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Bosch: Legacy (2022)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Bosch embarks on the next chapter of his career and finds himself working with his one time enemy, Honey Chandler.

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May 12, 2022star9.0 6 votesS1E6 Chain of Authenticity
May 5, 2022star8.8 234 votesS1E3 Message in a Bottle
May 5, 2022star8.8 221 votesS1E4 Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
May 5, 2022star8.6 253 votesS1E2 Pumped
May 5, 2022star8.5 325 votesS1E1 The Wrong Side of Goodbye
May 12, 2022star8.4 10 votesS1E5 Plan B
May 19, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E7 One of Your Own
May 19, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E8 Bloodline
May 26, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E9 Cat Got a Name?
May 26, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E10 Always/All Ways

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User Reviews

bosporan 6 May 2022

Bosch is back with all his bolshy, Boschy Boschiness!

A new role as a PI makes sense drawing on his 27 years as a cop, with Maddie following in his footsteps as a rookie at LAPD. Madison Lintz has developed immensely as an actress during her tenure on Bosch and plays the part of police trainee and daughter admirably.

The main thrust of season one is finding the long lost love and potential heir of an ultra rich man, despite the objections of others. Bosch also enters an unlikely partnership with Honey Chandler as they try to close out on Carl Rogers.

An excellent series with a welcome change of pace and scenario allowing more stories to develop without becoming stale or burdened with baggage.

payiyugk 7 May 2022

I don't know why but I like this new series better than the original on Amazon. It seems faster paced a little grittier. I miss J Edgar and the crew but I like the daughter's new role. Hope they keep making more of these. I'm anxious to see where this goes.

sas2014 6 May 2022

Big Bosch fan. I want atleast 3-4 more series.

I am a huge fan of Titus and this detective serie. Right now enjoying the legacy but can't get enough. Please make more series. Characters are credible and actors play great roles. Bosch, maddy etc. I recommend this serie to all the detective lovers.

mlk18 7 May 2022

The show is solid with strong familiar characters. It's not the same as the gritty cop drama that was the original Bosch, but it is developing nicel and I have high hopes that it will develop into an 8 or 9. But so far after 3 episodes it's a strong 7. Which is high praise as most of the stuff on TV is barely worthy of a 4 or 5. For me it loses a point because the intro music is horrendous. Like someone should be fired horrendous. They needed to replicate the dark jazzy intro from the original, not use some odd 1980's Miami Vice soundtrack reject. Bosch was one of the only show where I did not click "skip intro". I won't make that mistake with Bosch Legacy. Blech.

zenmateisshite 7 May 2022

It is really refreshing to see that some reboots are actually good. Hope is not lost.

In this iteration of Bosch there are slight differences than the older version:

  • Only a couple or three cases (the older version had so much happening)
  • Less characters. They introduced one or two new ones like that excellent "IT/hacker" guy, and Mady's cop friends, and done it so well.

  • Better editing, dialogue, and sound. I think this version is made in such a way to appeal to the masses.

All this makes the new show very easy to digest and I love it.

The only disappointment is that the new theme intro is not as good as the old one; "Can't Let Go" IMHO, and that we don't see his cool apartment, at least not for a while.

Glad they featured Michael Kiwanuka's song in episode 1.

ekta-srivastav 7 May 2022

Delivers in every way and if you're a Bosch fan, it is unmissable ... I love that it picks up from where it left off and they haven't tried a completely weird spinoff . Titus Welliver will forever be known as Harry Bosch for delivering this character so convincingly and in such entirety. More please and much much more ...

lambertrecovery 9 May 2022

Love Bosch, excited to see this, it's good-it would be VERY good if it had no interruptions, it seems "slower" than the original, love the storyline of the daughter joining LAPD, great to see "Crate & Barrel" pop up, I do miss Lance Reddick and Jamie Hecktor a lot.

fsuelwood 6 May 2022

Streamed all 4 episodes this morning and LOVED IT!!!! I really enjoyed how the characters were developed and had a lot of growth after season 7. I am also enjoying seeing Bosch without a badge but still getting the job done. I think the Maddie storyline will also be interesting to see if she falls in line with the "everybody counts or nobody counts" philosophy that her dad did so well. Cant wait for next weeks episode!!!

miguel_archibald 6 May 2022

If you were a fan of Bosch you will be a fan of this, plain and simple. Stephen Chang is a seamless addition to ensemble. All the characters are changing gears as the show moves forward and from the first four episodes it is working for me.

twelve-house-books 10 May 2022

A police and crime drama enthusiast's wet dream. For fans of classic Noir as well as every other excellent legal drama produced since those heady days (Miami Vice not included). Filled with intrigue, action, wit, humor, and every other emotion, this new series continues the magic the original series gave us. Big fan of films shot in L. A. here--because I was raised in Hollywood. So I know the layout and the kinds of people who make that city tick. Tough, tough-minded, and never backing down.

egrebbell-83255 9 May 2022

What's happened to the magnificent soundtrack, replaced with yet another piece of ghastly generic noise. Turn the sound down and play 'can't let go', this show deserves a good introduction.

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