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Arrow (2012)

Action | Crime | Mystery
Rayting:   7.5/10 407723 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.

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Season 8

January 28, 2020Episode 10 Fadeout
December 3, 2019Episode 7 Purgatory
November 26, 2019Episode 6 Reset
November 19, 2019Episode 5 Prochnost
November 5, 2019Episode 4 Present Tense
October 29, 2019Episode 3 Leap of Faith
October 15, 2019Episode 1 Starling City

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User Reviews

RobScott-13 10 November 2020

Arrow is absolutely the best of the CW DC shows (except Smallville). The show had its ups and downs throughout its run but it was still an overall really good show and the last season was one of the best! Stephen Amell was absolutely perfect as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen! I'm really going to miss this show!

antoniusmarcus 25 December 2018

Team arrow is pretty lame. It's like they went from a show for adolescents and adult to a show for kids

MyNameIsFelicitySmoak 19 June 2016

You have failed this show! The first two seasons were brilliant. -meaningful flashbacks -great villains -good pacing -fitting dark tone

Season 3 had a drop in quality, and season 4 completely butchered a fantastic show. In season 4: -horrible meaningless flashbacks -worse acting -terrible villains -unfitting lighter tone -illogical story lines with many plot holes -more like a soap opera than a superhero/crime drama TV show

-butchering of major story lines like Andy Diggle, Oliver's child, HIVE

Rating for season 1 and 2: 8.7/10 Rating for season 3: 7.5/10 Rating for season 4: 5/10

aryamanshady 26 January 2018

After episodes of trying and trying I have fainlly stopped watching Arrow, Left it Midway season 6. Season 1 and 2 of the show were pure GOLD. Season 3 the show got a little sloppy. Season 4 was just terrible. Season 5 went surprisingly good and season 6 is just very boring and and terrible. The show lost its spark after season 3 and Arrow 's new "team" is just unbearable. If you compare it with Team Flash. The show lost its Billionaire Playboy Charm and the Dark cool Arrow long back, even Felicity and Diggle are annoying now. It feels like Greg Berlanti just lost his focus from the show. I hope they gain back the Season 1 spark.

petragreen 10 October 2017

The first 2 seasons of the show was amazing however after that it got stale and boring. I decided to give up less than half way through season 5. The flashbacks become uninteresting. The villains after 2 seasons are boring. Love story is soap opera material. Season 4 made the show unrealistic with the sci-fi magic. Arrow was more interesting when he was working alone without any sidekicks.

piyushbaviskar 24 October 2020

The Whole story Of the series is very Impressive.I love This show a lot.If you wanna know about Vigilante must watch it.

csgollum 21 July 2018

I used to love this show. When it began, the mere athleticism of Stephen Amell used to give me goosebumps and I would have rated it an 8, even 9. But with the passing of time (I think somewhere around Season 4), the quality of writing started dropping. Actors can do only so much (and they do give their best every time) with this kind of material. Some characters have become sort of hangers on and should be put out of their misery.

I sure hope things pick up in Season 7.

Brew_Swayne 29 August 2020

Without giving away any details, I'm simply going to say that the final 2 seasons were tough to watch. The overall story being told here was fun and exciting and the weaving of past and present was fairly well done. Maybe the final season would have been more enjoyable had it not been crammed into just 10 episodes. It seemed rushed and convoluted and sloppy.

Good acting: Stephen Amell - Oliver David Ramsey - Diggle Emily Bett Rickards - Felicity Paul Blackthorne - Quentin Lance (probably the best performance of the series) Rick Gonzalez - Rene Ramirez

Ok acting: Wila Holland - Thea Colton Hayes - Roy Harper Echo Kellum - Curtis Juliana Harkavay.- Dinah

Terrible awful horrible kill me now acting: Katie Cassidy - Laura Lance Every child actor in the series

ndirozki 12 July 2019

The first two seasons were incredible but from there henceforth it's kinda boring

myemailthats 22 October 2019

It was tolerable up to season 4, that's where everyone became emotional extremists and critically irrational for most of the show. There are inconsistencies, events that make no sense, too much hypocrisy from every character who demands respect and honesty but continuously lies and disrespects in every episode. The arrow team plans fail 90 percent of the time making them look incompetent, evil is portrayed as stronger and smarter, while good is portrayed as stupid and weak, the only way to win is by luck and not skill for the arrow team. Really disappointing.

That said, I enjoy the performance of the actors and will continue to watch, even though it feels like I'm sticking needles in my eyes at times with everything this series irritates me with.

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