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Burn Notice (2007)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   7.9/10 68137 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A spy recently disavowed by the U.S. government uses his special ops training to help others in trouble.

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Season 7

September 12, 2013Episode 13 Reckoning
September 5, 2013Episode 12 Sea Change
August 22, 2013Episode 11 Tipping Point
August 15, 2013Episode 10 Things Unseen
August 8, 2013Episode 9 Bitter Pill
July 11, 2013Episode 5 Exit Plan
June 20, 2013Episode 3 Down Range
June 6, 2013Episode 1 New Deal

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User Reviews

Etrival 6 July 2007

Last week Thursday was one of those days: The kind that gives you the choice of staring at the ceiling, or perusing your DVR in hopes of finding something worthwhile (but rarely finding anything).

After sifting through the various MythBusters episodes and my regularly recorded series', I came across something that had me utterly confused, "'Burn Notice'? The hell?" I hadn't heard anything about the show, so I thought, "Screw it, I'm bored, let's see if I can't squeeze some water from a stone." I can honestly say, I'm utterly impressed with the show. I was floored by the entire piece.

Jeffery Donovan leads a very talented cast as the 'burned' spy-turned-private-eye Michael Westen, a man just trying to figure out why someone would put a 'burn notice' out on him. (For those who haven't seen the show or the commercials a 'burn notice' is when a spy is cut off, no jobs, nothing.) Donovan's acerbic delivery and amusing narration pull the show together, and his on-screen chemistry with acting veteran Bruce Campbell really keep the laughs coming.

I'd highly recommend the show for those who like a mix of comedy and espionage.

adampearson-09807 11 May 2019

That's right. I was off ill this week and picked Burn notice up on Amazon prime. Not being able to do much else I watched every season and was not disappointed. The comedy, the action and all the actors working perfectly together. I would never have thought to put them together but it's brilliant. Watch out for Bruce Campbell as the star of the show. You won't regret giving this a go.

allykat_d 11 July 2007

By the end of the first show, the 1-1/2 hour premier, I was hooked. Donovan (remember him from The Pretender?) is charismatic and believable as the spy left out in the cold. I was pleasantly surprised to see Gabrielle Anwar. She starred in a friend's indie film and I wondered what happened to her. And Bruce Campbell.. well who doesn't like him? He adds good depth as Michael Western's grizzled friend. Great cast and sharp writing with Miami serving as a superb backdrop. This series has a load of potential so I'm hoping people will jump on board and start watching. I'm tempted to give it 10/10 as I didn't see anything that I didn't like. I'm looking forward to the new episode tomorrow (Thursday). This show is better than most movies coming out this summer. Great blend of action and humor.

caa821 28 June 2007

Jeffrey Donovan is an engaging lead in an interesting program - which combines an interesting dramatic story line with a good balance of lightness and humor -- much like the outstanding "Monk," also a USA Network production.

The premise has been well-publicized; he's a crack covert operator, who's now been ostracized by his agency, and is seeking to learn why, as well as exist amidst the barriers they've erected in terms of his credit and finances, availability of former colleagues, and while he is under surveillance from multiple agency operatives.

During the course of this program, he also assists a man whose former boss - a powerful citizen - has placed both his livelihood and son in jeopardy.

Again, done with both serious drama and whimsy, this is a show which is a breath of proverbial "fresh air," especially among the lame quiz programs and reality shows impossible to avoid today.


I entered this comment a year ago, upon seeing initial episode of the series. In continuing to watch, I've found Jeffrey Donovan's performances and character to remain interesting and engaging, the remaining cast excellent, and the episodes, overall, also interesting and well-written. Along with "Monk" and the recently-added "In Plain Sight," the USA Network is producing, in my opinion, better fare than the four networks.

rhendrickson 9 July 2007

Without question, "Burn Notice" is the coolest show on TV since the first episodes of Alias. I was totally engaged the moment Michael got his burn notice when he called to make the wire transfer--seeing the wheels turn for that beat before smiling and turning to the Russian mobster was sublime. This show has edge and attitude to burn, no pun intended, and I hope it keeps it--the only thing that could dull it would be any hint of silliness (Bruce Campbell's character needs to demonstrate some ass-kicking spy mojo somewhere along the line). Matt Nix: You've done a fantastic job on the writing, great casting (Jeff Donovan is a "Where'd he come from?" find), locations, etc. Keep the edge. The first two shows were great, can't wait to see what's next.

godzillandg 18 July 2007

When I first heard of the show I didn't know what to think. But then I heard that Bruce was apart of the show so I decided that the whole family should watch. And so we did. And now I crave to know what is going to happen next. The main plot of the show is intriguing but individual stories are just as good. There isn't a flaw in this show. And so far all the episodes are very re-watchable. Which is probably the best part of the show. This show can be enjoyed by most but children under ten won't get the humor and the content is just a little over their head. So if you have children note that they might enjoy the action parts they will get board with the rest of it. All I got to say is watch it and fall in love.

sixtwentysix 8 July 2007

This show has stylish, cheaply made and lots of fun. Donovan has a lot of charisma but Bruce Campbell and the other supporting cast really make this show pop. Miami is great location for this show. In the future it would be cool to see it move around season to season. The show is smartly written and avoids most of the spy standards. It would be nice if they reduced the amount of voice over. It tends to distract from the suspense, but it's not driving me nuts or anything.

I'll keep watching to see where this show goes, I think it has a lot of potential and is a great, light, fun summer watch.

USA appears to have a winner on its hands with this new summer show!

Trellismay 2 April 2020

Of course we're home. Of course we're looking for good TV shows from amazon prime. (Given that we pay gazillions for cable... let's find a free series.) We did, Burn Notice; and we are hooked. Well produced, interestingly cast, witty dialogue, stylish sets/costumes, super photography and fascinating locale. Even though it's been around awhile, it's not dated and it's not typical of a TV 'back in the day.' Burn Notice is fresh, snappy, believable with a hint of 007/Bond.

Individual episodes stand alone, but the series is ever more intriguing and engaging. We probably wouldn't change anything about this series and it's far better than so much schlock on network/cable in 2020. There's plenty of fast action: Explosions, car chases, kidnappings, hostage-taking, will they/won't they romance, older characters/very young characters, diversity, and the plots aren't duplicated.

Jeffrey Donovan brings a clever wit, and exceptional performances to the series. His co-stars Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless are solid talents. The interaction among these actors is a director's dream, a viewer's delight.

As a reviewer stated earlier, "7 seasons in one week." We're working on that, and we're tracking down other work by Westen, Anwar, Campbell and Gless.

Give this series a look, it's a great diversion from the realities of April 2020!

jreinhardt-1 26 July 2007

This series is one of the best of the year. Michael Donovan is perfect as the Sparta## Ex-Spy turned good guy. I love watching him try to struggle through the emotions of his clients. His relationship with his mother is very strained however you can still see him struggle to not care about his family. Sharon Gless is fun to watch as his chain smoking meddling mother. She's hilarious. Bruce Campbell is a favorite of mine & fits in well with Anwar & Donovan. I'd like to see more from Anwar - I like the changes in accents & would like to see her do more. So far this show has been nothing but entertaining. Donovan can really keep your attention on his stories. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 16 June 2021

Burn Notice was such a great and underrated show. Most shows get old and repetitive after a while but not this one, it's absolutely terrific from the first episode right up until the last episode! Obviously some of it is ridiculous unbelievable but it's a thrilling show that has action, comedy, drama, etc., all in one series! I just started watching it for a 2nd time during this lockdown and forgot just how entertaining this show really was. I really do miss it!

TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews 27 November 2016

The name is Michael Westen(Donovan, using intensity, charm and even vulnerability, and of course his actual martial arts chops, to give us a compelling protagonist. He's made relatable through, among other things, his family, his sympathy for those in a bad spot). He used to be a spy. Until a burn notice was put out, claiming he was an unreliable asset. Every last of his accounts are frozen, his colleagues forced to reject him, and he's put on watchlists that will prevent him from leaving his home city of Miami. The only way he can get his life back is for him to figure out the who, why and, well, what, exactly, of this, well, what we civilians would call getting laid off. And along the way, he will help countless of regular people with problems that his skillset, and not the police or the like, enable him to solve.

He can't do it alone, so he has to take what help he can get. Fortunately, that does mean he has a highly competent and loyal, if small, team. Fiona(Anwar, a chipper smile and a love of explosives. She hates injustice, particularly against women and children. Manages to maintain her femininity, seen in her love of shoes, dresses, and, of course, the color pink, which adorns a gas mask of hers), his former IRA, now bounty hunter, ex-girlfriend was still his emergency contact, and needed to leave New York anyway. Sam(Campbell, giving a solid performance, also deep in his hamminess, not to mention his bad-assery. Perpetually drinking. Romances rich women, clearly respecting them. A great friend to him. In spite of initial hostility, he works well with the feisty Irish woman, they pick up on the others intention and the play they're making in mere moments), who was a Navy SEAL, and is now gathering buddies, all with resources that can be called upon, like there's no tomorrow. And Madeline(Gless, chainsmoking retiree. A real mama bear. She may have felt she didn't do enough when her sons were kids. Now, she's doing what she can to make up for it), his mother, who he hadn't seen in years, due to their strained relationship. It, she, and he, will grow over time. While his childhood was a troubled one, it has helped shape him into who he is. It has left a darkness inside of him, that he and they will have to work to keep at bay.

This review is co-written by my ex-fiancée. He narrates what he does, using his extensive knowledge: Backstory, exposition, adding detail, reflecting on certain things, explaining what is going on. Sometimes he makes comparisons to stuff we do know and that is far away from his life: "anyone who's passed notes in class knows how dangerous it is to communicate in front of your enemy", etc. It's also one of the places where you really see the dry sense of humor that permeates this. He snarks in most situations, in addition to taking them seriously. And where some fiction stops there, letting our lead get all the quips, here, it extends to most in the cast. There are ones who don't, especially in situations where they are too, say, scared to. Characters are all human beings – some are just, let's go with "not nice". The steady stream of new ones stays fresh, and the tremendous guests, stars and otherwise, all deliver. I couldn't tell you how many play against type, or how well it turns out.

The considerable training of him and his closest allies, matched by a number of the villains, is in high demand. They fight for "the little guy", with a lot of different methods they've mastered. Making weapo

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