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Billions (2016)

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U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures.

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Season 5

September 26, 2021Episode 11 Victory Smoke
September 19, 2021Episode 10 Liberty
September 12, 2021Episode 9 Implosion
September 5, 2021Episode 8 Copenhagen
May 31, 2020Episode 5 Contract

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April 30, 2017star9.7 2784 votesS2E11 Golden Frog Time
June 10, 2018star9.3 1490 votesS3E12 Elmsley Count
June 9, 2019star9.3 1451 votesS4E12 Extreme Sandbox
April 10, 2016star9.2 1738 votesS1E12 The Conversation
May 7, 2017star9.2 1379 votesS2E12 Ball in Hand
April 29, 2018star9.1 1170 votesS3E6 The Third Ortolan
April 7, 2019star9.1 1102 votesS4E4 Overton Window
March 27, 2016star8.8 1273 votesS1E10 Quality of Life
May 6, 2018star8.8 1024 votesS3E7 Not You, Mr. Dake
September 26, 2021star8.8 144 votesS5E11 Victory Smoke
February 21, 2016star8.7 1341 votesS1E6 The Deal
April 9, 2017star8.7 982 votesS2E8 The Kingmaker
March 19, 2017star8.6 931 votesS2E5 Currency
April 23, 2017star8.6 921 votesS2E10 With or Without You
March 26, 2017star8.6 878 votesS2E6 Indian Four
April 14, 2019star8.6 826 votesS4E5 A Proper Sendoff
April 28, 2019star8.6 814 votesS4E7 Infinite Game
June 3, 2018star8.6 781 votesS3E11 Kompenso
September 12, 2021star8.6 241 votesS5E9 Implosion
March 17, 2019star8.5 1028 votesS4E1 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

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User Reviews

seanwilson-36931 24 September 2020

The first two seasons of this show are some of the best TV I've watched. The battle between Axe and Chuck (two awesome lead characters) is thrilling, engaging stuff and there are some interesting sub-plots too. At one point it was one of my favourite shows of all time.

I was immensely excited for where this show would go but unfortunately it has ended up being a major disappointment. The writers went away from the rivalry that drove S1 and S2 and pushed the unbearable Taylor Mason as the lead character. Once they did that, this show started to go downhill. Season 3 was okay but S4 was utter garbage and now I don't care about the story.

This show is a perfect example of greed and political correctness ruining what was once a brilliant show. Such a shame

feraldostephanie 10 April 2016

This is a must see. The writing, the acting, the cast, are all perfect. It is so rare that you find a show with such a diverse cast coming together so seamlessly. Each character is perfectly cast. The writing allows you to live each chactors journey throughout each scene. You do not know who's side you are on; all you know is they are all "right" in their convictions in some way. The tension and life within this show makes you feel it as though you are there. Re- watch to find details you may have missed the first time. It is a thriller, drama, comedy, tragedy, and fairytale all in one. Watch the show to find out which character resonates with you ethics and morals. The lines may be harder to see than you think. The cast are living their roles and their conviction is riveting. Thank you for this show.

bpaul-69013 21 March 2019

I'd been looking forward to the return of "Billions" -- but after the first episode, I couldn't believe my ears. They'd brought Aaron Sorkin in on the show? Turns out they hadn't, but the writing is definitely Sorkin-ish: rapid-fire, super-slick dialogue filled with instant recall of facts, figures, names, dates, images .. show-offy stuff, a competition in cleverness. Only it's not much of a competition, since the characters all talk alike.

Producers, this is a misstep. You don't want to do this.

davebbr 20 May 2019

As usual, a great series starting to nosedive.The third series was getting weak on plot and by 2/3rds thru the fourth season, one was starting to wish Taylor and a few other characters had been killed off at birth. Shame.

danielmolyneaux 16 June 2020

It was all about Wall Street and trading and very informative. The acting of all the main characters is great and still is. Problem is, this past season they've traded a great show for what seams like a liberal agenda laden themes and lectures and it's ruined the show by making it unwatchable with its smug.

markbradfordupvc 6 June 2019

The first two series of this show was something completely different , you were brought into the exciting life of a billionaire playboy called Bobby Axlerod (played by Damien Lewis )that owns a hedge fund company. You saw how he makes his millions buys his sports cars and lives in a mansion in the Hamptons. However series 3 started to get stale with lots of annoying characters the main one been Taylor mason played by Asia Kate dillion. What keeps the show going is Bobby axelrods shady dealings and his stand offs with Chuck Rhodes played by Paul Giamatti a US attorney. The problems started in series 3 most of the story lines are in Bobby's offices we rarely see he home ,it's all about share dealings. I tried to get into series 4 but the script is weak ,boring and seems to have been written by 18 year olds. I am currently watching episode 10 I can't imagine I will watch another episode it's too irrating

DiCaprio-HardyFan 9 October 2020

Billions is such a terrific show that takes place in the financial world but you don't need to know much about that world to enjoy it! Even though it hasn't been as good the last few seasons it's still a pretty good show and gets a high rating from me because of those early seasons. Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti lead a amazing cast that are all at the top of their game here!

phil0412 5 May 2020

MY god the character Wendy nearly ruins the whole show for me...not to mention Taylor...But The character wendys importance is wayyyy over inflated...They could kill her off tomorrow and the show would not be missing a thing...the same actress ruined Sons of anarchy the same way...overinflated importance just to squeeze in a POWERFUL WOMAN.....I just cringe when there is a scene with her in it

brooksrob1 15 October 2016

There are many series and movies about being a rich billionaire, many are set in California, a few are in NYC but, often they are clichés' and stereotypical representations of the man.

Billions is so much different. A breath of fresh air. The writers intrigue you. Not a moment is wasted on reviewing the mundane! It's an edge of the seater and nearly impossible to look away...As an east coast businessman for 3 decades, I can appreciate what an utter BURDEN it must be to be a billionaire. The uber rich can be diabolical douchebags. But Bobby Axe brings it to a whole different plane...If only all Billionaires were like him, the world would turn around in no time.

I started binge watching this show ( Billions) yesterday, 7 hours later into the seventh episode, I needed to pause it, and write this review...THAT is how brilliant this show is... Watch it, you'll be glad you did.

edmiller-16400 6 June 2019

I really don't know who comes with these stupid and totally unrealistic stories. I know not every TV show is Breaking Bad or The Wire, but this... Where is the logic in all this? Also, in what universe will we ever find dialogues like these? I mean, seriously, who in real life talks like that - rapid fire conversations, not a single mistake in either tone or pronunciation, a perfect wittiness in all of all main characters...? And not to mention that totally unrealistic and moronic attempt to be politically correct when it comes to Taylor (a rarely annoying character). So get this, Axe and his minions are plotting against Taylor, hate them/her/or whatever with such passion that even Himmler or Goebbels would have felt humbled, but then - all of a sudden - all those heavy hitters and haters by default always (and I mean, ALWAYS) use a politically correct term when addressing Taylor??????? Again, in what universe would that ever happen? So having said all that, the question is why do I still watch this garbage? Cause it has the same effect like being electro-shocked - your head is empty and you feel brain dead. That's why!

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