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Angelyne (2022)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Fame, identity, billboards, Corvettes, women teasing men, men obsessed with women, West Hollywood, crystals, UFOs, and the self proclaimed Rorschach test in pink, glow in the dark queen of the universe, Angelyne.

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May 19, 2022star7.9 14 votesS1E5 Pink Clouds
May 19, 2022star7.4 12 votesS1E4 The Tease
May 19, 2022star7.2 14 votesS1E2 Gods and Fairies
May 19, 2022star6.9 25 votesS1E1 Dream Machine

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User Reviews

nikkigassner 21 May 2022

Look, it's a show about a woman who craved fame- that's the show. Some of these reviews are unreliable as they clearly haven't watched it. It mentions the Kardashians once in the very first few lines. Simply drawing a parallel of women who wanted to be famous. But this show is about the journey of a woman who wanted to live in a fantasy land; to cover flaws with glitter. It's campy, wild, and partially true (mockumentary stlye). You either like it or you don't, but I can't imagine giving a 1 star rating just because you think it's 'stupid'. The acting is great, the editing, costumes, sets--are all great--definitley not 1 star worthy. This is camp. It's meant to be like this, Angelyne was an icon in her own right. She wasn't trying to save the world or anything, but she wanted the glitz and the glam. Angelyne was a character and this show captured that. Emmie Rossum, Martin Freeman, and the whole cast really deliver. Give it a try if you're into a story like this.

blues9981 20 May 2022

Not 100% accurate, but a very well done piece of fiction mixed with non-fiction and Emmy is a very good actress. The guy who played Scott Hennig aka "Rick Krause" was exceptional and nailed his persona as well as the guy who played Hugo. It's a television show, so yeah, it's not all accurate. I worked with her for many years so I know. But it was very well done. End, full stop.

jmcauley-1 23 May 2022

Some of you are missing the point. Angelyne was Instagram before Instagram. Her narcissism, shallowness, and vapidness are the point. I met Angelyne in West Hollywood and she was just like this. Would only take a photo if I bought a signed magazine out the back of her famous pink Corvette.

bosporan 19 May 2022

A nonlinear mocumentary style drama devoid of content. It is poster-pop stylish and has an intriguing premise, beyond that though it is vacuous and vapid with nothing other than a blonde-bombshell Barbie to grab the attention.

As a single character study, Emmy Rossum presents Angelyne well as a driven woman with ambition and the purpose to be famous for being famous. Sadly there is nothing beyond this singular eponymous character to recommend this.

pjhouston-83224 20 May 2022

I loved Angelyne! Emmy was fabulous in the role of over-the-top Angelyne. The entire cast was great. It wasn't mean spirited or ridiculing, just sweet. Angelyne was the first celebrity who was famous for being famous. Long before the obnoxious K family.

Watch it for the entertainment value and don't expect high drama. You'll probably enjoy it!

goldenboyxoxo 20 May 2022

I think it's a pretty fun pink ride and one with some depth. It has funny moments, it has dark moments, and when it's all over I'd say it was a pretty fun interpretation of a real live wild story.

agent907 19 May 2022

Famouse for being famous, nothing more, sad instagram life, tiktok braindead, honestly just rewatch Idiocracy it will be better time spend than this what ever it is.

varianf 21 May 2022

The great team behind this has delivered a fantastic experience that equally fun and tragic while also being just as unique as the subject it's based on.

random-70778 20 May 2022

Wow, this might have worked as a short, but a five part series it is just interminable and vapid.

The lead actress is one of the weaker talents on Shameless and does poorly in conveying anything in this role.

And this was hardly the first "celebrity'" who was "famous for being famous." That has been done by plenty of shallow people in Hollywood for 100 years.

jerseygirl49-674-599559 20 May 2022

More toilet paper for the brain. Fake boobs and a blonde wig is all one needs to create a shallow worthless piece of crap. Even in desperation this is hard to take.

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