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Arrested Development (2003)

Rayting:   8.7/10 276930 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Level headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable.

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Snoopy1 9 August 2004

This show takes a few episodes before you *really* GET it. And once you get it, you'll realize why everybody thinks it's one of the best sitcoms ever.

Each character is really defined and original...with real, unique personalities. All of the actors have fantastic chemistry, making for really great interactions and relationships within the show.

The writing for this show is great, and the plots are so absurd that you can't help but find them funny.

A refreshing change in a world where people like reality's the only good sitcom left.

AlphabetCity 14 December 2003

This is the funniest show currently on television. All you need to enjoy this show is an appreciation for high-quality acting and incredibly hilarious writing. Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth is perfect as the under-appreciated do-good guy who's just trying to keep his family together and himself sane. Other highlights of the show include Will Arnett as GOB (George Oscar Bluth II), Michael's lame-excuse-for-a-magician brother; Jeffrey Tambor as George Sr., Michael's incarcerated father (he was jailed for "shifty accounting practices"); and Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth, Michael Bluth's perpetually nervous 13-year-old son (who just happens to have a strange infatuation with his cousin, Maebe, played by "State of Grace"'s Alia Shawkat). All in all this show is sure to be a hit, at least with those people whose level of understanding of comedy is above slapstick and bathroom jokes. TREMENDOUSLY hilarious writing and outstanding performances by the whole cast will have you laughing the whole time. Ten out of ten!

modhvatsal 16 October 2018

First three seasons were like best thing you could see in a sitcom ever. But from 4th season it's all going downhill. I couldn't even get through season 5. If it wasn't for last two seasons, this show would have been my favourite sitcom.

metalgoth 8 December 2004

Strange, Fox's promos almost made me miss out on this whole thing.

It's a sit-com made with very high standards, it's a career revival for Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Liza Minelli, and it's a show that puts Fox's profile into HBO territory. "It's Arrested Development"

"In fact...", a Ron Howard quote that has become a cliché around our house, in fact, it's all those things and more. The writing is as good as everyone says it is, the cast is on par with that of Seinfeld or Roseanne. (Say what you will about her, that was a dream cast) Whenever new characters appear, they are inevitably played by people familiar to fans of edgy, intelligent humor. People like Jeffrey Tambor and Jason Bateman are dependably good, Michael Cera is a standout, and David Cross is finally being seen for the talent that he is.

The strongest thing I can say about this is that I find myself repeating various running gags, things that, like "In fact...", have become clichés. "I've made a huge mistake." "I'm having the time of my LIFE in here!" "surprisingly cat-like" "Take a powder, willya fellas?"

This last one, uttered by Liza Minelli as Lucille Austero, sticks with me especially, and I hope that Liza stays with the show longer. As good as the principles are, she manages to outclass even them. The same with Henry Winkler, whose Barry Zuckercorn is the sort of lawyer television's been dying for. Among those main players, Lindsay and Tobias are pretty strange characters to begin with, but when you consider that they are an old married couple, that crosses the line into the bizarre. This show is full of people and situations you just won't see anywhere else, at least until other derivative shows start appearing.

Watch carefully, as there are many bit and pieces lingering in the background that you might miss. Recently, George Michael was dumped by his girlfriend. As he trudged home in a state of misery, you could hear sad Charlie Brown music. In the background, you could see a real - but bright red - dog house, with a real dog lying on top of it. It's things like these that tell me that the creators are just pleased to be doing this show for it's own sake, and that kind of love of the work shows through in the end.

Who knows if this show will last? There's an audience out there for this sort of thing, but they've generally settled into the Sunday night HBO schedule. Hopefully the Emmys, the word of mouth, and the critical raves will draw attention to this show. If not, we'll just have our A.D. dvds to keep us warm, and thank God for 'em!

nightswatch 10 October 2006

You've doubtless heard fans rave and rave about this show, and may have even checked it out. The camp is sharply divided, people either absolutely love it, or tend to just "not get it." In that sense it may not be for everyone (great television, and great art in general, rarely is), and to each his own. But after watching each season multiple times, I can easily say that it is the funniest show that I have ever seen by an ENORMOUS margin. Even after many repeat viewings, I still end up in tears all the time.

DVD treats this series well simply because it suits itself to rapid digestion (and after getting hooked, you won't be able to get up). The writers include many, many running gags that persist through entire seasons, or even the entire series ("I've made a huge mistake." "Her?"). The entire cast is extremely WELL cast and everyone's comedic timing is spot on. The real stars are David Cross as Tobias, and Will Arnett as GOB. Their physical comedy is drop dead hilarious as well. But Jessica Walters and Jeffrey Tambor are phenomenal, the former most especially in the third season.

As others have stated there is no laugh track and this is part of what throws some of the "we don't get it" camp off. The humor is very fast paced as well, and many of the biggest laughs are very subtle physical comedy, or a line of dialog that is dropped in the midst of a conversation. Some of the music that was written for the show is absolutely hilarious as well, especially the song that plays often when George Micheal is put in an awkward (sexual) situation ("whatcha trying to say to me??").

Start with season 1, give it 4 episodes (go through at least the episode "key decisions" which I believe is ep 4). If you're not hooked, or at least intrigued by then, its likely you wont be at all. But if you're like me, and MANY others, you'll find that you've just stumbled upon one of the greatest shows ever made. VERY highly recommended. 10/10

sterlingbard 18 March 2019

Great show till Netflix started making the show. Really enjoyed the first couple seasons and then Netflix took over and trashed it.

xircso 21 October 2004

this comedy is smart where so many others are not. its one of the few shows on today that you find DO NOT have a laugh track which alone makes it unique, but with the excellent writing and acting make it a refreshing and hilarious change. after a few episodes, it all makes sense and is that much funnier once you know the characters and their very individual quirks.

this show deserved all of the awards it won plus a few more just to make sure it gets noticed. its been voted TV-lands "future classic" after only a single season if thats any clue to those who haven't seen it yet. the dry acting of jason bateman and the voice over by ron howard are both stellar and add greatly to the shows overall style.

watch this show as soon as it begins again (nov 7, 2004 after the simpsons) you wont be sorry.

ahmedgorshy 25 June 2020

The fourth and fifth season are not so bad and better than many bad seasons in The Office. However, you do not see the Office stay down Frankly, I read all the reviews except 400 and they all talk about the greatness of the first seasons, which is agreed upon, plus the fourth season or the quality of them, but it was not bad and it contained a very excellent style, but the first three episodes are very bad except for the grief grief for Michael Bluth I did not laugh at anything but starting from The fifth episode Tobias episode laughed as I laughed before in the first seasons, then a boring episode came, but then the episode of Job Bluth came in the best season and one of the 10 best episodes I saw in the series and the rest of the season is excellent if what is the problem in the season ??? Are characters evolving? Maybe, but I laughed at the season and watched it a few times, getting louder and I'm totally happy with that season. We move on to the fifth season and admit or five episodes, the worst of it, the rest is enjoyable, and the last episode, I cried at the magnificence So what's the problem? There are problems here and here but most of them are solved in the last episode Yes I hated some ridiculous conspiracies especially that related to Lindsay but the music was good and fans should know that the show was a masterpiece and is still a masterpiece and no matter how many seasons are offered it will still be better but all the fans gave the show rated 1 and 2 as if they did not laugh One day this is annoying and ungrateful. I have never seen any fan of The Office criticize or change the show's rating from 10 to 1 or 5 due to Michael Scone leaving and I think the eighth season of The Office was worse than any season in Arrested devolpemnt but not everyone Angry and wants to leave the series from the list of the best 250 TV shows. I saw the progression in 2015 and it was 9.1 and today 8.7 against you man. Why why just why do you do that If you laughed in the first three times, return your rating to 10, please The series should not come out from the list of the best in imdb, and remember only your series, that all series are from bad seasons to great ones, and don't let that affect your evaluation

ljuliansandovall 22 December 2018

Watching the first five episodes of Arrested Development Season 5 is like individually cutting off all five of my left fingers, with time in-between to contemplate just why I was exactly doing this, only to be told that just one more finger will make me finally see the true meaning of this activity.

I'm starting to feel like some fans are in serious denial. If seeing Jason Bateman on the screen is enough to make you forget about how terrible what you're watching is, then you're going to love this season. If not, I'd just stay away.

shinosamuel 9 February 2019

Season 1-3 is good and funny but Season 4 & 5 is atrocious.

laxaxlisgreat 27 March 2019

Seasons 1-3: 10/10 Seasons 4 (Original edit): 6/10 Season 5: 6/10

This show really dipped in quality once Netflix picked it up. The new seasons still have their moments, but it never lived up to the original episodes.

Nicholai 7 November 2004

In this age of lazily-conceived, hastily-produced, fill-in-the-blank reality shows that the FOX network seems to corner the market on, it's refreshing to see them invest in a show that doesn't fit a clichéd formula and challenges the audience's intellect with hilarious results.

Previously, I had written off this show without giving it a chance, assuming that it's just another show about rich people with problems, a la "The OC". It's too bad I didn't give it a chance because I just happened to watch a random episode right while waiting for "Malcom in the Middle". Little did I expect to laugh so hard at George Michael continuously wearing a muscle suit just because his COUSIN. Maebe, gave him a passing compliment. And the absurdity of the situation was amplified by Ron Howard's deadpan narration of the episode, giving it the seriousness the situation doesn't deserve.

The show was still confusing because I wasn't clear on all the relationships and the origninating humor that the episodes look back to. Good think FOX did a marathon of the show in order to set me straight.

Bottom line, this show did not win all those Emmies for nothing. It could give Frasier, Friends and Seinfeld a run for their money any day. Let's hope the Emmys shielded the show from the FOX cancellation bug that afflicted other good shows such as "Action", "Titus", "Greg The Bunny" and ESPECIALLY "Family Guy".

**** out of ****

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