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Boardwalk Empire (2010)

Crime | History 
Rayting:   8.5/10 172362 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An Atlantic City politician plays both sides of the law by conspiring with gangsters during the Prohibition era.

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Season 5

October 26, 2014Episode 8 Eldorado
October 19, 2014Episode 7 Friendless Child
October 12, 2014Episode 6 Devil You Know
October 5, 2014Episode 5 King of Norway
September 28, 2014Episode 4 Cuanto
September 21, 2014Episode 3 What Jesus Said
September 14, 2014Episode 2 The Good Listener

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User Reviews

swyatt-45704 6 December 2019

Terrific from start to finish. Can't say enough about how entertaining this show is.

dogonlion 16 August 2020

The writing, acting, music, historical events. It's all there. Then you have Martin Scorsese involved, so what can go wrong?

svenoli 16 October 2010

This show is loaded with excellent acting and writing!!!!! It's worth watching every minute and shot. Steve Buscemi definitely deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of "Nucky." I haven't enjoyed a show from HBO this much since "Deadwood." The characters are well layered and the dialogue is fantastic. The supporting cast is immensely talented and the scenery is simply gorgeous. Michael Pitt is a pleasure to watch in his, complex role of the war hero gone bad. I hope this show lasts a lot longer than "Deadwood" did and makes household names out of its cast. I'll keep my HBO subscription forever if more shows like these are on the horizon.

robalexhawk 25 May 2020

At first when I started this series, I thought it would be just another typical gangster TV show with not much of a plot or well developed characters. However, season 3 onward, the show really grew on me.

The overall story arcs I found really engaging and interesting. You weren't just watching one gangster shoot another gangster, you were watching characters you cared about get into interesting and varied predicaments. Though each season was often slow at the start, though I didn't mind this personally, the way they built up to the finales was fantastic, not a single one disappointed.

The characters were also really well developed. Again unlike your typical gangster flick, where you like the characters because of the stealing and murdering and racketeering they get into, in Boardwalk Empire you actually get the sense that the mob bosses are real people with real motivations. This is best seen in Nucky Thomson but also with others, though in Al Capone's case I found he got crueller, nastier and less humorous as the seasons went by.

The setting and cinematography was also great, helped by the show's choice of music. Previously, I'd never thought of Atlantic City as much of a place, being an Englishman, but by the end I felt like I had gotten to no and love it. Overall, a great TV show which I would think is suited to quite a wide audience, not gangster film fans.

intelearts 4 November 2010

With production values that are mind-boggling, cast, and a budget to die for HBO is now what film studios were in the 1930s, they have the clout and the ability to go way further than most films can - and you get episode after episode.

the detailing is beyond accurate and lavish - every stitch, every furnishing, every telegraph wire looks and feels authentic and it is all shot and lit to the highest standards of film not TV.

The story of prohibition and Atlantic City is fully detailed, complex, with Steve Buscemi heading up a great cast. I have a gripe that the F-word was not ubiquitous at the time and strikes a jarring note in an otherwise near perfect production.

Where this shines is in the details - I just hope the story lines and acting live up to the promise - they certainly have so far.

RobScott-13 11 November 2020

Boardwalk Empire is absolutely, without a doubt one the best gangster shows ever created. Every season is as addictive as the last. Steve Buscemi leads an amazing cast as he gives one of the best performances ever put on tv! This is tv at its best so don't miss it!

joeyrocklean 23 September 2020

Literally one of my favorite shows of all time. Picture Game of Thrones set during 1920's Prohibition and you get the picture. Amazingly done. And it's executive produced by Scorsese so you pretty much can guarantee it'll be great. Which it is. A must watch.

seandalaya 15 November 2010

The show doesn't need any introduction and neither does the cast. It encompasses a generation where the political landscape is much the same as today but it is laced with more violence, sexism and corruption and in the midst is a thriving business of illegal alcohol.

A new standard is set with the storytelling, cinematography, elaborate sets on the shores of Brooklyn, carefully chosen custom tailored clothes and costumes that match the opulent lifestyles of the characters. The occasional inserts of magazines, books, manuals; all in their original form, which not only gives originality (to the show) for the era that is being depicted but also takes you back in time into the deeply woven lives of characters like Mrs Schroeder, Nucky, Eli, Nelson and my personal favorite character Mr. Kessler.

A barrage of other prominent real life characters like Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Liciano, Al Capone, (Jimmy Darmody?), Johnny Torrio, Senators, Congressmen, President and VP contenders make the show complete and give it a political as well as a mob dimension.

Much of what is in the show is based on true events and a cursory search on Wikipedia on some of the famous characters validates it. This is what makes this brilliant show dark just like it's setting - theme song with clouds over Atlantic city.

One of the less talked about part of the show perhaps are the melodious songs that the producers/writers have decided for the background score. The songs fill up the environment with melancholy just like much of the show and leaves us eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Any less than ten stars for the show would only reflect lack of fine taste.

Clive_W 24 December 2020

This show has to be one of my personal favourites, I would always recommend people to check out. In terms of the show itself, you've got an awesome cast of great actors, with some the most beautiful cinematography, and hands down the story is just fantastic. You've got historical true elements mixed of course with fictional aspects, more so on the fictional side but it's just amazing to see these actors play out some the most iconic historic mobsters, Stephen Graham as Al Capone is just amazing, one my top favourite actors to see on screen. And ultimately one the best endings to a show, with no spoilers the story comes full circle, with a satisfying end.

rukstar69 8 November 2020

This show is amazing all around such great acting and story line. It's one of those shows that needs time to set things up so if it seems slow and confusing at first try and stick it out. I love seeing all these big time crime syndicates come up and thru the ranks. The way they can transform a set back 100 years with such precision and accuracy is astounding to me. Sopranos is my favorite show ever and you'll see a lot of these actors and actresses in this series.

851222 22 September 2010

Greetings from Lithuania.

What a wonderful pilot!

First i read some reviews before watching pilot, and they where saying how "boooring" this episode was. Hell no! That was one of the best pilots in a ... ever! When you have screenwriter of "Sopranos" and Mr. M.Scorsese in a director chair - nothing can go wrong! A pilot of "Boardwalk Empire" reminded my of "Goodfellas", "Sopranos" (i read that behind this show is a writer of "Sopranos" after watching pilot) and ... "Departed" - it's was THAT good.

If this show will live up to the pilot - we have a new Emmy winner in all possible categories.

Watch it and don't wary about negative reviews - this is a really great show.

wwe7961 6 December 2010

I am not a big TV lover. Mostly I watch South Park, but this show has gotten me interested in more live-action shows. It tells its stories with the same quality as a normal theater film for each episode making it feel like a massive crime drama experience. I have been waiting for a while now to review it, and now that the first season is over I can make my honest opinion clear. I live on a barrier island in New Jersey named Long Beach Island. It is about an hour drive away from Atlantic City so as you can guess I've been there a few times. My favorite part about Atlantic City is the boardwalk. Since this show is named Boardwalk Empire it should do a good job at showing what it looked like back in the 20's. Simply put it captures the 20's perfectly. The show is directed so well I felt like I was transported back to those days. They also capture the feel of the 20's in other ways by showing historic events such as the World Series scam. In the end though it best captures the spirit of the 20's on the boardwalk. As for the plot it is set in the 1920's. Prohabition has begun starting a whole decade of illegal alcohol smuggling. The Treasurer of Atlantic City Nucky Thompson is starting a smuggling business that results in some bloody consequences. Along the way he meets a woman named Mrs. Schroeder, deals with an oncoming election, and more. It is a very well told story. It manages to tell several different stories throughout the show, but none of them feel underdone. They all are extremely well put together story lines. You have the main alcohol smuggling story, the story of Nucky and Margaret, the story of Jimmy, the story of Capone, the story of Lucky, the story of Eli Thompson, the story of Agent Nelson Van Alden, and many more. All these different stories keep things fresh. The emotions that are shown in the episodes are powerful. As the episodes go on emotions get stronger like layers of an onion. Something that is also present in this show is flare. Every gangster flick needs that style to it. It needs to have that gangster feel. While this show doesn't have a lot of that when it happens it is really cool. Now I end this review on the acting. Everybody does a swell job. Buscemi is great as usual, and everyone else is great. The person who I'm most interested in is Michael Pitt who is a relatively unknown actor, but here is great and I would like to see him other things. He could make it real big. Overall I love this show. I will be a viewer of the next season for sure.

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