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Banshee (2013)

Action | Drama 
Popularity 233
Rayting:   8.4/10 93K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An ex con assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff in the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania, where he has some unfinished business.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

January 23, 2015star9.6 3216 votesS3E3 A Fixer of Sorts
May 20, 2016star9.6 2647 votesS4E8 Requiem
February 6, 2015star9.5 2545 votesS3E5 Tribal
March 13, 2015star9.5 2368 votesS3E10 We All Pay Eventually
March 14, 2014star9.4 2119 votesS2E10 Bullets and Tears
February 20, 2015star9.1 1766 votesS3E7 You Can't Hide from the Dead
February 27, 2015star9.1 1671 votesS3E8 All the Wisdom I Got Left
March 15, 2013star9.0 2078 votesS1E10 A Mixture of Madness
March 7, 2014star9.0 1525 votesS2E9 Homecoming
January 17, 2014star8.9 1682 votesS2E2 The Thunder Man
February 14, 2014star8.9 1611 votesS2E6 Armies of One
April 15, 2016star8.9 1407 votesS4E3 The Book of Job
May 6, 2016star8.9 1320 votesS4E6 Only One Way a Dogfight Ends
January 25, 2013star8.8 2259 votesS1E3 Meet the New Boss
January 30, 2015star8.8 1597 votesS3E4 Real Life Is the Nightmare
February 15, 2013star8.7 1875 votesS1E6 Wicks
April 1, 2016star8.7 1583 votesS4E1 Something Out of the Bible
January 24, 2014star8.7 1550 votesS2E3 The Warrior Class

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User Reviews

domaadhm 8 September 2020

betsat güncel giriş. I know i am late but this series is underrated greatness

domaadhm 8 September 2020

I know i am late but this series is underrated greatness

des-88232 8 March 2021

Banshee watchseries. This show is the very definition of a hidden gem. Yes, it is sensational and and over the top. It is also bold, well written, multilayered, entertaining, well acted and satisfying. I highly recommend. Give this show a shot. It is one of the best kept secrets out there.

nkcici 6 March 2020

Still waiting for a series to be as brilliant as Banshee.

dynamike-76360 12 September 2019

I was sceptical about this show, but it was awesome. Cinema being owned by HBO says it all you can feel the no holds bar for this show. Somethings can be overkill but entertaining none the less.

tomholland-57494 31 July 2018

This was one of the best shows on tv and was so under-rated !!! Great plot , great characters , mysterious , violent and sexy ! It was so addictive , every episode had you on the edge of your seat ! I get why it ended after 4 series as it did complete the plot but it's such a shame it ended !!

brandon-weidner 14 February 2020

Came here after so many people on the The Boys appreciations threads were raving about Anthony ("Homelander") Starr's other show.

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