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B Positive (2020)

Rayting:   6.1/10 2.1K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Newly divorced dad Drew faces finding a kidney donor and is at the end of his rope and his hope when he runs into Gina, a rough around the edges woman from his past who volunteers her own.

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October 28, 2021star8.6 69 votesS2E3 Bagels, Billiards and a Magic Show
November 4, 2021star8.5 29 votesS2E4 Baseball, Walkers and Wine
May 13, 2021star8.2 103 votesS1E18 Life Expectancy
March 11, 2021star8.0 94 votesS1E11 Recessive Gina
October 21, 2021star8.0 65 votesS2E2 Vermont, Switzerland and Connecticut
April 22, 2021star7.8 85 votesS1E15 Miss Diagnosis
May 6, 2021star7.8 81 votesS1E17 Transplanticipation
April 29, 2021star7.8 77 votesS1E16 A Cute Asphyxiation
November 19, 2020star7.7 128 votesS1E3 Foreign Bodies
February 25, 2021star7.7 89 votesS1E9 B Negative (1)
March 4, 2021star7.7 87 votesS1E10 B Negative (2)
December 3, 2020star7.5 112 votesS1E4 Joint Pain
February 18, 2021star7.5 93 votesS1E8 Integration Therapy
February 11, 2021star7.4 94 votesS1E7 Phantom Limb
April 8, 2021star7.4 81 votesS1E13 Inflammatory Response
April 1, 2021star7.4 78 votesS1E12 Canine Extraction
November 12, 2020star7.2 149 votesS1E2 Die Alysis
December 17, 2020star7.2 104 votesS1E5 High Risk Factor
January 21, 2021star7.1 99 votesS1E6 Open Heart Surgery
October 14, 2021star7.1 68 votesS2E1 Love, Taxes and a Kidney

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User Reviews

Top_Dawg_Critic 17 December 2020

EDIT Feb 25 2021: Did they hire a clown for the comedic dialogue? The humor is so lame and forced it makes me cringe, and Annaleigh Ashford makes it worse. I can't do this show any more. Please save your money and don't renew this show. Chuck Lorre needs to retire and do gardening or something. Now: 3/10

Annaleigh Ashford's character is annoying and not funny. At first she was cute, but then the comedy became stale and her character annoying. She's way too loud and obnoxious. Chuck Lorre needs to forget about the "Penny" character he is trying to re-create and do something different. I'm at the point now after a bunch of episodes in, that when I see the teaser trailers during TV commercials, I get annoyed. I've stopped watching this. But at least it's not as bad as Lorre's major flop Bob Hearts Abishola. That got stale, boring and annoying two episodes in. It's a very generous 5/10 from me.

mattkratz 13 November 2020

This lacks the freshness of other Chuck Lorre shows like The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, but it seems ok. It is basically the story of a man in need of a kidney and finally finds one in a party girl from his past. I think it could pick up steam given some time and its creator.

** out of ****

bjarias 11 December 2020

... the laugh-track is the weak-link in this otherwise well-written-acted-show ... hope they give it a chance with another season ... there are many other 'comedy' series not anywhere near as enjoyable viewing

Xavier_Stone 6 November 2020

It's not good. The first thing the audience will realize is the overused ill timed laugh track in order to confuse your brain into thinking something funny. In decent shows like Seinfeld and Friends it's hardly noticeable since most of the jokes are funny. In this show because nothing is funny, the canned laughter is so obviously annoying that it becomes unwatchable as all you are hearing is the laugh track. It's cheaper than hiring good writers to come up with good jokes. All the 9 and 10 star reviewers I've looked at are 1 review accounts or similar trying like mad to hype up this mess. It's not really that great a topic to start with. A man dying of kidney disease needs a transplant from a girl? And lets make this a comedy, smh.

Greatornot 9 November 2020

This is an absolutely awful show. I can not believe this was greenlighted. Simply wow. The laugh track was annoying as well. Why don't these shows just eliminate those silly laughtracks. There weren't even any laughs. Annaleigh Ashford was obnoxious and not funny at all. Middleton who is the straightman for AA's foil was bad as well and too monotone. I don't get this show and the ridiculous premise. This show wont last. It is bad on every level.

toncincin 7 November 2020

This is a terrible show. Not sure why the networks think the public want to watch this crap. First of all, kidney failure is not funny. The way this is handled is ridiculous. It could have been good. PLUS the laugh track??? Is this the 70s? Do the networks really think they need to tell us when to laugh? What they think is funny is NOT.

hfan77 19 December 2020

This season, Chuck Lorre has produced four sitcoms that air on CBS. They are Young Sheldon, Mom, Bob Hearts Abishola and the new Thursday night entry B Positive.

The first three shows have had success but B Positive is another show in the post Young Sheldon slot that is destined for an early cancellation. First of all, it's a lousy premise, focusing on a man who had a kidney transplant. Medical issues should stay with shows such as Gray's Anatomy or Amsterdam and not be turned into a sitcom.

But the main thing I dislike about the show is Annaleigh Ashford. Though she is a very talented stage actress and singer, her character Gina is another sitcom ditz. I did notice that Linda Lavin occasionally appears on the show and that's the lone bright spot.

Otherwise, B Positive gets an F. It will have a shorter run than any of Lorre's other shows.

vintagegeek 13 November 2020

The lead male in this is absolutely horrible. They make him a pitiful weakling who couldn't find his way out of a box. All that with a disaster of a laugh track which hurts your ears. Every laugh you get you've already seen in the commercials.

vintagegeek 18 November 2020

Although still a delicate subject and the lead male actor is a wet noodle, the supporting cast introduced in episode 2 with Briga Heelan and Linda Lavin is marvelous. We'll see how episode 3 goes. Don't see any episodes listed after that here on IMDb.

fleck05-485-208981 20 December 2020

I get the female lead is accomplished, but she's too annoying to continue with this show. The rest of the cast is good - the stories are average and the laugh track is grating.

beachy-38431 21 November 2020

I was a little hesitant to watch this after reading the reviews here. But now I have watched 2 episodes and am hooked. Annaleigh Ashford is a comedic treasure. She gives the show the feel of Big Bang Theory. Then she does the serious talk between her and the daughter and really sells it. Then she crawls back out the window, clumsily, and falls to the ground. That kind of change in personality in the same scene is a great actor. I love the conversations of Drew's dialysis group. On the end of the third episode the dance-off between Gina and Drew was great. Kudos to casting, Drew's gaunt looks and unshaven face make him look sick. His deadbeat delivery is perfect. I will continue watching this show. And to the show runners, having a comedy about a person sick with kidney disease was very brave.

jtungsten16 13 November 2020

I was channel surfing and came upon B Positive and absolutely loved it, I thought it was very entertaining and funny and I look forward to watching all episodes

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