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Black Bird (2022)

Crime | Mystery 
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Country: USA
Language: English

Jimmy Keene is sentenced to 10 years in a minimum security prison but he cuts a deal with the FBI to befriend a suspected serial killer. Keene has to elicit a confession from Larry Hall to find the bodies of as many as eighteen women.

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July 14, 2022star8.4 320 votesS1E3 Hand to Mouth
July 7, 2022star8.1 454 votesS1E2 We Are Coming, Father Abraham
July 7, 2022star8.0 547 votesS1E1 Pilot
July 21, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 WhatsHerName
July 28, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 The Place I Lie
August 4, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 You Promised

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User Reviews

AfricanBro 17 July 2022

First thing that comes to mind is mayor of Kingstown because that's the most recent prison drama I've watched; and while that was fast paced in comparison to black bird, this is just as, if not more thrilling and has it's main focus on one story. There's a lot of suspense so far and of course "based on a true story" always adds a little more zest to it. The acting is great throughout, even though from the few shows I've seen Taron Egerton in he takes similar roles but he's really good at them and I think this is one of his better ones yet; Paul Walter Hauser is incredible as well as he makes you believe everything that's said about his character's personality even though each story contradicts whether he's a serial killer or serial confessor. After Jimmy lands at maximum security almost every scene is tense and gripping so you never lose focus and I really love it when shows consume you as you watch, the only thing you think about while watching Black bird is Black bird. Looking forward to the mystery unravel. Didn't give it a full ten rating but there's nothing I can fault it for.

m-rugen 8 July 2022

All around phenomenal. Acting, pacing, direction are all on point. Even though Jimmy and Larry haven't had any scenes together yet, the suspense of what's to come is already there.

Paul Walter Hauser really is a phenomenal actor. This might be Taron Egerton's best role yet outside of Rocketman.

I had never heard of these events so I went into it completely in the dark and absolutely loved the first two episodes.

Looking forward to the rest of the series for sure.

zorroaca 12 July 2022

After two I am enjoying this limited series so much. The acting all around is fantastic and the pacing is smooth and some kind of wonderful. The characters and plot are well developed and I truly look forward to the next episode. Hats off to the director.

Felixhug 17 July 2022

Could have given it a 10, but its only 3 parts so far. Taron Egerton is elite. The story is gripping, as others said it definitely has the vibe of Mindhunter, which is one of the best series anywhere on streaming. Egerton plays with such intensity that makes it hard not to feel to be right there with him in it. A fine actor at its peak. But it would be a mistake to just leave all the credit with him. Generally the acting is fantastic. Apple + is establishing itself more and more as the leading streaming service with first class original content. Maybe it does not pump out the volume Netflix does, bit it also has not such a high amount of really stupid brainless content.

This is a series that is primed to get Egerton another emmy or actors award.

VioiV 8 July 2022

Only 2 episodes in and I'm so hooked. The 2 lead male actors are enough to carry you through even if you hate everything else about it. The story feels like a prison drama done right. It ain't a new narrative, but the acting + good writing makes it work. Give it a go.

Lefty2Guns 9 July 2022

The storyline and acting are top notch. Paul Hauser who plays Larry Hall is outstanding. After watching him immersed in this role I couldn't picture anyone else playing that character. After only a couple episodes in I'm hooked.

leftbanker-1 10 July 2022

Greg Kinnear is stealing the show so far, the first actor to really put his mark on it. With only two episodes in the bag,

Taron Egerton hasn't really formed a memorable character, it's more like a composite of tough guys and mobsters, but there will be lots of time for him to shine (I hope). Swaggering is not acting. He's only good when he's vulnerable. As a cocky jerk, he's Tome Cruise, a guy who can't act.

The FBI woman (Sepideh Moafi) is really good and I totally believe her part. The killer is creepy and reminds me of the big lunk serial killer in...(the name escapes me now, a show about FBI serial killer profilers).

The story sounds like it will be great.

So far, you can really sink your teeth into the character of the determined rural investigator intent on putting a vicious killer in jail. I am hopeful that this will get even better as it develops.

I hate having it dished out so slowly. Ugh. I'd probably binge it all in a night or two otherwise.

theburrus1 16 July 2022

Not since True Detective's first season has a crime drama been so compelling, so intriguing and gripping! In just the first three episodes, it's far exceeded my own expectations. All, and I mean every actor steps up 100% in their roles here which is rare, and lastly but not least, Ray Liotta contributes an excellent contribution to the overall consistent acting throughout the entire casting performances. I'm glad to see his (Ray Liotta's) final role be of a such a fine caliber of a series!

lucifer_over_tinseltown 9 July 2022

Perched up and decided to watch this to see the late, great Ray Liotta's final performances. As usual, he exceeded my expectations and went out in a blaze of glory. His Big Jim scenes with Little Jimmy are riveting and emblazon themselves on the mind. The problem is this show is a little too light on Liotta. In the brief scenes he's in, he truly elevates the show. He's always had that sort of continuous intensity, piercing no bs eyes, and a laugh for the ages. Conversely, Egerton drags it down with his stiff acting that grossly lacks tonality or nuance. I suppose the washboard abs got him in the door. It's tough to shoot a gritty show with a polished lens, but hey, they pull it off mostly. It can be unflinchingly real and too close for comfort at times. I was reminded of prison movies I watched with my pop growing up. Movies like Short Eyes and Midnight Express. They scared me straight for dang sure. You won't get so much as a misdemeanor out of me. This filmic show kind of does the same. Especially fine acting by Moafi, Kinnear and Hauser. The darkness, too, can bloom and sing.

lizziemariejb 8 July 2022

Definitely worth your time- "Blackbird" is a high brow drama but very watchable. The acting is excellent from Taron Egerton, Greg Kinner, and Ray Liotta in his last role. The direction is excellent, the time period plays well and everything fits perfectly so far. AppleTV is on a roll with the excellent Severance, an amazing season three of For All Mankind, and now this show. Another winner guaranteed.

philadams-98723 16 July 2022

This series is spectacular! You cannot stop watching the screen! The acting, characters, storyline is just epic! I cannot recommend highly enough! Do not miss this series of the decade!

davidryanprusinski 10 July 2022

After last year's awesome "Defending Jacob" Apple is back with this masterpiece. Amazing cast, writing and direction. See ya to the theater.....the small screen has conquered. Two amazing leads ready to spar. Only two Episodes released but the games have just begun. What makes this all more interesting is that it's based on a real silly serial killer. It's bittersweet to see Ray Liotta in one of his final roles. No spoilers here just watch it.

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