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Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   9.5/10 1466515 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family's future.

Episode Guide

Season 5

September 29, 2013Episode 16 Felina
September 22, 2013Episode 15 Granite State
September 15, 2013Episode 14 Ozymandias
September 8, 2013Episode 13 To'hajiilee
September 1, 2013Episode 12 Rabid Dog
August 25, 2013Episode 11 Confessions
August 18, 2013Episode 10 Buried
August 11, 2013Episode 9 Blood Money
September 2, 2012Episode 8 Gliding Over All
August 26, 2012Episode 7 Say My Name
August 19, 2012Episode 6 Buyout
August 12, 2012Episode 5 Dead Freight
August 5, 2012Episode 4 Fifty-One
July 29, 2012Episode 3 Hazard Pay
July 22, 2012Episode 2 Madrigal

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

User Reviews

HarCarmichael 21 February 2020

This is by far the greatest TV show ever.

I was expecting the typical path every show takes with the same old predictable directions they go in, but luckily I didn't read online and knew nothing of the spoilers. As a result, I was taken in and blown away.

The casting alone is brilliant. Every single character was casted perfectly, and I mean perfectly. That alone is genius and falls along the lines of Pulp Fiction with the way Travolta, Thurman, and Samuel L Jackson were casted, along with Harvey Keitel.

But then you get absorbed into this world you never thought you would meet, nor have you ever seen before. You keep waiting for it to become a typical show and for it to "jump the shark", but as the seasons progress, you just never witness or experience that at all.

Instead, the show actually takes you to a place that you never saw coming (if you didn't know spoilers), and it is actually a place of truth. This experience defies twenty or more years of cinema, including the movies.

No matter what anyone says, I don't care, this is possibly the greatest cinematic experience I have witnessed as a whole since the mid-90's. You cannot even compare it to other TV shows, really, because it is not a TV show as much as it is a 60 hour movie that never circles or tangents itself like every other "TV show".

The acting is incredible. Every single actor or actress nailed their role. The subtexts, themes, and profundity is all in there, but not everyone will find those things. A masterpiece?.....Is there a term for something beyond a masterpiece? If there was, then this is it.


alanbenfieldjr 27 June 2017

Drug wars, meth, the lot. I thought no thank you. I kept hearing how good it was and I kept saying: "No thank you" Last January I got sick, one of those illnesses you can't quite figure out. Maybe it was pre and post election depression, I don't know. But I stayed in bed for almost 10 days and then it happened. I saw the first episode and I was immediately and I mean immediately, hooked. I saw the entire series in 9 days. Voraciously. Now I had time to reflect. Why I wonder. When I think about it the first thing that comes to mind is not a thing it's Bryan Cranston. I know the concept was superb as was the writing but Bryan Cranston made it all real. His performance, the creation of Walter White will be studied in the Acting classes of the future. He is the one that pulls you forward - as well as backwards and sideways - then I realized that his creation acquired the power that it acquired, in great part thanks to the extraordinary cast of supporting players. I could write a page for each one of them but I'm just going to mention Aaron Paul. I ended up loving him. I developed a visceral need to see him find a way out. Well, what can I tell you. I know that one day, maybe when my kids are old enough, I shall see "Breaking Bad" again. I can't wait.

agatt-87232 20 May 2019

I was waiting to see how GOT ended. It should be the greatest but they failed miserably in the finale season especially the last 3 (mainly the finale) episode.

Writers need to take notes and be more like breaking bad. They had they ending planned out from the begging. They didn't try and build a massive brand or following behind the show and extend their seasons to do so. They stuck with their plan and created the greatest show we may ever see.

Thank you for existing.

otnememento-2 21 February 2020

The best series I have seen in my whole life, even better than the wire.

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