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Bosch (2014)

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Country: USA
Language: English

An L.A.P.D. homicide detective works to solve the murder of a thirteen year old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer.

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User Reviews

bbhiller 17 April 2018

How long do I have to wait for Season 5? I binged on the first four seasons, liking it better with each episode. I've read the books, too. I'm a Michael Connelly fan. Harry Bosch is a fully realized character and it's a pleasure to watch him move in on the bad guys. More, please, lots more!

c_l_costa 12 February 2014

As a huge fan of Michael Connelly's Bosch books, I was looking forward to seeing this pilot and I wasn't disappointed. Titus Welliver is the perfect Bosch, the rest of the cast are just as brilliant and the writing and production are both spot on. The story line is in fact two Bosch books woven into one and it has been done very cleverly. Bosch fans have been waiting for twenty years for this character to be put onto film but for me, it was worth the wait. I would dearly love to see this made into a complete series. Titus Welliver is as brilliant as always and has the tormented look behind his eyes that any Bosch fan would expect to see. He may not physically resemble Harry but that is soon forgotten. Watch, enjoy, rate and share!

Fargomoviecritic 10 June 2020

I just want to comment on Madison Lintz- who plays Maddie, not too hard to remember. She is the first daughter character I have seen in any Amazon Or Netflix show who isn't a serious B. She is thoughtful, nice and isn't overly dramatic (see Ozark and Bordertown for OVERLY DRAMATIC AND SERIOUS Bs). She actually cares about her father and mother but still acts like a teenager. Thank you Bosch writers for developing a great young women who represents teens who aren't clueless and air heads which seem to be the easy way to stereotype teenage girls.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 26 March 2020

Bosch is one of the best police dramas there is and that's saying something considering there are about a thousand to choose from! It's a gritty, suspenseful drama where the acting is terrific! Titus Welliver is absolutely perfect as Harry Bosch! It's sucks that this incredible show is ending after Season 7 but I guess it's better to go out on top than hang on too long. If you haven't seen this amazing show yet I highly recommend that you make the time to do so!

txartist62 19 February 2014

while eagerly anticipating this show's pilot (and hoping it would be anywhere near as good as Michael Connelly's excellent Harry Bosch novels), frankly i just couldn't imagine who could ever come close to portraying Bosch as i have always pictured him. until Titus Welliver. he is SO incredibly adept and believable at being (as opposed to playing) Bosch, it's uncanny. while i always pictured this character (one of my all time favorite recurring any books), i never could come up with an actor who i felt would embody all that is Bosch - the quiet intensity, the mannerisms, the looks, the presence and attitude. but, it's all there in this wonderful adaptation of MC's fantastic novels. it feels like the books, with the perfect gritty LA vibe, and i felt like it was Bosch's house come to life. i sincerely hope this becomes a series - if the pilot is any indication of what's in store. it's an excellent show - great acting, cinematography, directing, etc... i was not even slightly disappointed - and Michael Connelly's Bosch books have long been on top of my short list of all-time favorites!

kjrcw 15 April 2018

This is an amazing series with a great cast! The only thing bad about it is there are not enough episodes! I could watch this show on a daily basis. I may to start reading the book series to get my fix .

meckstut 27 June 2021

Have been looking forward to Season 7 after Covid-binging on the first 6 seasons late last year. Does not disappoint, love Harry of course but the continuing development of the supporting characters and the side stories is what makes this such an interesting watch.

Character development and casting is excellent with one exception -- "Maddy". I really dislike the character and the actor. Is she someone's daughter and was put into the cast as a favor? The writers must not like her either because they give really bad lines (so out of character for the rest of the series). How many times is she going to say "Dad, you are scaring me"? And, with the semi-serious, worried look. Dopey! Bad writing, bad acting.

rafa-a-t-silva 23 July 2020

Characters so humanized and with real problems that make you identify with them. Intertwined stories and plots that make you learn a lot about how the judicial, police and government systems work, with all their bureaucracies and facets. And a very good soundtrack that influenced me in a good way listen to Jazz. I recommend this series without reservations.

natashalovestigers 17 July 2017

The best TV series I have ever seen in my life, and i'm almost 50. The acting is perfect! So real, and life-like. Wow! I just cant believe how much I love this show. My favorite show prior to this was Breaking Bad. But, this is better. I don't even know why its only rated Where are the flaws??? There are no flaws whatsoever in this show.

mmbayard 10 May 2020

Best TV I've seen in years. I've read all the Bosch novels and had no interest in seeing the show because TV and movies never seem to do justice to the characters in the books. But not so with Bosch. Titus Welliver nails the part. All of the actors are great. Big problem for me was avoiding staying up too late to "watch just one more episode".

dinasilverpalmdesert 28 June 2021

One of the best detective shows I have ever watched! It may be a little difficult to follow if you are not from California or Los Angeles. I binged watch the whole series twice. The acting fulfills each character's role. Great Writing Directing & Editing. I"m sorry this series had to come to an end but I am sure I will watch it for a third time! I follow mystery, detective & crime drama regularly.

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