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Clarice (2021)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   6.2/10 7.9K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A look at the untold personal story of FBI agent Clarice Starling, as she returns to the field about a year after the events of The Silence of the Lambs (1991).

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June 24, 2021star7.6 197 votesS1E13 Family Is Freedom
April 8, 2021star7.5 387 votesS1E7 Ugly Truth
February 25, 2021star7.4 592 votesS1E3 Are You Alright?
June 10, 2021star7.4 211 votesS1E11 Achilles Heel
June 17, 2021star7.4 200 votesS1E12 Father Time
February 18, 2021star7.3 720 votesS1E2 Ghosts of Highway 20
February 11, 2021star7.0 1005 votesS1E1 The Silence Is Over
May 6, 2021star7.0 305 votesS1E8 Add-a-Bead
March 4, 2021star6.8 557 votesS1E4 You Can't Rule Me
June 3, 2021star6.8 230 votesS1E10 Motherless Child
March 11, 2021star6.7 510 votesS1E5 Get Right With God
May 13, 2021star5.9 382 votesS1E9 Silence Is Purgatory

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User Reviews

random-70778 2 March 2021

Watchseries; Wow. The writing on this, in terms of plot and dialogue is cringeworthy throughout. The acting as well is simply flat.

random-70778 2 March 2021

Wow. The writing on this, in terms of plot and dialogue is cringeworthy throughout. The acting as well is simply flat.

poinla37 13 February 2021

Clarice watchseries. First off, the current actress has nothing to do with Jodie Forster. She lacks talent and charisma, and Clarice's character is not improved by the mediocre writing, filming and editing. Foster was only 23 yo in Silence of the Lambs, but she was able to portray her character's strenght, resolve, cleverness and analysis skills. Sorry for Rebecca Breeds but I find her just not fit for the character, looks like she's just playing an overemotional and naive young woman. Also, whats up with the accent?! Why imitating Foster's way of speaking???? Visual and editing style are really common and overdoing it with slow mo and rapid shots, with enhanced blue and contrast, like most of the "psycho/crime" series (see Prodigal son for instance). Also, That's understandable that Clarice might have flashbacks from her encounter with Buffalo Bill, but what they're showing us as "flashbacks" are re-enacted scenes from the movie that clarice never actually saw. Sorry but that's just dumb....

rhodesc-62300 13 February 2021

I loved the silence of the lambs. This is not anything like it, not sure if it was meant to be along the same lines anyway but this is just another American crime drama. Nothing special

jamisonjohn 13 February 2021

The crew of this show are a carbon copy of Star Trek Discovery. Same lens flares, same quick cuts, same diluted scripts that they use for Star Trek. The lady who plays Clarice is a great actress, who is unfortunately, slave to bad writing. The show is unwatchable. What a disservice to Thomas Harris and his wonderful books and movies based on Silence Of The Lambs.

shannonsuxx 12 February 2021

If you're expecting a thrilling drama along the lines of the television series 'Hannibal', this ain't it.

Such a waste of a reboot:

dfloro 12 February 2021

If you still have fond memories of when you first saw Jonathan Demme's "The Silence of the Lambs" almost 30 years ago, then you will want to avoid this so-called "sequel" series on TV like it's the plague. Take everything you liked about the character of Clarice Starling, as it was so skillfully portrayed by Jodie Foster in the original, and ensure that the writing and acting serve to subvert it at every turn, while tossing in random references to aspects of the film with no rhyme or reason (except for Dr. Lecter, the rights to which are owned by NBC!), then shellac it all with CBS' usual tired, hackneyed police procedural tropes from CSI/NCIS & Criminal Minds, and voila: you have unrecognizable pablum! In honor of Demme, who won an Oscar for directing the movie, be sure to turn the channel when "Clarice" comes on.

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