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Bonding (2018)

Rayting:   7.2/10 12717 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A New York City grad student moonlighting as a dominatrix enlists her gay BFF from high school to be her assistant.

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Season 2

January 27, 2021Episode 8 Permission
January 27, 2021Episode 6 The Lost Egg
January 27, 2021Episode 5 Nanci
January 27, 2021Episode 4 Threesomes
January 27, 2021Episode 3 Personal
January 27, 2021Episode 2 Dog Days
January 27, 2021Episode 1 The Kinks

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User Reviews

AmazonQueTpy 24 April 2019

My only complaint is that the episodes are TOO SHORT! This is a super witty, and sexually freeing show. I hope it gets lots of positive attention and keeps going. You've got fans amongst our group ;)

brentkingery-937-541108 24 April 2019

I really enjoyed this! Just binged one right after another! It's just fun depraved smart humor! That is actually very real! If u like smutty smart humor give it a try! Some ppl just expect to much sometimes it's nice to just have a weird fun show to watch!

xva-54290 29 January 2021

Loved season one it was new, interesting and very funny. The episode's had no fat on them, they didn't fall into the traditional format of use sitcoms/dramas.

Then season two through all that out and added all the traditional stuff in. The way the creator took the criticisms by the BDSM community has affect season two and not in a good way. Season two goes out of its way to correct the mistakes they made and in doing so made the season dull.

The over correction drags and slows the second season down. Now I don't know the BDSM scene and I wouldn't know if the first season portrayed it correctly, i wouldn't care either way, and from what I read it didn't, but I wasn't watching the show for a real portrayal of the BDSM scene, if I wanted to know about it I would watch a documentary.

I laughed during the first season but not has much in the second, I looked at my phone during the second season, I didn't in the first.

Also the writing to me isn't as good as the first, the plot twists can be spotted by a blind person, they are that signposted it's like a man talking over the scene say take a note of this it might become relevant later, wink.

I also noticed that what happens to one of the leads also happens to the other, for example if something good happens to one it also happens to the other and it's they same if something bad happens.

I would recommend watching the first season 100%, the two leads are really great, they are soo watchable and pull you into there lives and you care about there friendship. The episodes flyby and you notice and you wish they were longer, whereas season two they episodes appear to drag, and the plots write themselves, the setups for later episodes are so in your face it's disappointing, only watch season two if you have to. If there is a season three well, I think I already know the arc and so will you if you watch season two.

gate_travel 28 January 2021

So the first season I think was a 10/10, refreshing and amazing.....season 2 on the other hand? This show has gone so woke....I'm on episode 3 and already struggling to go any further

maclapham 27 January 2021

I'm 3 episodes in and don't think I can watch anymore 😩. Seems that the characters that were prominent and so endearing in the first season have taken a back seat and I haven't laughed or felt squeamish once in this new season - feel Like it's an opportunity lost and don't think I'll revisit it again ! Will just pretend it's a one season deal and rewatch that 👌🏻

josecarmona 14 March 2021

Season 1 was quite good, entertaining, open minded, general fun

Season 2, I'm in the 3rd episode and I can't stand Pete... ruining the entire show

sethreardon 24 April 2019

Quirky premise, simple characters...somehow...I can't look away. Really enjoying it, I've binge watched 6 episodes in a row. It's very light-hearted really, an easy watch. The main actress is pretty easy on the eyes too which helps. I think there are only 8 episodes which is a shame, I hope they make more. Very watchable.

ptardif-93549 25 April 2019

Right from episode one I was hooked. Yes it plays on stereotypes but the show does deliver a message in an interesting manner. I don't think it's meant to shock since Netflix viewers are already used to such outrageous and daring scenes. Take orange is the new black for example. Instead, the show delivers new fresh content that has something for every viewer and it does so in a 'noire' genre of comedy. If you're looking for a show, with a twist of wit, that makes you forget the daily grind, then I would highly suggest this one. The episodes are short, however they do not disappoint and hopefully there will be a season two! Don't take my word for it nor any other reviewers', simply watch it and enjoy!

FrenchEddieFelson 4 May 2019

A smart entertainment resulting of the unexpected third kind encounter between The Monty Python, Zed from Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino, 1994) and the complete YMCA (Village People, 1978). A female dominatrix working at night in New York City asks her best high school friend to become her right-hand man. In short: she's a dom, he's gay. So, be prepared for a 100-minutes sheer lunacy as obscene as entertaining.

My favorite quotes, as a not exhaustive list: I'm a dom, not a prostitute. Is the « I'm sorry, I hate apologizing » gluten free? Blow jobs are like the AirBnB of sex but anal is straight home-owning. Get in the f*king chair, Doug! She a flower made of steel. You look like Wonder Woman at a funeral. Life happened to me, so I thought « Fix it! ». She tickles me until she gets mad, and then she hits me. You are not Christian f*king Bale.

gartor_16 4 February 2021

Season 1 was great! A Fun and new type of show. Season 2 was just a waste of time... sadly.

vanessaabdallah 25 April 2019

Hilarious and attention grabbing. I dont think I've ever taken to a tv series so fast before. Already hanging for season 2

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