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Black Mirror (2011)

Drama | Thriller 
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Rayting:   8.8/10 479K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

An anthology series exploring a twisted, high tech multiverse where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.

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December 29, 2017star8.8 49437 votesS4E4 Hang the DJ
December 29, 2017star8.7 40306 votesS4E6 Black Museum
October 21, 2016star8.6 55401 votesS3E4 San Junipero
December 18, 2011star8.6 52415 votesS1E3 The Entire History of You
October 21, 2016star8.5 45769 votesS3E3 Shut Up and Dance
October 21, 2016star8.5 39181 votesS3E6 Hated in the Nation
October 21, 2016star8.3 52679 votesS3E1 Nosedive
December 29, 2017star8.3 49694 votesS4E1 USS Callister
December 11, 2011star8.1 51324 votesS1E2 Fifteen Million Merits
October 21, 2016star8.1 44056 votesS3E2 Playtest
February 18, 2013star8.0 43851 votesS2E2 White Bear
February 11, 2013star8.0 43798 votesS2E1 Be Right Back
December 4, 2011star7.7 51252 votesS1E1 The National Anthem
October 21, 2016star7.6 34199 votesS3E5 Men Against Fire
June 5, 2019star7.5 33436 votesS5E2 Smithereens
December 29, 2017star7.3 38879 votesS4E2 Arkangel
December 29, 2017star7.3 36556 votesS4E3 Crocodile
June 5, 2019star6.8 36833 votesS5E1 Striking Vipers
February 25, 2013star6.6 36712 votesS2E3 The Waldo Moment
December 29, 2017star6.6 34598 votesS4E5 Metalhead

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User Reviews

DiCaprio-HardyFan 1 September 2020

Black Mirror is one of the most original and best Mini-Series ever created! Each episode tells a different story and while not all, most of them are fascinating. There are a few that are not so good when compared to the others but most of them are fantastic! It's hard to explain how incredible this show is so just go watch it!

Strait_Talk 22 June 2019

You're reviewing the whole show here,not individual seasons or episodes. Don't give a low rating just because you didn't like Miley or the 5th series. Keep everything in context and just rate on your overall impression of Black Mirror. Carry on.

ftonks 1 July 2020

Black Mirror is an anthology, meaning it is complied of different sci fi tales to make their seasons. This means the series doesn't really have any synopsis I can say, the only thing I can say is just watch the bloody show already. Every episode is different, some horror, some romance, some drama, and if you don't like the episode then just skip it, it's not like you'll miss anything as the next episode on your binge watch will be the complete opposite of what you just watched. As far as acting goes, it's top notch, stars like Jon Hamm, Daniel Kaluuya also appear on episodes bringing their amazing performances to the table. Every episode has their own cinematography, some bright and colorful, one episode will be black and white, really adding in on the unique feel of the whole thing. I would definitely call this show a masterpiece, but i almost gave it a 9 because of the 5th series. 2 episodes from the fifth series were pretty sh*te. Smithereens was great, so was Andrew Scott's performance. So yes, a masterpiece still, I won't let 2 bad episodes change that especially when compared to the works of art that the previous series had to offer. So ignore season 5 apart from Smithereens, Smithereens had a very important message and was a wonderfully shot and acted tale. Think of it as a mix of mini films. Now there may be some things that you may not find good, but there's always an episode for you. There 's twists, laughs, scares all in hour long episodes and tied up in a neat little bow just for you. And the Christmas Special was stunning, don't forget to watch that. But if that isn't enough, they have their own interactive film, Bandersnatch. An. Interactive. Film. You choose what the main character does, and it is awesome. So please, If you have the time, try watching this, you will not be disappointed. Verdict: With something new every episode, Black mirror really gets to you, and in all the right ways. A+

andersonmarin 26 June 2020

If you watch this whole can see the reality of it...and it's horrifying. I believe that this series really makes you think about how easily and fast things can get out of control. It was an awesome show!

gogoschka-1 28 April 2015

Amazing British anthology series with a very intriguing concept. The premise: taking contemporary phenomena (ranging from the wild popularity of talent shows on TV to the impact of social media and smartphones on our lives) as a starting point and speculate how such phenomena could/would evolve in the future. Each episode tells a different story with different protagonists and focuses on a different theme. Of course, the series doesn't explore the beneficial aspects or any positive trends - (where would the fun be in that?) - but clearly approaches its topics from a pessimistic, cynical point of view (hence the title). As the show's creator Charlie Brooker ('Dead Set') puts it: "...They (the different stories) are all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes' time if we're clumsy."

The resulting mix of bleak sci-fi, drama, satire and black comedy makes for highly intelligent Television and ranks among the most original and entertaining shows I've ever come across. The writing and directing are excellent and the cast includes such talented thesps as Domhnall Gleeson, Rory Kinnear, Toby Kebbell, Hayley Atwell, Jon Hamm, Jason Flemyng and Rupert Everett - to name but a few. Unique, fascinating and highly recommended. 9 stars out of 10.

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sspureurubin 11 June 2019

-1 because of that Season 5 that I wished I never knew existed.

ahmetkozan 25 October 2018

This is truly an amazing show. The issues that the show grapples with and illuminates in each episode are timely and significant. To say that this show deals with the dark side of technology and human nature is to make to simple of a comparison. The stories are mostly set in a dystopian world that is dominated or badly influenced by modern technology. What makes "Black mirror" so great is the attention to detail and inter/intrapersonal relationships and how the main character would feel and experience its brave new world. Well thought out plots, characters, settings and really good storytelling. It asks some hard questions of what and where we really want technology to take us. Or maybe already have taken us. Definitely worth seeing! Treat yourself and watch this. 9/10

janet-42-167472 25 January 2015


Absolutely brilliant.

This is NOT anti-utopian, it is an actual mirror of a utopian idea gone terribly wrong.

I've only watched 3 episodes so far and each one has made me think, made me go back and look again, made me ask myself why this had never occurred to me before.

I would call this sci-fi in the richest sense of the genre.... it is not about science, but how science affects human beings. The one thing that never seems to change is us. Technology evolves, mutates, advances and declines, but human beings, our feelings, our courage, fears, and desires remain within us.

I love this show. I hope you will love it too. And I hope you will think.

patrickmolloy-54062 8 June 2019

...season five was bad (episode 1), mildly acceptable (episode 2) and are you kidding me? (episode 3). Miley Cyrus? This series started out as an inventive, original and disturbing show. When it became "Americanized", it went downhill fast. Please, either return to the original premise, or don't put out more trash.

ian-j-hannah 9 December 2014

The double entendre that is Black Mirror's name summarizes the show perfectly. The first interpretation is that the show looks inwards, at the darker aspects of humanity and society. This is done through the theme of technology, hence the second meaning. The black mirror is the screen that rules our lives.

Each self-contained episode is brilliantly crafted and produced. The stories are compelling and the acting is phenomenal. This show is not for those looking exclusively for entertainment, as the episodes leave you with a distinctly empty feeling. Although this is obviously the intent, one cannot help but wonder at the creators' bleak outlook on the world. The presence of bestiality in the first episode could very well deter some viewers, but I would remind them that the show is Twilight Zone-esque in structure as well as theme. The episodes may be watched in any order, as they are all completely independent of one another. The second episode in particular is storytelling of the highest form.

Black Mirror is disturbing in the best possible way. It unflinchingly explores the issues of society through deeply intimate stories and characters and their interactions with technology. Let me be clear, it will not leave you feeling fulfilled. Watching it was an exhausting experience that shook me deeply. The thought provoking subject matter combine with powerful, desolate stories and excellent performances to create one of the most unique and brilliant shows that I have seen. It not only holds the viewer's attention while it plays, it enthralls your thoughts long after the credits roll.

Shinitaika 21 January 2012

I have only seen the first two installments of this series and but was impressed enough to leave a review. Charlie Brooker has popped out of the internet at times when I least expect it revealing the more unsettling aspects of our culture through his program Screenwipe and others. That was my first exposure to Doug Stanhope, a comedian who among others brings us closer together via demonstrations of how media and technology are changing our society and rarely for the better. Black Mirror arrives in the form of anthologized science fiction in the vein of the Twilight zone. It is a series that examines our society's relationship with the media and how it allows us to both shape our own identity and imprison us in a space where empathy and truth are weaknesses and something to hide in order to get ahead.

I have always been interested in futurists and Brooker seems to fill the requirements for one. There is nothing in the first two installments that do not reflect current trends in our collective behavior but instead extrapolates where current trends in communications technology; avatars, social media and reality television might lead us if we do not seek to preserve what is beautiful and pure about our collective consciousness and humanity.

Having seen reviews here that feel there is no commentary embedded within these stories I couldn't disagree more. As the title suggests, Brooker's Black Mirror shows us a dark reflection of our selves and allows us to evaluate these scenarios through our own emotional filters.

There are no blatant soap box messages but I interpreted the narratives as cautionary tales and would hope that no one, when confronted with them, would hope for these near futures. The only thing holding them back from becoming reality is our own resistance to complacency and purely spectator culture.

Beyond these philosophical aspects, the program is incredibly well produced and executed in my opinion. The characters and sets create convincing realities and I was never once drawn out of the story due to poor acting, scripting or characterizations. I could not recommend this series more and hope that it will continue on. Congratulations to Brooker and company for their work and their apparent concern for all of us.

svenvanlathem 11 January 2012

This is the biggest surprise i came across these last couple of years. This series is one of the best i've seen. Every episode is unique yet criticizes the same absurd society we're living in. I was shocked at the great filming/acting/directing and of course writing of these different stories. My personal favorite would be episode 2. The most futuristic but also the most accurate representation of what most of our lives look like right now. Just saw in a review that a guy stopped watching after 20 minutes at the second episode. That's the biggest mistake he could do. Definitely the best episode. I wont miss anything else Charlie Brooker does and i'm patiently waiting for the DVD to come out. I hope this also gets a Blu-Ray version and maybe some new episodes after wards?

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