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Atypical (2017)

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Sam, an 18 year old on the autism spectrum, decides it's time to find a girlfriend, a journey that sets Sam's mom on her own life changing path as her son seeks more independence.

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amandakuech 24 August 2017

I don't understand why there are so many individuals stating the show exaggerates or skews autism symptoms. My son is on the spectrum, and in the autism works when you know one person with autism, you know one person with autism. That is why they call it a spectrum disorder. I feel this show did a great job of depicting Asperger's syndrome or high functioning autism. The actor is on point...lack of eye contact, sensory processing issues, blurting out inappropriate things, not being able to read others feelings, social struggles, his obsession with one subject, his outbursts...all the way to his food preferences. They also did a great job with how the sister is pushed aside and the marital struggles due to the stress of the autism. The fears the mother has reminds me of myself. I highly suggest this show; especially for families who have been blessed with an family member who is autistic. I hope it will be back for a second season.

ppa-02656 12 September 2018

How can you make a show this amazing and only give us 10 30 minute episode's and leave us were you did. I NEED season 3 now. This is honestly one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Thanks Netflix!

gavin-ferreiro 18 August 2017

I was asked a question on Quora about the show and decided to have a look.

As a person on the spectrum HF-ASD with AS, this blew my mind, it is so great that Netflix hung it out there and created a series that has mirrored my life with at least 70% accuracy.

While I believe that people watching the series may be looking at the actors and actresses abilities, I watched it to see if the series was as accurate as possible and still entertaining.

It was both, my sincere appreciation to Netflix to step out of bounds, the cast who did such a great job, the writers who have allowed the world to gain knowledge of a spectrum that is so misunderstood.

The show, to me, is a great portrayal of his experiences and from what I can understand, his family as well. The side stories add to the entire cacophony of emotions, sounds and experiences which was also enlightening. I learned a few things about people and hopefully, I can use them in my personal life.

To all the NTs out there, who have watched the series, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

May it please continue.

ahmedgorshy 23 October 2020

One of my personal favorites. This series is one of the top 10 series I have ever seen. It is unnaturally refreshing, and it always makes me feel happy or even sad. The first season is perfect and the second season is better than the first and the third has episodes that I consider the best in the series, so I will say it with confidence. I hope that the fourth and final season maintains its current level and its current rating is 8.3 and deserves to enter the top 250 list in the best list because it is the best. The gorgeous characters Sam, Casey, Zahid, Evan, Elissa and Doug are all superb. Even if the fourth season is not good, I hope the series maintains its rating and I hope a comfortable ending 10/10

roddywelles 12 August 2017

It's nice that there is finally a well written series starring a kid with autism... great cast of actors . Great story lines.... Well thought out... well done folks! Great work by all involved, and Michael Rappaport's the Dad! Jennifer Jason Leigh did a great job of producing this series... character development is really well done. What can I say more? Watch the series

MrMcMurphy 12 August 2017

UPDATE: Couldn't finish 3rd Season. The following is for the first two fantastic seasons. Seasons 1-2: 10. Most of Season 3: 4 (it just didn't grip me the same way the first two seasons did--felt like work).

--- First, I think certain symptoms of AS are exaggerated in all movies/shows. It MIGHT be me, but I think the (1) taking things literally and (2) poor social judgment are the two most exaggerated (they're definitely VERY real, just maybe not to the extent portrayed in movies/shows-- at least, in my experience/observation, if those two are present to the extent portrayed by Hollywood, so are other concomitant symptoms of more severe autism). Don't get me started on "The Accountant" (puke).

However, it's Hollywood, and understandable. The rest of the show is so great that I don't care about that relatively small exaggeration (which, again, might just be my own ignorance anyway). I actually kind of like it. Even if it's exaggerated, it adds an entertaining aspect to the show. And I'm not some whiny snowflake that needs to nitpick a relatively minor and understandable Hollywood embellishment because AS is "my identity," which gives me some sort of soapbox to feel special about (can't stand those people!).

Like I said, loved it!

I care about ALL of the characters.

I love, love, LOVE Michael Rapaport as the father. But they're ALL great. Seriously, even less integral characters like the bartender and boyfriend were perfect. I'm very sensitive to overacting and unjustifiable drama, and I noticed ZERO of the former, and only one small instance of the latter (possibly a not very realistic reaction by the daughter, to support a message that the writer wanted to communicate more than the circumstances justified), but it was only once, and minor.

Overall, the events that unfold are justified by the circumstances (you feel as though everything that follows is an inevitable and realistic consequence of the circumstances).

Also, NOT BORING. There is no fluff! No boring explanations or transitions. The writers do an EXCELLENT job of making fun and interesting things happen IMMEDIATELY. One thing, after another. Engrossing from the beginning, and it STAYS that way.

All I ask to the creator, Robia Rashid, and the writers, etc, please do not get comfortable or "satisfied." Please do not become one of the MANY shows that has a great first season, then loses that original drive that made the first season so great. Please do not settle on anything. You made magic happen in the first season. Please maintain that same commitment to make season two magic as well.

robert-b-norby 12 August 2017

This is a show about the everyday life of a family with an 18 year old boy with autism. Not the extreme kind, but the kind that makes it just bearable for him to go to school and keep a part time job - and wanting girls hehe.

I fell in love with all family members (and a few others) in the very first episode, and the love just grows. I have to give kudos to the writers and actors for portraying a "normal" family with such real challenges given their situation, in such a realistic and beautiful way. Nothing is overly exaggerated like most other sitcoms, and this is not comparable to the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon. This is far more realistic, and thus touching. It's not funny because of punchlines, it's funny because of situations. And no background laughter.

Sam - the main character with autism - is brutally honest (I guess, like Sheldon), and is (like most people on the spectrum) highly fixated on a few key subjects, that he naturally is an expert at. Que laughter! :D But he seems real. His challenges are in fact very real, and I know this first hand from having a brother at his age with autism as well. It is clear that the creators of this show has some deep personal experience with this condition (sorry if that's the wrong term to use:S English is not my first language). To me, this ads a huge emotional thumbs up.

Whether or not you are invested in the subject of autism, I will be shocked if you don't fall for this show. The story follows all the characters, and so the show doesn't become too monotone in it's depiction. We follow the younger sister's challenges with having a big brother that depends on her at school, along with sports and guys, and the parents and their challenges with getting time for themselves, and dealing with their social group as the ones with an autistic kid. And a whole bunch of other things.

When I am watching this show, I feel like I am watching the evolution of sitcoms that, instead of making foolish situations and punchlines with background laughter that drive the show through humor, I'm instead learning and reflecting and smiling my way through each episode with, if possible, deeper respect for all people that have to make special sacrifices in order to create their every day lives. I almost feel like a better person, and kinda want to thank the creators for that.

I hope this places your expectations exactly where they should be, and that you put it on and enjoy it as much as I did! :)

countedto3 29 September 2018

Sam from Atypical is so much like my son, and yet so different. Sam's roller coaster life has given my son hope for his future. He was feeling as if he could not graduate high school and have a life. My son is 15 and a sophomore. Sam's character is mesmerizing, funny, sad, interesting, and plain amazing! Watching Sam has been such a great way for my son to recognize that life for him is going to be tough but, we can laugh and cry and freak out. It's alright. It will all work out some how. My son watching Sam and Paige has also given him hope in having a girlfriend that likes him for who he is. Atypical is the absolute best show to watch for families with a child on the spectrum - despite all the horrible reviews. I'm sure those reviews are from people that do not see Sam in children on the spectrum. Which is kind of the point - no child on the spectrum is the same and the reviews that say we need to keep trying to find the perfect way to represent kids with autism do NOT understand autism's unique characteristics. I think those people should make their own show about their views of autism and leave Atypical alone. It's amazing and wonderful. Sweet and inspirational. Sam is a super amazknf kid - and so similar to my son and my students - yep! I'm also a teacher that works in a school for children with autism. I love every single one of my students, and all their unique abilities. Sam Gardner - keep on keeping on. Don't let horrible people keep you down - they just don't get you! And that's alright. You are a bright shining star! And so is your real person, Keir, because without your incredible skills - Sam would not have been in my living while my son watched with a laundry basket over his head because he doesn't like big spaces either.

stephen-790 30 October 2018

I'm hoping that in Season 3 her character is less annoying, if not I will have to stop watching.

aleminio 6 October 2018

I absolutely loved it and watched everything in 1 go. Even my girlfriend who can barely finish an episode of anything without stopping in the middle and continuing at some other time, has watched both seasons in one evening. Which leads to my only disappointment from this show so far, and that's the fact that the seasons are quite short.

The show is basically a comedy with some drama elements about an autistic high-school teenager. Unlike most of the other high-school shows out there, I actually liked this one because of the the amazing script. The time at school isn't the focus of this show. It's about everyone surrounding the autistic kid such as family, friends, therapists etc. You get to touch and feel all of their lives and the writers really did a great work to make you feel as if you're part of that family. The dialogues are not banal, the jokes are good and some of the characters are sweet as a candy and you'll just love them.

There are some exaggerated parts, but It really isn't that bad and I guess it's part of what makes the show feel a bit more light and fun rather than being too serious.

So far it's one of my most favorite TV shows that I'd recommend anyone to watch, and it's suitable for the entire family.

vgoodness-59302 20 August 2017

I'm watching "Atypical". (thank you Lauren). I'm so glad I stumbled (with a little shove by my sister "L") on this Netflix original series. Here's my "Atypical" reasons why. I'm a Mom with similar feelings and fears as the Mom in the series, so I can relate. My "atypical" son *loves* the main actor Keir Gilchrist, therefore I do, and more specifically, one of the only movies my son can actually sit through the whole thing is a Keir Gilchrist movie called "It's Kind of a Funny Story".

The main character, "Sam", hyper focuses on the Arctic and penguins relating everything, pretty much, in life, to that focus, like my son relates everything to Minecraft. He gets stuck on words, takes things literally, smiles awkwardly when expected on cue, and is effing hilarious...All atypical qualities that makes the movie and my son, exceptional.

I give this series 10 stars but more importantly, I give this series the full one hour sit through per episode with Minecraft and "I like pie" word rant breaks in between.

Kylkoog 9 September 2018

I absolutely love this show! And as always Jennifer Jason Leigh is brilliant! Please renew for a third season. The show brings to light so many things (not just autism but all things in life) it really is the best show on Netflix, and quite frankly, a fresh breath of air in the world of tv shows. Bravo 5/5 Stars 2 thumbs up!

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