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Becoming Elizabeth (2022)

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Elizabeth Tudor, an orphaned teenager who becomes embroiled in the political and sexual politics of the English court on her journey to secure the crown.

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June 12, 2022star7.6 87 votesS1E1 Keep Your Knife Bright
June 26, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E3 Either Learn or Be Silent
July 3, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Lighten Our Darkness
July 17, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 What Cannot Be Cured
July 31, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E8 To Death We Must Stoop

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User Reviews

thai3 16 June 2022

At least none of the main characters are black, but an African knight fighting in Tudor England? More re writing of our history to make it look as if it was always highly multi cultural when it was not. Yes we all know about henry's African trumpeter!

whitlowliz 12 June 2022

The emphasis on love affairs is nice. I'm impressed with the first episode. Candle lighting, costuming, sets, art direction, and high dramatic stakes with a naive young Elizabeth. I like the casting. If this continues, my rating will likely be an 8.

daclapp-7-996623 15 June 2022

I am a huge fan of the Tudor era in England. I have read many books and seen many shows, films and documentaries on the subject. I was really excited to see a show that would provide more context to Elizabeth's years right after King Henry the VIII died. The pacing was very slow, the writing was flat and uninspired. The acting was horrible and one dimensional. This show should have had so much more context and depth. The characters they covered, especially Elizabeth, were so vibrant. I barely made it through the first episode and it was a trial that I won't be repeating. I am glad some people are enjoying the show but for what it could have been and should been so much more.

mariobarbu-18070 12 June 2022

Marvelous show! So rich in its sceneries and in the way it is filmed. The locations are stunning and it has some of the most accurate costumes to the time period I have ever seen in a period drama. The script is very well written and the cast is solid. Very interesting choice for the soundtrack as well. It fits perfectly the atmosphere of the show. The start was very good, the show has a lot of potential. I am very excited to see the journey of Elizabeth! Can't wait for episode 2 and the rest of them as well👑

flanamom 19 June 2022

The acting, the scenery and costumes, the story itself, I'm really loving this series! I don't mind some of the "artistic license" taken in this story, it's done subtley and, as someone who has studied the Tudor period for the past 20 years, can imagine certain behaviors displayed by the respective character(s) to be believable. For those of you who enjoy historical fiction, you might not even notice. It's not a documentary after all, but it does stay very close to the history of Elizabeth's life according to what I've read (and yes, I've read much more than Allison Weir, whose books I find entertaining just the same). The actor who plays Edward VI looks so much like the real-life portrait of this young King that it's startling. All the roles were filled with good, notable actors, a few of whom you'll recognize right off the bat. Well done to the creators of Becoming Elizabeth!

mike_p_allen 20 June 2022

Such a poor attempt at a historical drama.. all characters and dialogue written as they would be in modern day. Not a single likeable character, with oh so wooden acting to go with. Have quit half way through episode two....

ragnarflokithor 21 June 2022

Same old thing again.

Re-write the woke-themed story. The Tudor court with black people. All the Spaniards, even their black ambassador (?). Woman... victims, the white men... idiots or bad guys, of course. Stop it, please.

tmichelet 15 June 2022

I didn't really have expectations for this series but was thoroughly impressed by the first episode. The costumes and scenery were beautiful. The lighting was beautiful and one scene in particular looked like a Vermeer painting although that would be anachronistic. Perhaps the director was shooting for Holbein?. The chemistry between Elizabeth and Thomas was excellent and her expressions conveyed so much emotion. I look forward to the next episode. Will have to brush up a lot on my history to see how accurate the story is. But I will watch either way because it is so visually appealing and the period is fascinating.

andrewcl-31356 20 June 2022

So far (ep 2) this might be the best medieval drama I have seen. That would be maybe a dozen, including ones with this series' setting, 1572 England.

The young king Edward VI is well cast & acted, and written, given his father was Henry VIII, whose death starts this. All the dialogue is succint and dramatic, and generally not so accented as to be muddled. That and the solid logic are not assured in English productions, but B. E. comes through for this American.

The faces of the romantic leads are quite expressive but still believable. This might be the major difference in this version of the events depicted. The actors do not get that many words to work with, so must emote.

The suggestion is made that Mary queen of Scots could/should have been prevented from fleeing to France. That makes a big what-if. She's not in this though. In general, the world the characters inhabit is fairly small, and the Elizabeth character bemoans this. As do I as the show's biggest flaw. Politics & such are present only as they affect the given characters. There was one not-bad war scene.

Modern sensabilities exist in such as 1.5 characters made black and Eliz. Killing a deer. This is amusingly almost addressed in the dialogue though, so is easily forgivable.

There is an edgy tone throughout that might annoy smoe. The music is simple but uses modern instruments.

Very promising.

biddyhen 14 June 2022

Interesting time period, seems historically accurate. Actors look like the historical characters, lovely sets, lighting and costumes. I hate the music.

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