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Banshee (2013)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   8.4/10 86882 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An ex con assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff in the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania; where he has some unfinished business.

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gogoschka-1 8 August 2014

Every once in a while a show comes along that catches you completely off guard; you only want to check out the pilot because you've read a comment or two on IMDb comparing it to some other show you kinda like – and BOOM: you're blown away. That's what happened to me with 'Banshee'.

It's amazing this show hasn't found a bigger audience. It has its fans, sure, but as far as the amount of steady viewers is concerned, it's nowhere near playing in the big leagues – yet. When I started to watch the first episode, I expected a decent, but low budget 'neo-noir' crime show with some sexy women and a few good shoot-outs. What I got instead is high-octane pulp cinema that gets your heart pumpin' with adrenalin from the first second, and an opening chase/shoot-out that wouldn't have to hide behind any mega-budget action production Hollywood has churned out recently.

Needless to say, I was hooked. This show is raw, gritty, brutal and over-the-top; it's got everything most action films lack these days – and it's absolutely NOT PG-13. Granted, it's pulpy, trashy, sometimes even down-right ridiculous – but I loved every minute of it so far. The production values are among the best I've seen on TV and the cast is fantastic. Up until now, every episode felt like an injection of pure testosterone (and let's be honest: sometimes, that's just what the doctor ordered). My favorite guilty pleasure at the moment. 8 stars out 10.

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Meatball_McGee 16 January 2015

Banshee has recently started its third season, yet if you search for online reviews of the show from the major entertainment sites, you'll find almost none. Which is a crying shame, because for any one who loves good action shows, Banshee is a must watch. There's a reason, despite being on a premium channel not many people watch, that Banshee has lasted this long. And that reason is sheer awesome badassery.

First off, being a premium show (and a Cinemax one at that), Banshee is chock full of gratuitous nudity and sex (which, not to sound dirty, is of pretty high quality). And there is typically at least one crazy violent scene per episode. So if neither of those are your cup of tea, maybe you should skip this show. But if you like or don't mind either of those things, you'll find amazing gun-battles, even more amazing hand-to-hand fight scenes, and some cool, gritty characters.

The plot is a tough pill to swallow early on in the first season--a hotshot thief just happens to get the opportunity to masquerade as a small town sheriff in Amish country--and you pretty much have to resign yourself to the fact that nearly every female character on the show will sleep with the protagonist at one point or another at the point of bordering on the absurd. But after the first few episodes and the benefit of suspension of disbelief, the show becomes incredibly addictive, and you end up really caring about these characters. Stand outs include the mysterious protagonist; Kai, the Amish crime boss; the criminally underused deputies who both aid and are suspicious of the protagonist; and Job, our hero's cross- dressing confidant.

What makes Banshee stand out are the little things--the subtle changes to the opening credits in each episode. The epilogue scenes of each episode. The incredibly well-choreographed hand- to-hand fight scenes. The foreshadowing of developments to come.

If you're a fan of shows like Justified, and True Blood, and Sons of Anarchy, then you'll love Banshee. Cinemax is well worth the subscription just to watch this show (plus you get other awesome shows like Strike Back and The Knick, but that's beyond the scope of this interview). Do yourself a favor and start watching this show immediately.

Hammexxx 25 September 2019

Loved the concept Loved the story lines Loved the acting

Recommended - great to binge on.

Chi-Town-2 22 March 2020

Masterpiece of a series. It's important to get thru the first 4 episodes. Those didn't grab me, initially. (I appreciated them later on 2nd and 3rd viewings).

There are characters, and scenes, and quite a few episodes, that stack up with some of the best in television history. And I'm 50, and have watched TONS of stuff. Epic. With a lot of fizz and sizzle along the way.

Doesn't take itself too seriously, yet can be completely engrossing at times. At least half of the actors in this are highly outstanding, and completely dedicated to their performance.

Highly recommended.

ninja-turtle 17 February 2019

The story is unbelievable. The action, fights (some of the best choreographed fights ever in any medium), sex, language are all WAY over the top, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness. But that is what set this show apart from anything else on television and what makes it so worth watching. Is it for everyone? Probably not. But the characters...the good ones and the bad ones (and most of the main ones are a little of both) are all outstanding as are the actors that portray them. I watched Banshee from the first airing and it instantly became one of my favorite shows ever and at the end of each episode I couldn't wait for the next. If you are a fan of 80's & 90's action movies then this is a show you need to watch.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 17 March 2020

Banshee is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best shows ever created! I really can't say enough about this amazing show that hasn't already been said. I know people say this about a ton of different shows but Banshee really is one of the most underrated shows ever! I absolutely LOVE this show so if you haven't seen it yet do yourself a favor and go watch it, and if you've already seen it go watch it again!

brandon-weidner 14 February 2020

Came here after so many people on the The Boys appreciations threads were raving about Anthony ("Homelander") Starr's other show.

tomholland-57494 31 July 2018

This was one of the best shows on tv and was so under-rated !!! Great plot , great characters , mysterious , violent and sexy ! It was so addictive , every episode had you on the edge of your seat ! I get why it ended after 4 series as it did complete the plot but it's such a shame it ended !!

dynamike-76360 12 September 2019

I was sceptical about this show, but it was awesome. Cinema being owned by HBO says it all you can feel the no holds bar for this show. Somethings can be overkill but entertaining none the less.

nkcici 6 March 2020

Still waiting for a series to be as brilliant as Banshee.

des-88232 8 March 2021

This show is the very definition of a hidden gem. Yes, it is sensational and and over the top. It is also bold, well written, multilayered, entertaining, well acted and satisfying. I highly recommend. Give this show a shot. It is one of the best kept secrets out there.

domaadhm 8 September 2020

I know i am late but this series is underrated greatness

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