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Angela Black (2021)

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Trapped in a relationship she cannot escape, Angela is approached out of the blue by Ed, a private investigator, who spills her husband's darkest secrets.

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Season 1

November 14, 2021Episode 6 Episode 6
November 7, 2021Episode 5 Episode 5
October 31, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
October 24, 2021Episode 3 Episode 3
October 17, 2021Episode 2 Episode 2
October 10, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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October 10, 2021star5.9 37 votesS1E1 Episode 1
October 17, 2021star5.3 13 votesS1E2 Episode 2
October 24, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E3 Episode 3
October 31, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Episode 4
November 7, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Episode 5
November 14, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E6 Episode 6

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User Reviews

cdeanroane 17 October 2021

I do think that Joanne Froggatt is a good actress, but it seems she always playing the woman who has been raped as in Downton Abby and Liar. Now with this she playing almost the same person this time just a woman who has an abusive husband. I would like to see her playing something different however. This show is not bad but the PI just seems off in couple ways, and I am unsure if he is a villain or a good guy!

Casino-Royale 19 October 2021

I had high hopes for this after initial moments of episode one but halfway through episode two I'm hoping Angela Black gets bumped off!

She has zero emotion especially in her voice not sure if this is intentional or even Joanne Froggat gave up herself.

She is not in the slightest bit a likeable character and I have no vested interest in if or how she survives.

Yet to even find one character that is appealing and why are so many child actors these days so poor? They need to stay away from acting school and be more natural.

Disappointing to say the least.

ianbrumpton 10 October 2021

A new drama from the Williams Brothers, writers of Liar, Baptiste and The Missing, is always worth a look.

In the opening episode the excellent Joanne Froggatt appears to have the perfect life as Angela Black, a Grand Designs pad, a charming husband and lovely kids, but plot twist - there's a dark secret..

Nice production values all round, but for me it was a bit too formulaic and the central relationship wasn't quite right. The main problem plot wise was the private investigator, he just didn't ring true, his confessional pitch to her and obsessive determination to help wasn't credible.

Not terrible, not great, an average potboiler.

andrewfirth-75589 18 October 2021

Totally implausible, more holes than a fishing net in the plot. Joanne Froggatt is a really good actress but even she can't rescue this dire script, not a single believable character, giving up after the second episode, can't believe they've dragged it out to 6.

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