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Cold Case (2003)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.6/10 26K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

The Philadelphia homicide squad's lone female detective finds her calling when she's assigned "cold cases", older crimes that have never been solved.

Episode Guide

Season 7

April 11, 2010Episode 20 Free Love
April 4, 2010Episode 19 Bullet (2)
March 21, 2010Episode 17 Flashover
March 14, 2010Episode 16 One Fall
February 28, 2010Episode 15 Two Weddings
February 21, 2010Episode 14 Metamorphosis
February 14, 2010Episode 13 Bombers
December 13, 2009Episode 10 Iced
December 6, 2009Episode 9 Forensics
November 22, 2009Episode 8 Chinatown
November 8, 2009Episode 6 Dead Heat
November 1, 2009Episode 5 WASP
October 25, 2009Episode 4 Soul
October 11, 2009Episode 3 Jurisprudence
October 4, 2009Episode 2 Hoodrats
September 27, 2009Episode 1 The Crossing

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Cold Case Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

December 3, 2006star8.9 573 votesS4E10 Forever Blue
November 27, 2005star8.9 396 votesS3E9 A Perfect Day
May 8, 2005star8.8 473 votesS2E22 Best Friends
September 24, 2006star8.7 529 votesS4E1 Rampage
March 11, 2007star8.7 400 votesS4E17 Shuffle, Ball Change
November 28, 2004star8.7 321 votesS2E9 Mind Hunters
October 17, 2004star8.6 394 votesS2E3 Daniela
November 7, 2004star8.6 357 votesS2E6 The Sleepover
May 22, 2005star8.6 312 votesS2E23 The Woods
November 12, 2006star8.6 307 votesS4E8 Fireflies
April 16, 2006star8.6 265 votesS3E20 Death Penalty: Final Appeal
November 16, 2003star8.5 417 votesS1E7 A Time to Hate
November 18, 2007star8.5 349 votesS5E9 Boy Crazy
March 6, 2005star8.5 312 votesS2E15 Wishing
April 3, 2005star8.5 274 votesS2E19 Strange Fruit
April 6, 2008star8.5 240 votesS5E15 The Road
March 21, 2010star8.5 167 votesS7E17 Flashover
November 30, 2003star8.4 378 votesS1E8 Fly Away
January 25, 2004star8.4 318 votesS1E13 The Letter
October 2, 2005star8.4 277 votesS3E2 The Promise

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User Reviews

johnnybags-01677 13 June 2021

Watchseries; So happy to see this show is back. Thank you HBO Max.

johnnybags-01677 13 June 2021

So happy to see this show is back. Thank you HBO Max.

Stibbert 8 September 2005

Cold Case watchseries. I'm glad I got the opportunity to catch this show. It's no doubt one of the really good shows on TV these days. Cold Case follows homicide detective Lilly Rush of the Philadelphia police as she digs up the "cold cases". Old unsolved crimes.

This is a very well written show. The episodes always has their twist even though the cases, at first sight, might seem pretty much alike. This show captures the individuality of each crime, the persons involved and the surroundings in a very good way. The fact that the crimes have been committed years ago and that everything involved has changed over the time, gives this show something different then every other cop show. It also captures the humanity of both the victims the suspects and the investigators. There are a lot of feeling in it and it often gets rather touching. Some episodes might contain elements from the characters personal life, but this hardly ever a great storyline of it self in single episodes. It just gives the characters a life beyond the job and this is good as it never takes over the episode or is used to cover a bad plot. The show involves several investigators and you get to know them as well. They got lives and personalities too, yet they don't steal the show from Rush, witch in the end is the star of the show.

The cast is great. Kathryn Morris does a great job portraying Rush and the others does a good job as well. The directors does a good job instructing the cast.

The cinematography and lightning of this show is just beautiful. It all looks great. Both scenes from past and present. They have given the show a unique look. A kind of white or blue, cold look. They also manage to capture the unique eras in witch the crime was committed. You know just by looking witch decade we're in. It's the colors, the way they shoot, the quality and the overall look that make this. The art director, production designer, costume etc. deserves credit for this too. Making the sets and such fit the era.

The original music of this show it catching and good. In addition there is a lot of none original music from the year the crimes are committed. This really gives the right feel and easy gives you the idea of witch year we're in. I find the use of non-original music very nice. Including the none original theme song by E.S. Posthumus. It fits like a glove.

Cold Case is a well written, good looking and well made show. Over all I would give this show a 7,5 out of 10 and a warm recommendation.

skoyles 20 February 2005

First there was "Cold Squad" set in Vancouver masquerading as.... Vancouver! Now while Vancouver is only barely Canadian it was refreshing to see a Canadian-made show set in Canada rather than New York having Vancouver's Coast Range mountains in the background as in one infamous example in a Jackie Chan movie. (I bet all those people in Brooklyn and Harlem enjoy the snow-capped peaks they can see from Manhatten.) "Cold Squad" was a reasonably good police procedural and worth a look.

Then there was "Cold Case" set in Philadelphia masquerading as Philadelphia - or so I think, never having been to Philly. The star was and is most appealing, the soap opera aspects not too overdone, the use of music unsurpassed, and the writing! Perhaps the best written show now on television, writing not merely skillful as in "Law & Order" and "CSI" but filled with compassion, heart, sympathy and simply that most elusive quality of love.

I admit that several of the episodes have so moved that I have found tears in my eyes by the ending. I know it is emotionally manipulative in use of music, plot and scene but it is quite simply superb. This programme, at best, touch the heart.

P.S. Having seen the first show of the new (2005-06) season I must modify my above opinion. This is not, in my opinion, "perhaps the best written show now on television"; this is probably the best written television programme ever.

fgunther 14 December 2003

Low-key, well written and very well acted.

Kathryn Morris is a find, and the supporting cast is way above average.

Anyone who really likes CSI and Without a Trace will enjoy this gem.

ma-cortes 30 August 2019

Good show, nice series formed by 156 episodes, 7 seasons ,about an expert force at law, a professional squad of homicides, Philadelphia set, taking on cold cases, bringing them to life . Being starred by lone female detective Lilly, Kathryn Morris, who finds her calling when is assigned by her superior boss John Stilman : John Finn, to investigate criminal "Cold Cases" , older crimes that have ever been solved and working for Philadelphia Department . They must attempt to re-think the killing scenes and interview other people involved with the victims to find out a link to solve the criminal cases executed many years earlier. At their hard work they suffer risked incidents, at times, and dangerous situations that from time to time put them on the verge of nervous breakdown. It is well paced by using flashbacks, including nostalgic songs from the 60, 70s, 80s, 90s... Homicide is timeless but detection methods change. Hope lives, because the evidence never dies. Better late than never.

This active team is formed by following members : Lily : Kathryn Morris, she is only investigator woman , she suffered a sad past when was assaulted by a nasty attacker as a little girl. John Stillman : John Finn, he is Lily's chief, and at times her surrogate daddy figure, and the one who was there for her after being attacked by a stranger assailtant as child. Detective Scotty Valens : Danny Pino, he is a street-smart guy and Lilly's best friend, who tells her his problems, he fought with the real guilt and grief when his fiancee suffered schizofrenic visions , seeing imaginary old friends and she subsequently committed suicide. Detective Will Jeffries : Thom Barry, he is a previous Vietnam war veteran, he lost his spouse at a hit-and-run truck crash and he feels really affected still, he is a good friend to the other Inspectors. Detective Nick Vera : Jeremy Ratchford, he is an overweight inspector who was left by his wife, but he really wishes to have an ordinary family , he was eventually missed after unintentionally having detained an innocent man and accusing him as a killer . Kat Miller : Tracie Thoms, she previously worked in narcotics, she knows well the delinquency area of Philadelphia, she has a little girl daughter whose father is an ex-mobster, that is why she has family problems. Louie : Doug Spinazza, he is an specialist at the science of explosives and fire, using his weapons skills to help solve criminal cases . Frankie : Tania Raymonde, she is expert in photography at the Philadelphia police department, her skills are really necessary to discover crimes, she had a brief love relationship with Scotty. And Susan Chuang as an expertise forensic . Furthermore, Raymond J Barry, as Lily father, he was out her life throughout his infancy, however, appearing many years later when Lily was seriously injured. And Nicky Aycox as Lily's troublesome sister, she is a promiscuous girl who cheated her, the reason for Lily often resents her entire family, including her drunk mother. Adding a good plethora of guest stars showing up through the 156 episodes, such as : Michael Pare, Barbara Niven, Daniel Baldwin, Jesse Plemons, Susanna Thomson, Maggie Grace, Kevin Chapman, Silas Mitchell, DW Moffet, Jessica Tuck, Thine, Meredith Salenger, Diane Ladd, Jeffrey Nordling, John Diehl, Stacey Edwards and many others

The series was originally created by Meredith Stiehm supported by Veena Sud, Liz Garcia, Mark Pellington and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Being directed by notorious directors as Deran Sarafian, Marcus Siega,

4-Kane 27 December 2003

A few years ago, I remember hearing stories about actual cold case squads, and how they successfully solved cases that went unsolved for many years. I was so intrigued by such stories that it soon occurred to me that it would be cool if there were a TV series involving characters solving unsolved crimes. To my knowledge, there wasn't one. But that has finally changed, thanks to this clever new show.

In my personal opinion, Cold Case is television's best new drama of 2003. What sets it apart from most other "whodunit" shows is that we see detective solving old crimes, rather than new ones (that, of course, is why they are part of the cold case squad). When characters associated with a given cold case are introduced, we get to see images of how old (or should I say young) they looked when the crime in question took place. When the case is resolved and arrests are made, we see an image of the murder victim (or victims). It's as though the deceased is actually seeing justice about to be done, and realizing that they can finally rest in peace, now that those responsible are about to get a long overdue punishment.

Cold Case may be dealing with fictional cases, but it just goes to show that there's no statute of limitations on murder. If you commit a murder, your punishment (whether in life, in the afterlife, or both) may be postponed, but it can't be prevented.

Since Cold Case is doing very well in the ratings, I am optimistic about its future. Hopefully, the show will go on for at least five or six years. I highly recommend this show.

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