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C.B. Strike (2017)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.9/10 13K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

War veteran turned private detective Cormoran Strike solves brutal murders with the help of his trusted assistant Robin Ellacott.

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Season 4

September 13, 2020Episode 4 Episode 4
September 6, 2020Episode 3 Episode 3
August 31, 2020Episode 2 Episode 2
August 30, 2020Episode 1 Episode 1

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Top 20 (Ranked)

September 3, 2017star8.2 789 votesS1E3 Episode 3
September 6, 2020star8.2 342 votesS4E3 Episode 3
September 10, 2017star8.1 599 votesS2E1 Episode 1
September 13, 2020star8.1 344 votesS4E4 Episode 4
August 27, 2017star8.0 1186 votesS1E1 Episode 1
August 28, 2017star8.0 826 votesS1E2 Episode 2
September 17, 2017star8.0 551 votesS2E2 Episode 2
March 4, 2018star8.0 386 votesS3E2 Episode 2
August 31, 2020star8.0 386 votesS4E2 Episode 2
August 30, 2020star7.9 510 votesS4E1 Episode 1
February 25, 2018star7.9 510 votesS3E1 Episode 1

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User Reviews

marycat-22297 2 September 2017

'Strike: The Cuckoo's Calling' is on the Poirot-Marple-Midsomers branch of the mystery tree with its irresistible stars in the lead roles, its slow but never time-wasting character developments, its high-on- thinking and low-on-physical-violence story, and its beautiful camera work. If you like all of the above features and a good, escape-for-an- hour mystery, please watch this. J.K. Rowling wrote the book and I'm glad that the British television peeps had the great good sense to bring this to us as beautifully as they did. I hope they make more.

efwkidlightning 2 September 2017

Tom Burke and Holiday Grainger are a stand out team in what could easily have been a tawdry run of the mill Detective trawl.

Cormeran Strike is a lovable mess of a reinvented down at heels gumshoe. The pacing manages too drag the fashionable locations and characters into the gutter along with him, humanising them all in his search for the truth over the death of a model.

There is an endearing quality to this show which so readily could have been destroyed by bad casting. Ignore any opinion drawn from knowing the writer. Approach with a fresh face. Definitely a good first outing for Strike.

reneedlittle 18 September 2017

Excellent cast, dynamic story line, unique cinematography all combine for an outstanding series. The nonexistence of over the top completely impossible special effects is refreshing. It's intelligent and sophisticated in it's execution. There is no quick fix to each case, yet the writers don't drag the story along simply to fill time and episodes, instead time is utilized efficiently and very effectively creating a great deal of intrigue and suspense which will keep you up at night to watch an episode instead of going to bed. A definite must watch series.

GwydionMW 13 September 2017

I'd already read the book, but Strike as portrayed was more convincing than my own prior vision.

You get a nice range of people in one limited slice of London, as well as a series of puzzles that get solved.

They improve the ending, giving a better excuse for the murderer doing something I can't detail without giving away the plot.

myangel109 3 September 2017

I LOVE these books. I was very anxious about watching the show because I personally hate the Harry Potter adaptations. The casting was great especially Robin. I honestly thought they might have changed the ending from the book, it had me guessing (and I've read the book more than once). I have read mixed reviews about this show and I understand the criticism, however, I think it deserves a bigger audience. There are a few nitpicks I had, when I read the books I pictured Luther.. and Tom Burke seems to have stolen his coat from BBC props.

Read the books and watch the show. I am not sure how I would have felt if hadn't read them. So to conclude.. best JKR adaptation out there. Watch this show.

lindastroud45 4 September 2017

All I can say is watch it....I watched the first three episodes In one go it was that good.i was only going to watch one but it got me hooked immediately . The acting was brilliant,Tom Burke who I have to admit I've never seen before played a brilliant part,he was like a young modern day Columbo..The story line had you guessing from the start and there was a great twist at the end. 10 out of 10. I can't wait for more.

lucasoliveirak 5 September 2017

The Cuckoo's Calling is extraordinary, with a stellar cast with Very impressive performances that makes the series even better. the chemistry between the protagonists is stupendously grandiose, as in the book. the series is very true to the book, with some small changes but still impressive. the strike adaptation honors its source material, which is a masterpiece of a book

writeus-1 3 September 2017

I have just watched 'The Cuckoo's Calling'. This is a great take on the hard on his heels private investigator gets an opportunity story. JK Rowling's content is as well written as a John Grisham/Agatha Christie with the added frisson of cool London locations and culture. I particularly like the casting of Tom Bell as the rough-round-the-edges sleuth and the engaging Holliday Grainger as his ever so capable assistant; they are both so watchable. I look forward to the next series (and for any critics of this series yes I am perfectly happy to overlook any plot holes).

r-angle 16 June 2018

Holliday Grainger lights up the screen. She is one of the best actors I have ever seen. She conveys so many moods and emotions with slightest glance.

Also, I enjoy the story. It is my cup of tea.

lamsherlck 30 December 2020

I lived in London for nine years and worked all over the city. I think that the location scouting for this series is excellent and I am truly impressed. The series is very good as well.

gangulyneellohit 19 September 2017

The first time I read 'The Cuckoo's Calling', I was pleasantly surprised by the unconventional detective and his assistant. This series lives up to every one of my expectations and more. Maybe because our very own talented witch is the executive producer. Giving a 9 because I think the Silkworm should have had 3 episodes too.

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