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Attack on Titan (2013)

Animation | Adventure 
Popularity 4
Rayting:   8.9/10 253K votes
Country: Japan
Language: English

After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaeger vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Episode Guide

Season 4

March 14, 2022Episode 26 Traitor
February 27, 2022Episode 24 Pride
February 21, 2022Episode 23 Sunset
February 14, 2022Episode 22 Thaw
January 24, 2022Episode 19 Two Brothers
January 17, 2022Episode 18 Sneak Attack
January 10, 2022Episode 17 Judgment
March 22, 2021Episode 14 Savagery
March 1, 2021Episode 12 Guides
February 22, 2021Episode 11 Deceiver
February 15, 2021Episode 10 A Sound Argument
February 8, 2021Episode 9 Brave Volunteers
January 25, 2021Episode 7 Assault
December 21, 2020Episode 3 The Door of Hope
December 14, 2020Episode 2 Midnight Train

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Attack on Titan Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

May 27, 2019star9.9 66363 votesS3E17 Hero
January 25, 2021star9.9 57519 votesS4E7 Assault
January 11, 2021star9.9 42318 votesS4E5 Declaration of War
January 18, 2021star9.9 40643 votesS4E6 The War Hammer Titan
May 20, 2019star9.9 34529 votesS3E16 Perfect Game
June 3, 2019star9.9 29527 votesS3E18 Midnight Sun
June 17, 2019star9.9 25798 votesS3E20 That Day
May 6, 2017star9.9 20184 votesS2E6 Warrior
June 17, 2017star9.8 16301 votesS2E12 Scream
March 22, 2021star9.8 14311 votesS4E14 Savagery
March 8, 2021star9.7 15179 votesS4E13 Children of the Forest
June 24, 2019star9.7 14619 votesS3E21 The Attack Titan
May 13, 2019star9.7 13558 votesS3E15 Descent
March 22, 2021star9.7 13413 votesS4E15 Sole Salvation
April 29, 2019star9.7 13296 votesS3E13 The Town Where Everything Began
May 6, 2019star9.7 13055 votesS3E14 Thunder Spears
March 29, 2021star9.7 12402 votesS4E16 Above and Below
September 3, 2018star9.7 11487 votesS3E7 Wish
May 13, 2017star9.7 10421 votesS2E7 Close Combat
February 1, 2021star9.6 25085 votesS4E8 Assassin's Bullet

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User Reviews

vikramviplow85 27 October 2018

Watchseries; One of the best anime u must watch before u die. Best Story ,best characters and best actions.❤❤❤❤

vikramviplow85 27 October 2018

One of the best anime u must watch before u die. Best Story ,best characters and best actions.❤❤❤❤

Light_ 13 February 2019

Attack on Titan watchseries. Perfect from every prospective story,music, sound track, art and animation. This is not an ordinary anime it's a masterpiece.

imdb-58910 25 January 2019

This anime grabbed me in the first episode and it didn´t release me to the end. I´ve seen all the episodes several times but it still can make me feel like for the first time. It has gripping story, fantastic music and really good animation. Someone can tell that animated serials are for children so if you have one of these people in your friendlist, tell them about this anime. It´s full of blood, gore, cutted extremities and death so they will probably change their mind. The serial stars Yûki Kaji (Eren Yeager), Marina Inoue (Armin Arlert), Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa Ackermann) and many other good voice actors and actress. In the story main characters and other people live in the town surrounded by tall walls. The walls protect people from some kind of creepy humanoid monsters called titan. And those titans really like to kill and eat humans so there are much violent too. But you can´t look at this anime only in bad way. It´s also about friendship, loyalty and many strong feeling made between people in hard situations. It´s about the will of life, political intrigues, freedom and amazing fights against human eating creatures. This anime is great work and nobody can change MY mind.

navodwijerulz 26 August 2020

Some of the people have rated this show a 1 out of 10. And I understand why. The Plot is so well written, you won't even know the real storyline until season 3 or whatever. On the outside it seems a pretty simple story. Demons vs humans. Who will win? That is hardly the story at all... and even thinking that, I watched through the first 2 seasons. And even then I was hooked because of great story building and great great climaxes and actions and all. I thought season 1 ending was insane. Then season 2 came. I thought It was even crazier. Then season 3! A literal masterpiece... specially the second arc. and the 4th season is expected to be God Level. And I expect nothing less from the greatest anime of all time. That's how good the story is! It's complex yes. Greatest Plot I have ever seen on a show. I love breaking bad, I love Avatar the last air-bender, I love Game of thrones. But The story line, music, and the voice acting are all 10/10 easily. Do yourself a favor, don't judge it by it's cover, get through some quality anime till you reach God level story telling. You will thank me when you reach the season 3 finale, GUARANTEED!

ThePleb 8 April 2021

Isayama knows how to write a story.

Attack on Titan is by far the most well-written, well thought out shows of the modern era.

Following the story of Eren Yeager, we watch as he slowly descends farther down this rabbit hole until he hits his breaking point.

Starting from season 1, I thought I could predict the outcome of this story. One tone story. Obvious character plots. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

As a viewer, you are forced to watch 90% of your established characters vanish, vicious plot loops that blow your mind, and emotional scenes that guaranteed will make your heart stop.

Seasons 1-3 feel like a complete story. Isayama tells a beautiful story of sacrifice to save the island of Paradis from titans.

Season 4 feels like a sequel that wasn't needed but deserved to be made. Season 4 introduces the idea of how traumatized our main character has actually become. Watching him descend to insanity is painful but understandable. At the end you are torn between supporting and disliking Eren. It's written to make you feel as if you are no longer watching Attack on Titan.

Overall, this heart wrenching story is unbeatable when it comes to plot. Attack on Titan might be the best masterpiece of this era. If you haven't watched it, what's wrong with you? If you have and disliked it from episodes 1-8, keep watching. It is well worth the pain.

mehdialawsie 30 May 2019

Each season gets better and better! S3 P2 is untouchable right now! 😍

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