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Aranyak (2021)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.0/10 5.1K votes
Country: India
Language: English

Political ploys, personal agendas and a beastly myth all surface as two mismatched hill station cops navigate a web of suspects after a puzzling murder.

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Season 1

December 10, 2021Episode 8 Episode 8
December 10, 2021Episode 7 Episode 7
December 10, 2021Episode 6 Episode 6
December 10, 2021Episode 5 Episode 5
December 10, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
December 10, 2021Episode 3 Episode 3
December 10, 2021Episode 2 Episode 2
December 10, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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December 10, 2021star8.1 68 votesS1E8 Episode 8
December 10, 2021star8.0 68 votesS1E2 Episode 2
December 10, 2021star7.9 55 votesS1E4 Episode 4
December 10, 2021star7.9 51 votesS1E7 Episode 7
December 10, 2021star7.8 53 votesS1E5 Episode 5
December 10, 2021star7.8 50 votesS1E6 Episode 6
December 10, 2021star7.7 140 votesS1E1 Episode 1
December 10, 2021star7.7 56 votesS1E3 Episode 3

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User Reviews

qui_j 11 December 2021

The first 20 minutes of this series will tell you not to waste time watching it. The scenes are stuck together randomly so there's little chance of any continuity. Context to provide background for the characters is lacking since the script is written so badly. This is an example of how desperate streaming sites are for content. Seems like they'll stream any old rubbish to satisfy the need to fill their vaults.

SoumikBanerjee25 12 December 2021

As opposed to widespread expectations, the show commences on a somewhat timid note. At the introductory phases, I was neither convinced about its efficacy nor was I very fond of its rather estranged way of presentation.

Thankfully, as the story unfolds; I gradually and then eventually reached a point where I could say with much certainty that I'm pretty impressed with what they had in their offerings.

Despite having a handful of infrequent missteps, and even a comparatively unstable screenplay; the storyline due to being compelling in nature, was able to get a hold of my attention till the very end. The characters are well defined, and I love how the writers had voluntarily given everybody a different motive to fiddle with.

Each character; be it the protagonists or the supporting ones, had distinctive reasons for which they ultimately fit in the said scenario.

And the whole ensemble's dedication and earnestness to their respective roles are nothing but testimonies to my statement! Parambrata Chatterjee, Raveena Tandon; both showcased their versions of dominant performances here. Their dynamic, the chemistry shared by these two veterans is something worth rooting for.

Speaking of others, there are no complaints from my end whatsoever. Regardless, I do have some issues with its relatively unskillful technical sides. Don't get me wrong, they aren't anything dreadful; it's just that for a Netflix Original, things were rather crammed with mediocrity. Unlike the conventionally higher standards, Netflix tends to follow!

sameerlodaya 12 December 2021

Sameer Lodaya

This series is again a murder mystery and how raveena solves it

It's the same old story in mountains of rape and murder the series goes too too slow and the episodes are very long..a super edit was necessary..I think it's just a relaunch of won't find anything new besides goes so slow that probably you will go to sleep..

The climax is pathetic and unnecessary characters are bundled..start this series to get a good sleep.

msunando 20 December 2021

As the SHO of the idyllic town of Sironah, Kasturi (Raveena Tandon) prepares to go on a year's sabbatical to help her young daughter prepare for her competitive exams, her replacement Angad Mallik (Parambrata Chatterjee) arrives to take charge. The two are like chalk and cheese in personal and professional attributes because of their socio-geographic differences, and undercurrents get into play almost immediately. But before either can settle into their respective new role, a young French tourist girl Aimee is reported missing by her mother Julie Baptiste, who appears high on drugs. Soon afterwards, her corpse is found hanging from a tree in the adjoining forest area with injury marks allegedly inflicted by an animal. A dormant folklore comes alive - could it be the legendary man-leopard who had claimed 19 lives almost two decades ago be responsible for the death? Kasturi is convinced it is the case indeed, whilst Angad doesn't believe in this hash, he trusts that it's the deed of someone from the town itself, perhaps in connection with the drugs found in the possession of the mother of the dead girl.

The situation requires Kasturi and Angad to collaborate despite their ideological differences and the mutual dislike for each other to nail down the culprit, the legend or human as the case may be.

Aranyak is India's answer to Kate Winslet's "The Mare of Easttown", producers Ramesh Sippy and Siddharth Roy Kapoor leave no stone unturned to ensure that the series is a high class, glossy, gripping and suspenseful output. Director Vinay Waikul keeps matters focused, taut and fast paced enough to make Aranyak a bingeworthy series. Ravenna Tandon is impressive in her essay of the small town police chief who has to balance family with her duties, whilst dealing with local political bigwigs and family friends under investigation delicately. But where she suffers is her inconsistent accent of the Hindi dialect she has to mouth. There are directorial flaws in projecting her as the SHO who hasn't heard the term "jugular vein" or her tacit belief in the folklore of the man-leopard associated with the crimes. The medical officer who undertakes the autopsy also firmly alludes to the same, subscribing to the local people's opinion, which shows small town government office bearers in poor light and somewhat derogatory. Parambrata gives a sombre and suave performance with the best dialogues and one liners having been reserved for him. Ashutosh Rana, Brechfa Khan, Meghna Malik, Indranil Sengupta, Zakir Hussain and Lalit Parimoo add credibility to the suspense with great performances. Saurabh Goswami's cinematography, Yasha Ramchandani's editing and writing by Rohan Sippy & Charudutt Acharya are laudable.

rehmankhilji 12 December 2021

Tu Cheez bari hai mast mast girl, after years of cheesy and sloppy movies, is on the screen with one powerful performance. And it is indeed worth to watch.

Suspense, thrill, good twists till the very end, which will keep you on the toes and thirsty for every next episode.

Compression with other series is not fair, as in some reviews.

Do watch this.

nidhunmoviebuff 12 December 2021

After a long hiatus since the enjoyable 'Maatr' in 2017, Raveena Tandon makes a grand comeback in the taut, suspenseful 'Aranyak' which premiered this weekend on Netflix. The legendary Bollywood actress ably anchors a mazy whodunit that keeps you guessing till the very end.

The Indian obsession with thrillers set in hill-stations continues even after similar themes used in Sony Liv's Undekhi (2020), Amazon Prime's The Last Hour (2021)Voot Select's Candy (2021). Set in the picturesque snowcapped hills of rural Haryana, 'Aranyak' follows the journey of two police officers as they look to hunt down a dreaded serial killer.

However, Aranyak scores over the afore-mentioned series' by generating immense suspense at the end of each episode and finally, tying together its myriad characters and plot points to form a breathtaking tapestry of a climax. The series is a beautiful blend of inter-connected themes depicting marital troubles, political machinations and investigative prowess all without missing a beat.

Aranyak derives its title from a famous Bengali novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay, literally translating to 'of the jungle'. And true to its name, the series paints an intricate display of how it is the human beings in the hillside town that are to be feared more than the wild animals in the forest bordering it.

Raveena Tandon nails the Haryanvi accent and oozes gravitas as the tough-as-nails cop 'Kasturi Dogra' while Parambrata Chatterjee is an absolute revelation as the troubled but moralistic officer 'Angad Mallik'. It was an absolute delight to see the super-talented Chatterjee being given an impactful role, long after he delighted us in Kahaani (2012). Hopefully, with this performance, Bollywood takes note of his talents and grants him better roles.

Ashutosh Rana seems to get better with age and follows up his recent Filmfare OTT Award for Best Supporting Actor (for Pagglait) with another sensational performance as the archetypal 'retired cope still haunted by the killer that got away'. Despite the oft-repeated character arc given to him, the seasoned actor generates his own distinctive style and nuance to the performance, that keeps us fully locked in.

Zakir Hussain is expectedly terrific as the doyen of the village's politics while the teenage actors Tejaswi Yadav (the Joffrey Baratheon-esque 'Kanti'), Taneesha Joshi ('Nutan') and Wishvesh Sharkholi ('Bunty') delight with performances that belie their tender age.

Director Vinay Waikul threads the needle by managing to satisfy the viewers with just enough closure for season 1 while leaving just enough open threads and unanswered questions to keep us hoping for a season 2. A fine OTT debut from Raveena Tandon! Recommended.

rahul000994 1 January 2022

Sironah is a town where tension is always in the air and there's barely a light moment in anyone's life here. Everyone here seems to be hiding some kind of a secret. And it takes one major crime after 19 years to send the police on a wild goose chase of an elusive rapist and serial killer, who is also suspected to be a half-man-half-leopard creature that is part of the village folklore.

The story is driven by two very talented actors - Raveena Tandon and Parambrata Chattopadhyay, who dominate the screentime. Raveena is extremely apt for a righteous and straight-talking police officer, who is clumsy in the kitchen but on the dot when it comes to her cop duties. It's a delight to watch her play Kasturi's pride and prejudice towards her town and its people so effortlessly. Raveena makes her full-fledged appearance after a long time totally worth the wait. Parambrata Chattopadhyay shows equal restraint and makes his character likable with amazing ease. Their unconventional jodi is the spark that powers the show saddled with a script that meanders a lot before coming to the point.

Among the rest of the cast, Meghna Malik is convincing as a manipulative yet wise minister Jagdamba. Zakir Hussian and Ashutosh Rana are repetitive in their respective roles of a scheming power-hungry politician and a retired policeman, stuck in time, who won't stop looking for clues to solve the big case. Both have played such similar characters many times before. Among the younger cast, Taneesha Joshi as Kasturi's teenage daughter Nutan and Wishvesh Sharkholi as her vulnerable boyfriend Bunty, give noteworthy performances.

Another highlight is the setting of a wintery small town and the naturally beautiful shots of the snow-capped mountains and the woods. This adds a constant chill in the proceedings and builds the atmosphere for a thrilling ride. At the core of this whodunit are human relationships and bonds within a family. Some of the scenes between Kasturi and her daughter are heart-warming.

The premise of Raveena Tandon-starrer 'Aranyak' isn't new nor is the setting of a sleepy small-town being rocked by a murder something that we haven't seen before, especially on OTT. Yet, this show produced by Rohan Sippy and Siddharth Roy Kapur, written by Charudutt Acharya and directed by Vinay Waikul, builds a strong sense of mystery and constant suspense that keeps it going. Sure, 'Aranyak' isn't the best in its genre but is certainly a well-made show that scores on nuanced performances and thrilling moments.

TreeFiddy53 13 December 2021

The show was BRILLIANTLY shot, extra marks for the good cinematography and sound, well written and edited. Raveena, Parambrata steal the show playing the cops, it was interesting to see Ashutosh Rana still doing it, good for him!

They do enough to build the story up, which is seemingly all over the place, but they do a good job of bringing everything together.

The misdirection was a little too deliberate - if you know, you know; can't reveal. While they do a good job of tying up all lose ends, there are a few that you might not feel content about. The show is nothing mindblowing, but I thought the 8 episodes were worth the time.

Would totally recommend!

rikenpatel-02979 20 December 2021

This Web Series Did Very Good Performance. Specially Raveena Tandon & Parambrata Chattopadhyay & Aashutosh Rana & Meghna Malik & Zakir Hussain Did Good Acting.

peter-spengler 14 December 2021

I have seen some Indian crime documentary productions recently. They were really good. This is now the first fiction series. I think they have done a good job. It is a good mix of whodunnit, mystery and serial killer thriller. There are some surprising twists at the end and a good cliffhanger. Only the female lead comes across as very unlikeable and was probably installed by Netflix. The Uttar Pradesh setting was also less than spectacular for India. More could have been taken out of it.

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