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Candy (2022)

Biography | Drama 
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Rayting:   7.4/10 2.6K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Candy Montgomery is a 1980s housewife and mother who did everything right but when the pressure of conformity builds within her, her actions scream for just a bit of freedom. Until someone tells her to shush. With deadly results.

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Season 1

September 8, 2021Episode 8 The Masaan
September 8, 2021Episode 6 End of the Line
May 13, 2022Episode 5 The Fight
September 8, 2021Episode 4 Old Sins
May 12, 2022Episode 4 Cover Girl
May 11, 2022Episode 3 Overkill
September 8, 2021Episode 2 The Outsider

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Top 20 (Ranked)

September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E1 Hope in the Darkness
May 12, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Cover Girl
May 11, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E3 Overkill
May 10, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E2 Happy Wife, Happy Life
May 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E1 Friday the 13th
September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E8 The Masaan
September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E7 The Heir of Misfortunes
September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E6 End of the Line
September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Predators, Prayers, Sacrifices
September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Old Sins
September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E3 The Rage of Rudrakund
September 8, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E2 The Outsider
May 13, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 The Fight

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User Reviews

bosporan 9 May 2022

There is an epidemic of streaming crime docudramas, they are inexpensive to make - a prewritten relatable narrative, a preexisting cadre of voyeurs and prebaked external tension. Often these preordained advantages breed laziness and produce sloppy television.

This, though, is a strong setup, introducing the key characters and quietly building Hitchcockian suspense towards the revelation of this heinous murder. The cast is strong and Jessica Biel is fabulous, leading the line as the eponymous character. Candy is superficially a suburban supermom, but also a passive-aggressive charred-martyr who courts adulation.

After one outing, Candy is entertaining and enjoyable, raising anticipation for the second instalment. The consecutive-day episode-delivery compromise is good, minimising the wait without the daunting one-day dump.

gina_gemini 10 May 2022

Two episodes in and Jessica's performance is reason enough for me to watch the rest of this show.

Not every show has to be the next breaking bad. The 80s atmosphere is done well and acting is great all around. Over-all very entertaining considering the story. Not a waste of time at all, if it is to your taste.

paul-allaer 10 May 2022

As Episode 1 of "Candy" (2022 release; 5 episodes of about 55 min each) opens, we are reminded this is "based on true facts" and we are introduced to Candy, a housewife in suburban Dallas era 1980, and her family (husband Pat and 2 kids). Meanwhile, Candy's friend Betty is down as her husband Allan is about to go on a business trip and Betty is left alone to take care of their new baby. Then one day, while Candy is involved with her kids at church, she takes off to stop by Betty's house, Next we know, Candy leaves the house with blood all over her face... What happened? And why? At this point we are less than 15 min into Episode 1.

Couple of comments: this mini-series is the brainchild of Robin Veith ("Mad Men"). Here she revisits what happened in Wylie, TX in 1980. It becomes clear very quickly what exactly happened, but we don't know how or why it happened, and that is in fact what this true crime mini-series is all about. The series benefits from strong performances all around, starting with Jessica Biel (as Candy, and also as executive producer), Melanie Lynskey (as Betty), Timothy Simons (as Candy's husband), and last but certainly not least, Pablo Schreiber (as Betty's husband). Check out Schreiber's performance as he becomes ever more frantic in trying to get in touch with Betty from his hotel. The series also reflects the era (1980) perfectly, equally in style, tone and structure (as in: Episode 1 is a slowburner, in the best possible way)..

The opening episode of "Candy" premiered last night on Hulu, and the remaining 4 episodes will be rolled out on consecutive nights the remainder of this week. I know what I'll be watching this week! If you are in the mood for a good true crime story, I'd readily suggest you check this out, and draw your own conclusion.

Critic_For_Life 11 May 2022

Wow- just engrossed in the story and the acting is so good. Want not really a Jessica Biel fan until now. Love Melanie Lynskey, Pablo Schreiber and Tim Simons. Love the music score and the 80s theme spot on. Suspenseful and so glad Hulu airs a new episode daily.

Highly recommend.

ricewithaspoon 10 May 2022

First episode: wow very well made.

Biel is good, I like her here more than in 'Sinner' I must say, Melanie Lynskey had my heart since "Heavenly Creatures' and Pablo Schreiber surprised & convinced me in 'Lorelei'. Super cast so far.

I'd binge if they were all out.

(The 90s movie "Killing in a small town' is also recommendable btw!)

7 stars for now - could turn into 8 after Friday.

What I find confusing is a second mini series with Olsen as Candy coming out this year. Aren't there any good scripts anymore?

JNBecks007 12 May 2022

Maybe it's because this happened not far from my grandparents house, and my mom has known all of the details since it happened, much as I love Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey, I think this is the most scattered and incoherent retelling of such a horrific event.

My biggest frustration is how terrible Betty comes across. I don't feel like anxiety and depression comes off as it should. Instead, she comes across as whiny, nagging, pain to live with, and that's just sad.

I don't think Allan was henpecked, but that's how he comes across, and Pat Montgomery seems like he's oblivious to everything around him. The man worked for TI.

Great cast, weak and scattered portrayal of Betty Gore's murder. I feel bad for her family that this is out in the world now.

starla447 12 May 2022

Holy jeez this show is so boring. Stopped watching after episode two. I can't believe how bad it was. I guess the only thankful thing is it's only 5 episodes.... But still. Terrible.

solidabs 13 May 2022

God this is boring. Any parts that could be good are not shown. Garbage. What the heck happened to Rose. She looks more like Berta now. Oh and who is that lead chick supposed to be? ART GARFUNKLE.

zorroaca 12 May 2022

Only on 4... and have mixed feelings. There's a lot of carrot on a stick... which I don't care for... but there is something new in how the production is done. But about now... I'm ready for them to pull something together... or they might lose me... enough carrot already.

saimariejohnson 13 May 2022

This is a troubling and yet riveting show about a true crime that is quite frankly stunning. I have been glued to this miniseries since episode one and am eager to see how Candace Montgomery was capable of convincing a jury of her innocence where axing her lover's wife 47 times is concerned.

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