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Community (2009)

Rayting:   8.5/10 236K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A suspended lawyer is forced to enroll in a community college with an eccentric staff and student body.

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May 6, 2010star9.8 11405 votesS1E23 Modern Warfare
October 13, 2011star9.8 10471 votesS3E4 Remedial Chaos Theory
May 5, 2011star9.7 6863 votesS2E23 A Fistful of Paintballs (1)
May 12, 2011star9.6 5547 votesS2E24 For a Few Paintballs More (2)
February 3, 2011star9.5 5988 votesS2E14 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
May 17, 2012star9.5 5192 votesS3E20 Digital Estate Planning
April 26, 2012star9.5 4971 votesS3E17 Basic Lupine Urology
November 18, 2010star9.4 5325 votesS2E9 Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design
January 23, 2014star9.4 4513 votesS5E5 Geothermal Escapism
April 22, 2010star9.3 5227 votesS1E21 Contemporary American Poultry
October 28, 2010star9.3 5199 votesS2E6 Epidemiology
April 5, 2012star9.3 4982 votesS3E14 Pillows and Blankets (2)
January 16, 2014star9.3 3998 votesS5E4 Cooperative Polygraphy
May 10, 2012star9.2 3869 votesS3E19 Curriculum Unavailable
November 11, 2010star9.1 4360 votesS2E8 Cooperative Calligraphy
April 21, 2011star9.1 4157 votesS2E21 Paradigms of Human Memory
November 17, 2011star9.1 4042 votesS3E8 Documentary Filmmaking: Redux
May 17, 2012star9.1 3564 votesS3E21 The First Chang Dynasty
March 24, 2011star9.0 4159 votesS2E19 Critical Film Studies

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User Reviews

timothyalis 3 August 2020

Watchseries; Community is a fantastic show. The hilarious cast of characters and Britta create a really fun show to binge. Their tributes to popular media are creative and funny at the same time. The only 2 things that bring this show down are season 4 and some of the first few episodes. Otherwise, the show is fantastic and I would recommend giving it a watch.

timothyalis 3 August 2020

Community is a fantastic show. The hilarious cast of characters and Britta create a really fun show to binge. Their tributes to popular media are creative and funny at the same time. The only 2 things that bring this show down are season 4 and some of the first few episodes. Otherwise, the show is fantastic and I would recommend giving it a watch.

brenee24 5 March 2010

Community watchseries. I'm so happy for Joel McHale (The Soup) to have found a comedy that works for him. It's great to see Chevy Chase back on the screen, in a role that is so unlike himself but that he plays so convincingly that I often forget I'm watching the guy from "I'm Chevy Chase and You're Not." I also love seeing Donald Glover in a supportive and recurring role on a show- he's a wonderfully talented writer and has been in the business for quite some time, working with Derrick Comedy and even writing some of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock. Glover's on screen relationship with Abed is hilariously funny- the two have an amazing chemistry, and people who think that's weird are "just jealous." The ladies are also quite brilliant and unique, each with their own distinctive personalities and eccentricities. The ensemble cast is quirky and the characters are extremely diverse but somehow fit together first as a Spanish study group and then as friends. Moreover, after dropping out of my first pick of universities, I myself attended a community college for my sophomore year, and Community does well to portray the...uniqueness of this type of school. The student body is quite diverse, and the cast of the show represents all the stereotypes of people who end up in such a place. However, it also reflects the actual sense of community that can be formed in a smaller university and the bonding between students who otherwise would have never met let alone become friends. Oh, and we can't forget the mix of normal professors and absolutely insane ones ! What more is there to say ? I love this show; I think it's The Best new comedy for 2009-2010. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it goes another season !!!

benps 3 August 2020

Community is easily one of my favourite shows, even if it did go through a rough period. The writing in this show was amazing. It's sharp, witty, and smart, yet it never felt overly-sophisticated. The characters were all extremely likeable too, and the entire cast managed to bring something distinct and quirky to their role. I especially loved Abed, as I certainly related to him the most. Every episode always felt creative visually as well. In terms of direction and cinematography, Community was always very playful and never felt stale. It was definitely high above many sitcoms and shows in general in terms of visual presentation. Season 1-3 are amazing and flawless in my opinion, but with that being said, there was season 4 (The 'Gas leak year') and admittedly I don't think the show ever recovered after that, despite seasons 5 & 6 being great, it still never felt the same. Seasons 1-3 were so good though that I can actually overlook it. Those seasons alone make me forget about season 4 entirely. Very few shows offer as much comfort and make me as happy as Community does.

ovanklot 1 November 2009

Finally, after a long dry-spell, I have found a live-action TV show that actually makes me laugh again.

Watching this show made me burst out laughing so many times. The script is wonderfully written and the actors have excellent comedic timing to match it. Sure, there are a few less-than-funny parts about it, but then again, it's not sketch comedy, so it can't be funny all the time.

McHale leads nicely, but both he and Gillian Jacobs do a weird 180 degree turn in character after a couple of episodes. It was supposed to be a step meant to make them seem more human and vulnerable, rather than absurd, comedic characters, but ends up making you a bit uneasy. A special kudos goes to Ken Jeong, for portraying one of the funnier characters portrayed on screen as of late.

ahmedgorshy 23 October 2020

Community review Before I start writing a review, I have to tell you that society is one of the series. Whenever you watch episodes of them in a row, you know the reason for their greatness, so do not judge the first two episodes of the series, which I think are somewhat below the standard for me. If you're a fan of Arrested devolpment like me, the community will undoubtedly like you. It consists of six seasons. I will evaluate each season separately. The first season was undoubtedly exceptional, especially when you re-watch you will find it more enjoyable from the first time you watched it. The first season takes time to get to know the characters and hang on to them, and as soon as you get attached to them, you will enter directly into the atmosphere, so how can you not like characters like the narcissist, Jeff Winger, or the Arab obsessed with movies and series (just like me) and troy whoever does not like Troy or the racist old man Pierce is my favorite character in the series and I am the princess, as Jeff says Britta and Shirley Season 1 rating is 8.7/10 Season 2 rating is 9.6/10 Season 3 rating is 9.8/10 Season 4 rating is just A fart 😂 Season 5 rating is 8.0 Season 6 rating is 8.5 or 9.0 because the Perfect ending #six_ seasons_ and _movie

staceyhicken 16 July 2010

This show is just awesome. Me and my chap are often having to pause it or rewind it just because of the amount and the level of humour! All the characters are great. Sexy Jeff pulls the best faces, Pierce is just brilliant (he is very nearly my fave), Annie and Shirley bounce of each other and have some great moments, Britta is cute, funny and geeky and Abed and Troy take over the show when they have scenes together. Even watching the pilot episode i was laughing my bum off!!! Spanish professor Chang is also great. My only criticism is that Troy needs a story line or a few more scenes as he is so so funny but the end scenes with Abed and Troy more than make up for that. They are genius! The whole cast is just great and after watching the whole first series in one weekend i cannot wait for the next one. One of the most clever, entertaining and FUNNY shows i have ever seen. Along with the other fans. I beg you PLEASE do not cancel it! Here in the UK i am sure we would pick up this series for at least 5 seasons, its just THAT good! :-)

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