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Aspirants (2021)

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Country: India
Language: English

Aspirants is a story of 3 friends Abhilash, Shwetketu(SK) and Guri. The story revolves around the past and the present time where the past captures the struggle and the drama behind the ...

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harishsaini-01825 28 April 2021

Sandeep bhaiya is just not a character, he's an emotion.

jitendrakumarshuklabbk 9 April 2021

Another great series after tvf pitchers and Kota Factory.

TVF is giving content far better than bollywood movies.

ravish9 12 April 2021

With time it is now getting clear that creativity, merit and quality has inverse relationship with Bollywood, a mafia kingdom of substandard people...But same time it has direction proportionality to TVF like OTT platform. Just see that how with time OTT has matured with world class stuffs. And TVF is the best example of that. TVF which used to look a spoof content platform with amateurish people trying to come with fresh ideas untill we started seeing content like Yeh Meri Family and now giving us finest quality shows, one after another. Just take a look on this series of top rated shows from them in past couple of years: Kota Factory, Panchayat, Gullak 1, Gullak 2, and now this masterpiece.

You need to notice the way these guys have put picture perfect stuff in almost every department, and all of them showing great evolution with time: Cinematography is exceptional, screenplay and writing is exceptional with some phenomenal dialogues, direction and editing is class apart stuff...and what to say about performances...mindblowing. Every actor has caught the understanding of their character to such a perfection. I jsut give an example. Just notice the perfection of performance of a comedy scene by Ghuri while drinking...he wanted IAS vehicle having siren sounding Peon Peon Peon...gulping beer...then again continuing Peon peon Peon....and suddenly GF phone comes and voice changes! Preaching goes away! Or the liberative speeches with excellent pausitivity by Sunny HInduja aka Sandeep Bhaiyya...makes you feel that everyone in this world needs one Sandeep Bhaiyya. The opening scene with SK giving lecture in the IAS coaching is a phenomenal scene with phenomenal dialogue, exceptional edition and cinematography, and equally great BGM...which gives you the sense of the way show arrives when he says "Doob jao mere Kachuwon is samundar me..." and the way BGM picks up with panoromic view of skyscrapper of central Delhi. Almost every department at sync, bolstering each other. This is called art of making good show. Book every award for this show, if all the remaining episodes of Aspirants are of same level or better.

siddharthsewda 8 April 2021

There is no denying the fact the TVF brings the best content on Indian OTT platform.

After shows like Pitchers, Yeh Meri Family and Kota Factory, Aspirants is another wondeful show from TVF. The show beautifully depicts the struggles, and life journey of UPSC aspirants.

Highly Recommended !!!

keshavladha-03433 28 April 2021

See....this series does not deserve less than 10 don't just watch it, you feel it I'm not an UPSC Aspirant😅😅, but TVF ne hamesha ki tarah deewana bana diya (TVF has like always made us their fans).

harsh-goswami8 14 April 2021

These series shows the dilemma of an Upsc aspirant from the perspective of an aspirant itself from Delhi, Old Rajinder Nagar to be precise, the Hub of Upsc. It has similar vibes of kota factory but with a more serious and mature presentation. The hardships of an aspirant is shown without negatively affecting their mental state of preparation. On the contrary, it gives them inspiration despite showing the actual reality.

The actors are perfect and dialog delivery is awesome of all the 3 main actors along with Sandeep Bhaiya. Guri has already became my favourite but what people will be more relatable with is the character of SK. The harsh truth behind the consumptuous hours of preparation and how it toils a person both mentally and physically is well informed by his little monologue in the beginning. Overall, I rated it 10 just because it stays grounded and is truthful to the reality and does not show superfluos characterization. I hope it turns out better than Kota Factory which stopped taking it seriously after the first 3 episodes.

tusharpaharia 28 April 2021

Most of the subscription based OTT platform shows seem so overrated in comparison to such TVF originals.

They have produced so many highly rated but less heard jewels such as Pitchers, Panchayat, Kota factory, Tripling. Humorously yours, Permanent roommates and the list just goes on.

All their shows are so ingenious without expensive sets and superstars.

Just good storyline, exceptional content and powerful acting.

While Naveen Kasturia (as usual), Shivankit Singh Parihar and Abhilash Thapliyal have astounded everyone with their acting prowess, Sunny Hinduja stood out in his unfathomable role as a mentor. Standing ovation to the entire team of Aspirants.

nikhilpant-45449 13 April 2021

As we expect from them tvf has done a fabulous job in this series as well and they are one and only organization which brings relatable and genuine shows in indian web scene and i will give a 👍 for this show and it has the potential to break record of "kota factory" as well.

luckykhanna-36312 13 April 2021

Best series must watch for sure.


nikhilgadade-86663 25 April 2021

Contribution of India to world 1. Zero 2. Yoga 3. The "TVF"

joshi-03413 27 April 2021

TVF is one stop shop for one of the best content.

With a range of content that they produce from pitchers, Fathers, Kota Factory and now Aspirants.

Their satirical, diverse content overpowers horrific content produced by bollywood.

Please launch your app for PS store too. Looking forward to more content.

Good luck!

abhinabsaikia-33770 11 April 2021

This awesome show will take you through one of the toughest exams in the world. A must watch.

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