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Chapelwaite (2021)

Drama | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.5/10 1200 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

In the 1850s, Captain Charles Boone relocates his family to his ancestral home in the small, sleepy town of Preacher's Corners. Charles will soon have to confront the secrets of his family's history and fight to end the darkness.

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Season 1

October 31, 2021Episode 10 The Keeper
October 17, 2021Episode 8 Hold the Night
October 3, 2021Episode 6 The Offer
September 26, 2021Episode 5 The Prophet
September 19, 2021Episode 4 The Promised
September 12, 2021Episode 3 Legacy of Madness
August 29, 2021Episode 2 Memento Mori

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User Reviews

Almost_Soldout 22 August 2021

Usually I am not into darker historical series but this one looks very interesting. Intriguing from the first episode. Some twists looks awkward but will see where that take us. Recommended if you are into dark, moody, scary and mystery shows.

pranay_misra 23 August 2021

I have read Jerusalems lot and salems lot both and was eagerly waiting for this series. While it takes the basic premise from the short story, lots of diffrnt characters are introduced here. Now the setting is good, atmosphere is also fine. There is mysterios illness in the town and everyone suspects Boone for it although the present family has just arrived and the previos ones died an year ago.

Now here the main issue described in the book hasnt started much in first 3 episodes but the setting looks good. Expecting something good here. Brody is good so are the other actors.

As of now the book stands above series,lets see what happens in future episodes.

sthomo12 24 August 2021

Only 3 episodes in so will update later.

Huge fan of the original novella and author-and not disappointed in the effort so far. Slow burn into madness is the perfect pace for this Lovecraftian gothic nightmare. I think the house could have been better treated as a character itself-it is a little plain and has no discernible menace. Indeed much of the landscape which is so rich usually in King's books hasn't really been given much graft. But Brody and the rest of the cast have given the characters a wonderful brooding interpretation.

It's best to ignore the review bombs by whinging, bed-wetting incels claiming 'wokeness', being upset by what a character says does not a review make...I have a feeling they haven't read much literature, studied film or studied any actual history beyond reddit and 4chan. If they are to be believed...apparently Hawaii doesn't exist (it does), there were no African Americans in Maine during the 1800s (there were) and women didn't have aspirations, go to college or weren't authors (They did and were. Colleges for women were first established in 1831 in the US . The story is set in 1850). Fairly puerile critiques of a fantasy horror show only 3 episodes in but hey, talent-less losers, unable to create anything themselves gotta be talent-less losers.

chaakar 30 August 2021

On episode 4 (but IMDb won't let me rate it yet for some reason) where it seems the show begins to really pick up. Haven't ever read any Stephen King, and I've liked some of his previous TV adaptations, some not so much. In this one, so far, things have been layered on to the drama/mystery very nicely, creating a very dark cool & creepy atmosphere.

No complains about the acting/dialogue from me at all yet, some people will complain about anything though.

Very very much looking forward to how it proceeds!

scootmandu-662-305600 29 August 2021

After seeing the first 4 episodes, I am happy to report that "Chapelwaite" is one of the most satisfying gothic horror series I have seen in some time.

I was worried about how Emily Hampshire would make the transition from comedy to drama after "Schitt's Creek," but she is truly excellent. From her narration monologues, with just the right amount of breathiness, to her scenes with the impressive Adrian Brody, Hampshire has been a joy to watch. Even her occasionally awkward body language is perfectly suited to her character.

Not just the 2 stars, but the entire cast, are extremely strong. Not a weak link in the bunch.

I especially like the consistent somber, and grim, tone throughout, and the way "Chapelwaite" languishes over these brooding moments to capture the mood. For those who like a ton of gore and a rapid pace, this may not be for you. However, there are enough scary moments to keep you locked in.

I also think that it is a plus that this series tries to be socially conscious, as well. Let's face it, "The Crucible" was an attempt to equate the Salem witch trials to McCarthyism, so it is not out of place to include social commentary in the story-telling. And no, they don't hit you over the head with it, either. Where it comes into play, it makes sense.

Bottom line....this is a fun series for anyone who liked to settle in with a good old-fashioned horror tale. While I read "Salem's Lot," (one of my favorite King works), I had never read the "Jerusalem Lot" short story that this was based upon. So I do not have to spend any of my critique worrying about how it may have deviated from the script. I am just judging it on its own terms.

For anyone who has ever curled up with a good scary, gothic horror tale, punctuated by vampires, specters, and a touch of madness, you are in for a treat.

yusufpiskin 26 August 2021

Finally someone who understands the spirit of the Stephen King books has arrived. I was very happy when I saw the name Adrien Brody as an actor in this project. My impatience increased when I found out that he was the producer. The quality of Adrien Brody shows itself in the first two episodes.

namstonk 26 August 2021

Ok here is yet another problem when you get woke writer's being limp and appealing to a tiny minority.

So the main story starts in 1850, a 170 year's ago and within half an hour we have got one mention of racism and one female oppression comment. The fact that the writer's have added children and made them children of color, also two of the children are girl's, plus there is an obvious female protagonist. So why write as if making an issue? You basically created these characters to make issue of race and female oppression for no reason other than to get traction as they are not in the original text. Let the viewer judge on looks and whispering or clever direction if you must add additional characters. The viewer is more than aware of what happened 170 year's ago. They don't need spoonfeeding and they don't need boohoo's in every damn new series.

On the plus side the cast are superb, especially all the young players, the cinematography and direction are also excellent. Adding to the quality is the music and costume department.

All in all a great start, but only a 6/10 not everything is about race nor female oppression, especially when it's deliberately mentioned to characters who do not appear in the original novel.

jonasatmosfera 23 August 2021

It is another adaptation with a total disregard for the original material and historical accuracy. They butchered King's story.

The story does not matter anymore, as long as it is infused with generous doses of political proselytism and the usual not-so-subliminal-anymore attempt to brainwash the audience.....Ah, what a brave new world we live in!

Anyway, after all that, the whole thing becomes too sanitized, and what was supposed to be a horror story becomes a PG-13 educational video on how to think and behave.

TMTAuthor 23 August 2021

First things first, who is writing the 10 Star reviews? Are they paid for? Are they written by people involved with the show? Because this is nowhere close to a 10 rating. Not even.

Brody aside, this is not good TV or film or storytelling. I'm sure vampire fans, seeking a new binge might be excited, but this is weak.

Plotting, character development and pacing are all second rate. Anachronistic social behavior and social justice messaging is never good, but here it's beyond awkward.

And the source material? The Stephen King short story Jerusalem's Lot (not the full novel Salem's Lot) is almost completely abandoned.

If you're looking for a Stephen King inspired vampire drama watch the original 1970's TV adaptation with David Soul. What it lacks in special effects and production value it more than compensates with true scares and an unsettling story. The Rob Lowe headlined remake? Not so much.

gerrylowe-12698 25 August 2021

Gotta love a Stephen King story brought to life! Only Episode One but a great cast, production quality is good, and the storyline is intriguing! Can't wait to see more!

edgarkaz 25 August 2021

First episode put forth the rest of the story. Its pretty pretty damn good. It gets dark as F quick and its I honestly like it a lot. Watched 3 episodes so far.

rodolfocalzadilla 5 September 2021

Well done, excellent acting, music, locations. Is very mature and perfect classic horror.

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