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Colony (2016)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   7.4/10 31379 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

In the wake of a mysterious alien invasion, a family fights to stay together in a new world order.

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User Reviews

claudew-72515 2 September 2018

What a bunch of morons to cancel this series without some kind of ending. Will NEVER start a series again by USA

fotioschan 31 July 2018

Cancelled? Really?One of the best TV shows? Bring it back

mr118 22 January 2019

One of the best SciFi shows I've ever seen. Immersive, distopian world, great story, awesome characters, super addictive - I rarely get a show that I watch until 5 AM (which costed me greatly at work). What USA Network did was terrible, show would made a legendary 5 seasons saga, as it is - unfortunately remains unfinished and plot seem "cut in the middle", thus 9 not 10.

jarroddmarriott 1 September 2018

A very good show, well written with interesting characters. Seems strange a network would cancel this out of the blue with no story resolution, but renew all the other rubbish out there.

Here's hoping Amazon, Netflix or someone will pick it up. #SaveColony

rasalt 26 July 2018

Why in the hell did you just cancel this show? It was one of the best on tv. That was no finale! It wasn't over. There could be so much more. Who are the idiots that decide what should be seen and what shouldn't? So you think the trumpies want to see " this is us"? One of the stupidest boring shows on tv.

courtneyknicely 20 December 2018

Please please please bring this show back!! I was always on the edge of my seat. And to end it right when the war was finally starting!! It's all built up to this moment. Please at least give us closure. The Colony was a tremendous show. Please bring it back!!

sumerahmet-95326 11 March 2019

This series doesn't only include sci fi but also it deals with human relations like what a family can do to protect itself or what sacrifices a human can make. There is both action and emotion in it. Unfortunately, This is an unfinished story. I hope there will be new episodes.

dissanctus 21 May 2018

I don't often write reviews, leaving this to more learned critics, but I just had to mention what a successful mix this is of drama and sci-fi thriller. The actors all do excellently, and the show benefits greatly from letting your imagination paint a worse picture due to what you don't see. There are ominous echoes of our own history here and there, as the occupying forces are rarely shown, but their power is obvious, especially given the traitorous collaboration of the government. This show really keeps me looking forward to more of the unraveling mystery; what is the true intention of these mysterious invaders? There are some gritty characters that work well and one feels for the family. The effects are few but shockingly effective. All throughout the series manages to maintain a tense paranoid atmosphere which never allows you to relax. I think it's a really good example of sci-fi TV and hope it continues until completion unlike so many promising shows today.

farahchatelier 31 May 2018

All I can say is "Wow" this is the best season thus far! The writers, the producers, the cast ...are all keeping me, my family and friends on the edge of our seats.....This is the only TV series I find myself addicted to...I also hate that I have to wait 7 days before the next

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