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Clickbait (2021)

Crime | Mystery 
Popularity 243
Rayting:   7.3/10 29K votes
Country: Australia | USA
Language: English

When family man, Nick Brewer, is abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist, those closest to him race to uncover who is behind it and why.

Episode Guide

Season 1

August 25, 2021Episode 8 The Answer
August 25, 2021Episode 7 The Son
August 25, 2021Episode 6 The Brother
August 25, 2021Episode 5 The Reporter
August 25, 2021Episode 4 The Mistress
August 25, 2021Episode 3 The Wife
August 25, 2021Episode 2 The Detective
August 25, 2021Episode 1 The Sister

Best Clickbait Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

August 25, 2021star8.0 656 votesS1E6 The Brother
August 25, 2021star7.7 578 votesS1E7 The Son
August 25, 2021star7.4 845 votesS1E1 The Sister
August 25, 2021star7.3 673 votesS1E3 The Wife
August 25, 2021star7.2 738 votesS1E2 The Detective
August 25, 2021star7.2 635 votesS1E4 The Mistress
August 25, 2021star7.2 635 votesS1E5 The Reporter
August 25, 2021star7.1 689 votesS1E8 The Answer

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User Reviews

saudaminikulkarni 7 September 2021

A seemingly perfect husband is video taped holding a sign claiming he's a murderer . Everyone is super quick to believe it, but there's more to the story than meets the eye. I think keeping it a mini series was a smart decision . The pacing is quick, there are no unnecessary romantic story lines and the acting is fairly believable. Very watchable!

kosmasp 26 August 2021

This is really well made and tells a story, that does begin with one thing and turns out to be something else entirely. At first you kind of think and feel this being a Saw style show. Of course with someone in peril and the public being the judge of that said person ... what would you do? Now I know that I might try a few things differently, but overall the suspense and everything happening seems legit.

Every episode will show happenings mostly from one perspective ... while further developing the story. Sometimes going into the past just to come back to the present. There are many twists and turns all around and I would say they work out quite well. There is one thing that we see during the final episode (which depicts the "past" as in happened during other episodes that were prior to this), that does not sit well with me. A decision by one major character, that can only be called ... fatal and not very bright. First places to go after something happened to you and all that ... you'll figure it out.

Apart from that, the acting is really good and all the twists and turns work. Even the final one as I would call it. You may feel it is weak, which is fair enough, but it does make sense in the overall context of things. Well told and well edited, you get suspense from start to finish ... not to mention many different emotions.

shourobhh 26 August 2021

At first, I thought it was a common dark web creepy kind of stuff but each episode passing by and the story becomes interesting to me. So many twists, with a good massage. And this kind of story is new to me. I can nitpick some stuff but I decided to ignore those, I really liked the story, that's why came here to review I liked how they ended the story in one season. Must watch.

gabrielnaat 25 August 2021

The show is interesting enough to follow through. The plot is ok. But the characters aren't especially likeable (the neurotic sister is the Worst) and they aren't credible. Both reactions and responses are often weird - like the writers have poor social skills and lack of feeling for the real world. The Cop for example is behaving like a social worker. And others are like "why are you running away? Because i Wanted to talk. Do'h! People are often behaveing like they are from Mars. Its watchable - No less No more.

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