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A.P. Bio (2018)

Rayting:   7.4/10 12K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A former philosophy professor who takes a job teaching advanced placement biology uses his students to get back at the people in his life who have wronged him.

Episode Guide

Season 4

September 2, 2021Episode 8 The Harvard Pen
September 2, 2021Episode 7 Malachi
September 2, 2021Episode 4 Tons of Rue
September 2, 2021Episode 3 An Oath to Rusty
September 2, 2021Episode 2 Sweatpants
September 2, 2021Episode 1 Tornado!

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best A.P. Bio Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 2, 2021star8.8 64 votesS4E8 The Harvard Pen
September 2, 2021star8.7 58 votesS4E4 Tons of Rue
September 2, 2021star8.6 73 votesS4E2 Sweatpants
March 21, 2019star8.5 302 votesS2E3 Wednesday Morning, 8AM
June 13, 2019star8.5 196 votesS2E13 Kinda Sorta
April 19, 2018star8.4 318 votesS1E11 Eight Pigs and a Rat
September 3, 2020star8.4 193 votesS3E6 That That That
September 3, 2020star8.4 163 votesS3E8 Katie Holmes Day
April 11, 2019star8.3 238 votesS2E6 Melvin
September 3, 2020star8.3 222 votesS3E3 Gary Meets Dave
May 30, 2019star8.3 183 votesS2E11 Spectacle
April 4, 2019star8.2 223 votesS2E5 J'Accuse
May 2, 2019star8.2 205 votesS2E9 Dr. Whoopsie
September 2, 2021star8.2 54 votesS4E5 The Perfect Date From Hell
May 3, 2018star8.1 284 votesS1E13 Drenching Dallas
April 25, 2019star8.1 201 votesS2E8 Sweet Low Road
June 13, 2019star8.1 166 votesS2E12 Ride the Ram
March 14, 2019star8.0 263 votesS2E2 Nuns
May 30, 2019star8.0 184 votesS2E10 Handcuffed
September 2, 2021star8.0 89 votesS4E1 Tornado!

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User Reviews

aes74 6 March 2018

Watchseries; I think it's funny. All the actors are doing a great job and I laugh through the whole thing.

aes74 6 March 2018

I think it's funny. All the actors are doing a great job and I laugh through the whole thing.

hr-lindberg 28 March 2018

A.P. Bio watchseries. My best guess it must have been marketed at the wrong segment, maybe someone expected the likes of two broke girls glee, fun loving characters ect.

Worst thing i can say about this show is that its kind of a Dennis(Sunny) spin off, but its clever and hilarious. Maybe its just for depraved people like me who likes it edgy and anti gentrified, and its all the wholesome people tuning in and getting disapointed.

I would compare it to Vice Principals, but more original in its writing.

Seriously, the teacher tickler made me laugh so hard, that joke alone should net this show and emmy and a decent 8 on imdb.

pechauer-15820 12 February 2018

To be fair, I am a huge Always Sunny fan and love Glenn Howerton. That being said, I love the premise of this show. It gets off to a slow start, but I am addicted after 3 episodes. Glenn crushes it, and the kids should develop as nice supporting roles. Not sure why everyone is rating so low. On the low end I would still give it a solid 6.5. Get to the third episode and you will be laughing out loud.

elekid-60250 9 February 2018

I watched the first 3 episodes, and I don't understand why this show is getting so much hate. The premise is fun, the kids in the class are a fun ensemble, the lead is awesome, and Patton Oswalt is great as always. I was audibly laughing throughout each episode, and I can't wait to see the premise explored further. I look forward to learning more about Jack's backstory.

rk00554 17 March 2018

As a huge fan of it's always sunny I instantly loved this show for glenn howerton alone. A lot of people probably get turned off on this show because they don't get the style of comedy being done. This is a show that gets funnier each time you watch it because the jokes are subtle. You have to learn the characters and then the mannerisms become hilarious. I hope for Patton Oswald's character to start hitting more. The students are getting better each episode. The three female teacher friends are actually pretty funny. This show is good and I think eventually it will be great.

alijohncom 12 February 2018

An innovative story, funny plot, clever dialogues.. And a lot of intelligence in every detail, I enjoyed watching it.

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