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Batwoman (2019)

Action | Crime 
Rayting:   3.4/10 38K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Batwoman seeks justice for Gotham City.

Episode Guide

Season 3

November 3, 2021Episode 4 Antifreeze
October 27, 2021Episode 3 Freeze
October 20, 2021Episode 2 Loose Tooth
October 13, 2021Episode 1 Mad As A Hatter

Season 2

Season 1

Best Batwoman Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

December 9, 2019star7.5 3046 votesS1E9 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two (II)
June 13, 2021star7.1 420 votesS2E16 Rebirth (Batwoman)
June 27, 2021star7.0 396 votesS2E18 Power
June 20, 2021star7.0 374 votesS2E17 Kane, Kate
June 6, 2021star6.8 443 votesS2E15 Armed Suspect
May 9, 2021star6.7 476 votesS2E13 I'll Give You a Clue
March 15, 2020star6.5 1192 votesS1E15 Off with Her Head
May 2, 2021star6.4 465 votesS2E12 Initiate Self-Destruct
March 22, 2020star6.3 1095 votesS1E16 Through the Looking Glass
May 16, 2021star6.2 492 votesS2E14 ...And Justice For All
April 18, 2021star6.2 491 votesS2E11 Arrive Alive
March 21, 2021star6.1 623 votesS2E8 Survived Much Worse
January 26, 2020star6.0 1332 votesS1E11 An Un-Birthday Present
February 16, 2020star6.0 1272 votesS1E12 Take Your Choice
April 26, 2020star6.0 974 votesS1E17 A Narrow Escape
May 17, 2020star6.0 963 votesS1E20 O, Mouse!
May 10, 2020star5.9 911 votesS1E19 A Secret Kept From All the Rest
March 28, 2021star5.9 565 votesS2E9 Rule #1
December 1, 2019star5.8 1635 votesS1E8 A Mad Tea-Party

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User Reviews

boursell 23 June 2021

This is not a superhero series, it is a therapy session between two sisters. I was so glad she left after the first season, i thought we might actually see some crime fighting but i was wrong, the second season was still a therapy session even though the main sister was not on the show anymore. I can't watch this anymore, im surprised i lasted this long. CW DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jdluz 9 January 2020

This is such a bad written show and acting is ... you have to see it to believe it. Swamp thing who had high ratings and was a hit everywhere is canceled . 'No wonder marvel is higher than DC

marcusnichols 28 August 2020

Endured one episode. Wooden Acting. terrible story line. What a waste.

louisantouane 11 October 2020

That's all, nothing makes sense. not enough? Bad acting bad cgi bad music bad, cheap everywhere

rivitalizzare 23 January 2021

So season 2 rolls around and I was curious how they would transition to the new girl, and apparently now the suit is ultra rare and makes people powerful. So now there's no training required, ol' girl just put the suit on and went to town on all of the bad guys, get the heck outta here, and the only thing that could penetrate it is a kryptonite bullet? Who writes this stuff? Lmao cancel this show already, hella dumb.

adacoban 14 May 2020

They should cancel the show. The animated Harley Quinn series is way better than this bullsh-

swordsnare 23 January 2021

Gave this a try, to see if it is truly as bad as they say. Long story short, it is. The dialogue is corny, the musical score is horrid and it is overall cringe. I usually have something constructive to say about most things, but with this, I was lost for words.

omidt-gh 10 January 2020

I really want to like it but i can't. i really tried but there is no point. Nothing is good in it, almost nothing and I'm really easy to impressed. Awful .

katiemhorses 26 October 2019

Patronising, pandering cringe. as a woman i hate these hamfisted "girl power" shows that completely break objective reality. just more nonsensical man-hating tripe. the acting is terrible, the dialogue is cringe, the characters are unbelievably stupid. worse show of 2019

hunkazine 27 January 2021

I had to see this for myself. Surely, it must have some redeeming qualities, I said to myself. Myself may never forgive me for watching this slime, that should be wiped away with Bounty papertowels from the commercials shown in the breaks. Stay away. Read the comments here and be forewarned. There is only sadness ahead.

nuddywizz 4 February 2021

Watching this is like rubbing sandpaper on your eyeballs avoid like the plague

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