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Bridgerton (2020)

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Rayting:   7.3/10 88K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family.

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Season 2

March 25, 2022Episode 7 Harmony
March 25, 2022Episode 6 The Choice
March 25, 2022Episode 4 Victory

Season 1

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Top 20 (Ranked)

December 25, 2020star8.1 1974 votesS1E5 The Duke and I
December 25, 2020star8.0 1903 votesS1E4 An Affair of Honor
December 25, 2020star8.0 1848 votesS1E8 After the Rain
December 25, 2020star7.7 1911 votesS1E3 Art of the Swoon
December 25, 2020star7.7 1706 votesS1E7 Oceans Apart
December 25, 2020star7.6 2012 votesS1E2 Shock and Delight
December 25, 2020star7.6 1777 votesS1E6 Swish
December 25, 2020star7.3 2331 votesS1E1 Diamond of the First Water
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E7 Harmony
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E6 The Choice
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E5 An Unthinkable Fate
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E4 Victory
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E3 A Bee in Your Bonnet
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E2 Off to the Races
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E1 Capital R Rake
March 25, 2022star0.0 0 votesS2E8 The Viscount Who Loved Me

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User Reviews

TV_viewerno1223455678910 4 January 2021

What is the point of this show in 2020/21? It has nothing to offer except for being a awful version of a Jane Austin novel. The writing is poor, the script awful and acting stunted. I'm black British and found it too cringey to watch.

korodim 12 January 2021

I think American producers should stop making shows set in a European time or place, it's an insult to the whole continent. Anyone with a pinch of knowledge on English history or literature will find this show ridiculous. The dialogoues are overwritten, yet shallow, characters annoying, costumes are weird for the era (like everyone wears corsets, but the dresses show no waistline), I'm no expert on historical dressing, but I'm almost entirely sure that none of the costumes are even close to their time. This is a very soapy and very wrong take on a period where title and wealth was everything and rigid rules determined the life of upper class. I wouldn't be aginst pretend history if it was funny or entertaining, not just putting different races and sex scenes in the show. This era was nowhere near how they depict it, but for this much distortion it's boring and shallow. It really is like a teen (or American) version of Downton Abbey.

yrtrouble2 4 January 2021

I was actually looking forward to this show as the trailers looked promising. That promise was not fulfilled. I found the story choppy, the characters cardboard cutouts and some of the acting very bad. No passion and no life. I always saw the actors and never the characters. I was never allowed to lose myself in the story and feel anything for the characters.

So much lost potential.

kspot-15134 31 December 2020

This is white trash meets Jane Austen. Applying american social decay to the English genre is just pure torture on the screen. Perhaps that is the idea, to make fun of the English Regency era with such absurd and obvious american mannerisms and ideas. Some might actually find that entertaining.

valeriorinaldi-36361 28 December 2020

Bridgerton is a reimagining of Regency London and it deals with a young aristocratic woman looking for love and a financially adequate husband in her aristocratic circle. I was fooled by the trailer and yesterday I gave it a shot.

Unfortunately I couldn't go through the first episode. Even as a "reimagining" of 19th century London, it is frivolous, caricatural and foolish. The plot is shallow and the acting unbearably overplayed. Since it doesn't have much to say, sex scenes are scattered here and there together with ridiculous dresses, vests, hairstyles and wigs. Dialogues seem to have been written under the influence of alcohol.

The queen looks and behaves like a fishwife and as such receives her guests lying back in her throne in an overcrowded narrow room, which makes me wonder if anybody in the production has ever visited a Royal Palace.

Even the opening credits are horrendous and badly made.

Do yourself a favor and skip it.

derekgab 19 January 2021

This show has great production values but that's about it. It looks great. The plot is a joke. The casting is a joke and totally unrealistic for the time period. Tons of minorities to be Politically Correct but sorry, that's not the way it was in 1813 England. Lol. The characters are totally uninteresting. I usually enjoy British stuff but this is super weak. I can't believe this many people watched this show. This show honestly encapsulates the dumbing down of society.

galaxyharvey 12 January 2021

Don't bother trying to watch this awful show it is absolute rubbish! Even with the benefit of wine as was suggested by a friend who managed to watch a couple of episodes it was without a doubt the biggest waste of time ever.

ash_dunn 5 January 2021

Basically, this is a teen soap set up as period drama.

Terrible acting, awful characters, and cringeworthy dialogue. I spent most of the time laughing or sighing.

felixnkubi 3 January 2021

At first I was stunned and was in disbelief that the British made this show considering they were speaking in British accents, the same people who I have huge respect for creating shows like merlin, downtown abbey, peaky blinders, bodyguard, black mirror etc..... then I did a quick Google search and found both the creator and producers were Americans, then I understood why the show was crap. the Americans do love their diversity a lot. as a person of color, I am disappointed, at least you might as well add every other race and not only black people

heatherhaworth 30 December 2020

Honestly, it's not that bad after a few glasses of wine. I enjoyed watching a period piece with a racially diverse cast. However, if you're going to get rid of racism why not also get rid of misogyny, bigotry, and classism?

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