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Britannia (2017)

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In 43 AD, the Roman Army returns to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia.

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User Reviews

basilisksamuk 23 January 2018

My goodness what a lot of negative reviews this show has generated though I can't understand why. Seldom have I seen such a fun programme. Yes, fun. This was funny, sexy, violent, bonkers and emotionally truthful in a way that other series fail to achieve.

To think that this was aiming for any kind of historical accuracy is mad. It was made as an entertainment riffing on possible historical events. The use of modern language, initially jarring, ends up working to its advantage. There's no more reason to dislike modern usage than there is to dislike cod medieval or cod turn of the millennia language. Any language choice is going to be inauthentic so you might as well go for modern vernacular which has the side effect of milking the dialogue for humour. Using Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man for the theme tune is as inspired as using Nick Cave for the theme tune of Peaky Blinders.

You might also like to note the satirical reference to other well-known franchises and the use of Shakespearian minor characters. The two centurions sampling the "stash" of the witch doctor was comedy gold.

Yes, how we all hunger for the certainty of the old days when you knew where you were. When Loved It or Hated It reviews could be searched on and all TV programmes followed the same rules and were as bland as each other. Now all we have left is "helpful" so please regard this review as a provocative Loved It review. No, seriously, I really loved this series and can't wait for the next and I hope I've been really unhelpful in my review.

dank1994 23 January 2018

There's plenty of people on here that are taking the series and its historical accuracy too seriously, even to the point that someone seems to figure themselves as more well informed than the Roman historian Mary beard (looking at you Allen). I'm currently undergoing my Masters in Roman History, and just a little newsflash mate, ancient Britain was famous for its warrior queens (esp. Cartimandua and Boudicca) which are mentioned in Tacitus - do your homework and stop thinking you're an expert because you've read Herodotus lol. Also Rome pooled auxiliaries from all over the empire including its North African provinces, and due to the migratory nature of the peoples from Sub-Saharan Africa, and the plethora of reports about peoples below the desert its not unlikely that these people wanted to live in the prosperous North African provinces of the Roman Empire and took up military service with its lucrative benefits. Either way, its not the point; the show captures the perceived mysticism and magical Roman conceptions of Britain well. It was seen by Roman and Greek writers as the land at the end of the world where magic and human sacrifice among other abominations occured. Yes the show deviates away from certain historical events, but the invasion of Claudius was not all that well documented, and it still captures the internal strife and rivalry well, as well as the mysterious prominence of the druids in celtic culture. It's quite sad really how many people are trying to be historians while watching a sky drama: the cast is good, some of the characters are endearing, and for the shows early days, it looks promising. Stop trying to step into academic fields that you're clearly not all that well acquainted and just enjoy the drama. Jheeeeezus.

KOOLAIDBRO 3 October 2020

This show is about the Romans invasion of Britain with some sorcery, gods, and devils mixed in. The first time I watched it which was over 2 and a half year ago I remembered liking it well enough, but I watched again and I feel like I actually liked it more this time around. The first episode is slow and you're kind of like wtf by the end, but if you continue it explains and things make sense. Most of these actors and actresses I'm not familiar with except for Kelly Reilly, and David Morrissey who are great as always, but The Outcast and Cait are the two that makes this show really shine. Now when these two are on the screen together is when it's really unforgettable. They play off each other and the banter is really great stuff that at times I'm feeling sorry for how The Outcast talks to her and the next I'm laughing at her being over his crap and then snapping on him. The acting is very good, the story is wild, and really everything that went into making this is well done. It feels and looks like a big budget production. This isn't GoT or The Last Kingdom so don't expect that at all, but it is a good show for fans of that type of genre. I'm excited for season two.

beckylcarter-97881 23 January 2018

Don't know why this has so many negative reviews - it's a fantasy show on television, it isn't supposed to be a word for word history lesson. Granted the first two episodes are a little slow and a little bit cheesy at first but once you get to know the characters and the story starts to blossom I was hooked.

I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and I admit I was drawn here as so many had described it as the GOT filler until the next season/book us eventually upon us - but - THIS IS NOTHING LIKE GOT! It is a story and world in its own right and incredibly entertaining.

The young girl actress - Eleanor Worthington Cox, is brilliant. Her rapport Nikolaj is incredible and they both were my favourite characters from early on.

All the complainers need to simmer down. It was ace.

jaybizman 24 October 2020

I'll admit I love watching anything to do with Ancient Rome. As a teenager, I studied Lingua Latina and translated, for example, the writings of Julius Caesar and all the exploits throughout his career.

The Roman Army around 43AD was the most dangerous and skilled in the World; and Ancient Rome ruled most of what was the known World, they may lose a battle here and there, but rarely lost a war.

After every battle a Legions Commander would write about both his and the enemies tactics, and send a dispatch to the Sergeant Major Of The Army, back in Rome - who would copy same, and send it to every other Roman Legion General. This way every Commander had full knowledge of the enemy. And it worked.

Britannia shows just how ruthless the Roman Army and their Generals were. Kind of like, take no prisoners. Even the children were killed. Why? Because the Generals learned that when the kids grew up, they would want revenge.

There's a lot of action in Britannia and the Roman General in Britain is especially cruel. And smart.

For anyone who likes this time period, don't dwell too much on any perceived 'historical inaccuracies', just sit back and enjoy the ride. The opening music by Donnavan sets the mood. In part to me Britannia was both great and slightly crazy. Well worth your time.

mail-03496 23 January 2018

Wasn't sure quite what to make of this.

A lot of the very negative reviews are from people who gave up after the first episode and to be fair, I wasn't entirely convinced for quite a way in.

Anyway it gets to very dark places by the end. I'm watching the last episode now and I'm completely invested. Its great and I do hope it gets a second outing.

heatherleefox 30 September 2020

I don't know a lot about this time and place in history so it doesn't bother me that it's, apparently, not historically accurate.

I didn't expect to like this so much! It's got huge production value, fantastic actors, a great story that is very well paced, it can be quite humorous at times, and quite gory! I love it! Eagerly awaiting the second season!

Makes me wonder if I need to take a look at other shows that are on EPIX, if this is the quality they're offering!

Mr_researcher 24 January 2018

If you want to see a documentary when you watch a television series, then by all means listen to the people who complain about the lack of historical accuracy.

If you on the other hand just want to have a good time with a fictional series based loosely on history, then by all means watch it! It is weird and violent, with many interesting characters and some good ol' action too.

pixiegirl44 21 January 2018

I've read some of the ridiculous negative reviews on here and just want to scream with frustration. Britannia is not meant to be factually accurate or historically precise. It's a tongue firmly in cheek romp through Celtic Britain. The characters are either evil or hilarious with Zoe Wannamaker having some of the best one liners. Surely, anyone can see it's not meant to be taken seriously, especially after seeing Veran and Divis play their parts like characters out of a play that a stoned Shakespeare might have written. It's a fantasy epic with great characters and scenery and a perfect title song by Donovan. The song alone should tell you that you should just go with the flow and have a laugh,something a lot of reviewers surely need, along with a few beers and a good lay. They've totally missed the point. Don't let it put you off. I'm really looking forward to another season. It's not game of thrones but it's never claimed to be.

jdgtc1 6 December 2020

Just the right mixture of historical fiction, action adventure, and irreverent dark humor. Don't worry about historical accuracy. Just sit back and enjoy a creative and unique show!

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