ran as fast as she could in the other direction, the others had no problem taking a paycheck. Good for you, Kim.

efd-10467 16 December 2021

I don't think I've ever seen a TV show try so hard to be modern and switched on, attempting to cover every possible modern topic in a popular fashionable way, these 3 bubble headed women babble on about these topics thinking they're witty and interesting, they are not.

Over dressed, over opinionated, over the hill, it's overall a sad effort and the end of these 3's careers.

CriticsVoiceVideo 10 December 2021

So far so good. Things are back on track with this new spinoff. Yes it's different, that's WHY it has a different title. This isn't all about sex anymore. However, it still has the same tone and vibe it always had and I'm totally here for it. As for the woke stuff, that's the world we live in. This show always captures the zeitgeist of it's time. This show is also about a certain type of people and their tax bracket, flaws and all. Solid acting by the entire cast. Things were handled with authenticity for the most part. I loved the cameos from characters of the past. This has already made up for that 2nd movie.

rmmil 14 December 2021

This series should be a giant screaming siren: Stop doing this to yourself!

These women were (mostly) amazing once upon a time. Learn to be graceful.

Grace would have looked so much better.

erhanipekciler 14 December 2021

First of all, probably like everybody, I watched sex and the city many times and still sometimes searching 'samantha' s best quotes' in YouTube. It was nice series, I don't wanna talk about movies. It was a mistake. And just like that looks different, lots of things is missing, of course the lack of Samantha one of the biggest thing in the show... Well, first two episodes were interesting. For their age, everybody looks OK. Mr. Big situation is a little confusing for me, I never thought a final for him like that... Anyway basically I cannot say I can feel the same energy like sex and the city but it is watchable.

nyobatusa 11 December 2021

I managed to watch till the end of the first episode with few moments of dispair almost turning it off but I overcame my disgust and kept watching. The new reality of insane world turned upside down crept in there and I guess that is the price to pay for being allowed to continue shooting during the "new normal". Despite of the challenges and the impact all of us feel in our personal lives, including the actors, they still managed to pull off a show with remnants of dignity milking off of the previous success. We all enjoyed watching the show despite the very liberal stance on intimacy, it has remained faithful to the original idea of relationships, and showing how we cannot deny real feelings and how having healthy relationships are more valuable, how we cannot block real emotions even in the superficial world of fashion and city lifestyle. I was disappointed Samatha refused to join the show but they managed to incorporate the sentiments and move on with it. Despite Cynthia Nixon playing herself in the show basically, being crazy I mean "woke" (mental disorder) in real life as well, she actually is very talented actress as well as SJP. Suprising ending but being a fan of the show, not surprised they used the suprise element. I will give it a try and keep watching.

ingamazonaite 9 December 2021

I don't understand these bad reviews really.

Is it makes you feel better after posting negative stuff?

I was a fan from beginning of sex and the city and I am fan now to new series. It's good to see all of them, sorry, that Samantha isn't here. It's slow beginning, but I'll hope it will develop more in future episodes.

And could you, please, stop picking on appearances as people do age and these actreses look ok for their age.

And more- stop watching show you hate!!

Veritas99 14 December 2021

I really loved SATC, couldn't wait for the next episode... And I was glad to hear about this show. I expected for them to look older, because they are, and I don't mind if they have some work done, is normal...

But now...the script/dialogues are cringeworthy.

I have resisted exactly 24 minutes from the first episode, and the radio show was more than enough. So woke that it become disgusting.

I didn't expect such shallow and dull dialogues, from a former sparkling show.

I am sorry, but 24 minutes of a very bad episode have deleted all seasons of SATC.

tom992 10 December 2021

I grew up with sex and the city, Ive watched the series 10 times already. Though Samantha isn't in this first season she is present. It's so good to have these women back in our lives and see how they are doing and how they deal with certain pains and joy's of life. They have all aged beautifully and the show still got it's charm.

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