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Big Mouth (2017)

Animation | Romance 
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Rayting:   8.0/10 63K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Teenage friends find their lives upended by the wonders and horrors of puberty.

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October 5, 2018star8.5 1018 votesS2E8 Dark Side of the Boob
October 5, 2018star8.5 991 votesS2E10 The Department of Puberty
October 4, 2019star8.3 757 votesS3E11 Super Mouth
October 5, 2018star8.2 901 votesS2E9 Smooch or Share
September 29, 2017star8.1 1447 votesS1E5 Girls Are Horny Too
September 29, 2017star8.1 1354 votesS1E8 The Head Push
February 8, 2019star8.1 1060 votesS3E1 My Furry Valentine
October 5, 2018star8.1 1057 votesS2E2 What Is It About Boobs?
October 5, 2018star8.1 1028 votesS2E3 The Shame Wizard
October 4, 2019star8.1 796 votesS3E5 Florida
October 4, 2019star8.1 719 votesS3E6 How To Have An Orgasm
December 4, 2020star8.1 574 votesS4E10 What Are You Gonna Do?
December 4, 2020star8.1 566 votesS4E9 Horrority House
October 5, 2018star8.0 943 votesS2E6 Drug Buddies
October 4, 2019star8.0 686 votesS3E8 Rankings
December 4, 2020star8.0 539 votesS4E8 The Funeral
December 4, 2020star7.9 666 votesS4E2 The Hugest Period Ever
September 29, 2017star7.8 1244 votesS1E9 I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah
September 29, 2017star7.8 1221 votesS1E10 The Pornscape
October 5, 2018star7.8 969 votesS2E4 Steve the Virgin

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User Reviews

gianninidomenico 30 September 2017

The show itself is crude, with a lot of sexual content regarding pubescent teenagers and their struggle with hormonal changes in relationship with the environment. I personally loved the pop-culture references and the humour, that although irreverent, reminds us the time when we thought and acted the same, even when ashamed of it, even when we knew it wasn't right, just because we felt like we HAD to do it,thanks to hormonal changes. The last concept is well impersonated by the hormone monster, a creature who keeps whispering to boys and girls how to feel and behave. Even when they don't want to, they just do what the hormone monster tells them to. Everything they see is catalyzed through their adolescent experience and impulses. I loved also how sex, and everything around it was reduced to something completely normal, along with fear, shame and envy. Because in the end, we all have been in those moments and thought like the protagonists do.

ToxicJug 4 December 2020

Big Mouth is definitely not the show for everyone as it is extremely raunchy and over the top. The show pushes the envelope as far as it possibly can however, Big Mouth is a very fun animated comedy that is unique and unlike anything else I've ever seen. With fun, memorable characters that get added to with every season, hilarious scenarios that anyone would find relatable, and a fun animation style, Big Mouth makes for some very entertaining TV if you are within the intended audience type

nmfsd 10 October 2017

The first five minutes made me open my eyes in disbelief. I'm so happy I finally found a show that was brutally honest and funny to the bone(r). The first episode doesn't give up. There is just one ridiculously true situation of satire after an another. I really enjoy this show for its "in your face" honesty and brilliant conception. Finally, we have a show without barriers that is true to the core of one's inner fluidity.

emilykthelin 5 December 2020

I feel like the creators of Big Mouth dove right into my brain and heart to make this show. It is so incredibly gross in the most real way, and it totally stole my heart. I swear this is the best animated show ever made. It isn't lame, generally offensive comedy like shows like Family Guy. It's real comedy about our bodies and brains as teens that is so blunt and honest, and gross because that's how life is! I hope this show never ever ends. Also, I need to know who the ponytail killers is.

korkeekonrad 30 September 2017

I think this is pretty funny, I identified with the characters struggles of going through puberty when I was young. I like the voice acting, I like the subject matter, and I like that they aren't afraid to address a subject that is uncomfortable for poorly adjusted adults.

It's crude but not for no reason like Brickleberry, it's crude because it's about teenagers and preteens and the monsters are hilarious embodiment of teen angst.

If you liked the league you might like this as well because it has Nick Kroll (Ruxin) and RAPHY!

hampus-niskala 12 March 2021

It is a bad show. I doubt anyone that is not a teenager would get any enjoyment out of this series. Even as a teenager myself I do not find it particularly funny or relatable at all. It has a few good moments but most of it is just "meh".

neverends 4 October 2019

Open your eyes. Open your hearts. This is us. This is the world we live in and the world our kids live in. It may be crude but it's true. Keep going.

jamie_stephen_jones 30 September 2017

This cartoon is seriously going to split opinion. Some will call it filth and try to convince you not to watch it. Those like myself will see it for what it is, an enormously funny cartoon specifically made for us adults. "Big Mouth" has a simple premise of a group of preteens entering that crazy time called puberty. It reminds us of our own escapades at that age and throws in some of the best and crazy adult comedy you've ever seen. Watch it!

dawsonmckay-780-71082 30 September 2017

This show is absolutely not for everyone. While it's cartoony in so many ways, it does cover a lot of very real feelings and experiences we all went through at that age, and has fun doing it. If you're not easily shocked and have a good sense of humour, you'll enjoy this deep, dark look into the coming of age time for these kids.

Plus, John Mulaney.

krejcijames 30 September 2017

Usues an excellent blend of pop-culture and metaphors to help explain what it's like coming-of-age. I love the way the shoe touches on topics that others deem inappropriate. The fact that the first comment won't even say vagina proves my point. He is talking about one episode where one of the lead female characters 'talks to her vagina.' I suppose some may find it offensive, but I believe shows like this will help normalize being able to talk about sex and things with less than well adjusted adults.

softspokenghost 30 September 2017

Now, this topic is rarely discussed like it's not a thing, but it is and many girls and boys feel alone about it. This show not only isn't afraid to talk about it, but it makes it hilarious and "normal".

The show is rated MA (mature audiences) so expect some adult content. I mean, the whole show does revolve around going through changes.

Nick and Andrew are the two main boys who are awkward, tweens then there's Jay - also a tween with an over-sexualized imagination - and Jessi and Missy are the two main girls. The Hormone Monster and The Hormone Monstress guide the opposite sex on their journey through puberty. Add ghosts, a talking Statue of Liberty and genitals that have eyes and you can't get more hilarious than that.

10/10 would recommend. Puberty doesn't have to be an uncomfortable topic and that's what Big Mouth strives to teach.

Mcduff3601 15 October 2018

I really love this show. It is funny, edgy, and touching all at the same time. This show will not be for everyone and it is gratuitous with swearing, nudity, sex, drugs... the list goes on. This is not a family show. Unless you want to have the sex talk with your kids and think this show will help with that (because it does cover a lot of those subjects).

This an entertaining dramady about a group of pre/pubecent teenagers going through the changes of life. It doesn't pull any punches when talking about subjects like masturbation but instead looks at it in a funny kind of way while keeping things real.

Edit: Update since watching Season 3 - the show is still good but thought I would throw in that it is turning up the edge. There is more everything, some of it is pushing it even for me. I still burned through this season and still love it as much as season 1 and 2 but I hope they don't replace the comedy with gross out sex gags.

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