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Attack on Titan (2013)

Animation | Adventure | Fantasy
Rayting:   8.9/10 207688 votes
Country: Japan
Language: English

After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaeger vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

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Season 4

March 22, 2021Episode 14 Savagery
March 1, 2021Episode 12 Guides
February 22, 2021Episode 11 Deceiver
February 15, 2021Episode 10 A Sound Argument
February 8, 2021Episode 9 Brave Volunteers
January 25, 2021Episode 7 Assault
December 21, 2020Episode 3 The Door of Hope
December 14, 2020Episode 2 Midnight Train

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Season 2

Season 1

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User Reviews

infectedkarma 19 June 2019

The moment you watch this audiovisual masterpiece you will immediately appreciate the level of thought and detail that went into this. From the initial scene that shows you the main and unique weapons to some of the frames that could literally be used as your desktop background or be hanged in your room as paintings. From episode to episode you'll think that you won't be surprised anymore and you'll be wrong again and again, every time I thought an episode or season couldn't be better I was proven wrong. You will get goos bumps from dialog alone and you will lose your mind in the epic fight scenes The characters and their development, the story covered in mystery that unveils beautifully, a dialog carefully written that shows the characters personalities and wisdom., sound design, music, illumination... you'll feel like you are there. The voicing of the characters is excellent... there is nothing below excellent in this. An absolute masterpiece and a bar of quality for any audio visual product to come. Be prepared to care only about Attack on Titan and nothing else, because nothing else will make you feel this way.

henchey 17 December 2019

Before I started watching this show, I couldn't imagine why it is rated so high. After I finished the first season, I understood. And now, having watched the third season I don't understand, why it isn't rated even higher!

Truly a masterpiece, and deserves to be mentioned on the same page as other fantasy war epics like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. (I dare to say this is even better than those two.) There are countless twist and turns, shocking revelations and heartbreaking moments troughout the series, spiced with great voice acting, beautiful visuals and on top of all: a more than perfect, stunning soundtrack, thanks to Hiroyuki Sawano.

The story is brilliantly written, and does not slow down, not even for a bit. It keeps growing bigger and bigger, while you will find yourself tied to your chair, as you can't watch only one or two episodes. Behind the plot and the action, there is also deeper meaning about war, humanity and questions about moral dilemmas.

Toughtprovoking, exciting and most of all a masterpiece of our time!

WarFirel 17 October 2018

The best part of the series is coming in april 2019, all of the entire show is not compare to what is coming now, nobody is ready for that.

WarFirel 4 January 2020

A lot of people have this question, can season 4 beat season 3 part 2? And the answer is yes! Isn't full of action, is like a combination of all the seasons, great plot, the best charachter development in all the serie, great action, and a lot of plot twist. October 2020, please I need you right now!

chiarasalvarani 8 June 2019

I'm not an expert of anime. I haven't even read the manga, which I'll do it btw. But I can assure you that attack on titan will keep you interested from the very beginning thanks to a gripping and original plot. There isn't a single boring episode, it's always suspance and action. It may seem a superficial fantasy anime but it actually deals with important topics, such as freedom. Furthermore, the soundtracks are so good that you will start feeling patriotism for an imaginary country.

somanshreddy 5 June 2013

This anime is simply amazing! The way it is animated, the soundtrack, the characters, the story, the thrill and the suspense. All in one action-packed anime. One of the best so far. As it has only 9 episodes as of now ... many critics say that it is way too early to rate an anime. But, according to me, this is pure class. The soundtrack's tempo varies according to the situation and this makes it more exciting. The ending of the episode is something that NO one will look forward to as NO one will want it to end. A must watch for every anime lover and of course the manga is available as well. Although a bit gory, the epicness makes up for it! You know those animes that catch your eye from the first episode, this is one of them.

mehdialawsie 30 May 2019

Each season gets better and better! S3 P2 is untouchable right now! 😍

navodwijerulz 26 August 2020

Some of the people have rated this show a 1 out of 10. And I understand why. The Plot is so well written, you won't even know the real storyline until season 3 or whatever. On the outside it seems a pretty simple story. Demons vs humans. Who will win? That is hardly the story at all... and even thinking that, I watched through the first 2 seasons. And even then I was hooked because of great story building and great great climaxes and actions and all. I thought season 1 ending was insane. Then season 2 came. I thought It was even crazier. Then season 3! A literal masterpiece... specially the second arc. and the 4th season is expected to be God Level. And I expect nothing less from the greatest anime of all time. That's how good the story is! It's complex yes. Greatest Plot I have ever seen on a show. I love breaking bad, I love Avatar the last air-bender, I love Game of thrones. But The story line, music, and the voice acting are all 10/10 easily. Do yourself a favor, don't judge it by it's cover, get through some quality anime till you reach God level story telling. You will thank me when you reach the season 3 finale, GUARANTEED!

imdb-58910 25 January 2019

This anime grabbed me in the first episode and it didn´t release me to the end. I´ve seen all the episodes several times but it still can make me feel like for the first time. It has gripping story, fantastic music and really good animation. Someone can tell that animated serials are for children so if you have one of these people in your friendlist, tell them about this anime. It´s full of blood, gore, cutted extremities and death so they will probably change their mind. The serial stars Yûki Kaji (Eren Yeager), Marina Inoue (Armin Arlert), Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa Ackermann) and many other good voice actors and actress. In the story main characters and other people live in the town surrounded by tall walls. The walls protect people from some kind of creepy humanoid monsters called titan. And those titans really like to kill and eat humans so there are much violent too. But you can´t look at this anime only in bad way. It´s also about friendship, loyalty and many strong feeling made between people in hard situations. It´s about the will of life, political intrigues, freedom and amazing fights against human eating creatures. This anime is great work and nobody can change MY mind.

vikramviplow85 27 October 2018

One of the best anime u must watch before u die. Best Story ,best characters and best actions.❤❤❤❤

Light_ 13 February 2019

Perfect from every prospective story,music, sound track, art and animation. This is not an ordinary anime it's a masterpiece.

Ka_zouto 30 October 2019

I am writing this review after watching more than 70+ anime series containig food wars, bleech, Fullmetal alchemist +brotherhood, code geass, dath note,Dragon ball Z ⚽ , MHA, parasyte maxim, 0ne punch man 👊, hunter x hunter, etc, etc

even i can say it is the BEST anime i ever seen *top notch animation *best action scenes ever in anime *Top class music (especially back opera) *amazing characters (levi, hanzi zoe, erwin Smith,etc leavin top 3 main characters*) *most importantly story is unique, captative, full of thrillers and even merciless

in end i can only say its a masterpiece. if you haven't seen it you must give it a shot.

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