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Criminal Minds (2005)

Crime | Mystery 
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Country: USA | Canada
Language: English

The cases of the F.B.I. Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.), an elite group of profilers who analyze the nation's most dangerous serial killers and individual heinous crimes in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again.

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Season 15

February 19, 2020Episode 9 Face Off (1)
February 12, 2020Episode 8 Family Tree
February 5, 2020Episode 7 Rusty
February 5, 2020Episode 6 Date Night
January 29, 2020Episode 5 Ghost
January 22, 2020Episode 4 Saturday
January 8, 2020Episode 2 Awakenings
January 8, 2020Episode 1 Under the Skin

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Best Criminal Minds Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

January 13, 2016star9.2 2896 votesS11E11 Entropy
February 7, 2007star9.0 3216 votesS2E15 Revelations (2)
March 3, 2010star9.0 3094 votesS5E16 Mosley Lane
April 18, 2018star8.8 1226 votesS13E22 Believer
November 29, 2006star8.7 2845 votesS2E11 Sex, Birth, Death
January 16, 2013star8.7 2763 votesS8E12 Zugzwang
April 22, 2015star8.7 2579 votesS10E21 Mr. Scratch
March 16, 2011star8.7 2422 votesS6E18 Lauren
November 25, 2009star8.6 3207 votesS5E9 100
November 12, 2008star8.6 2527 votesS4E7 Memoriam
January 13, 2010star8.6 2520 votesS5E12 The Uncanny Valley
May 13, 2009star8.6 2512 votesS4E24 Amplification
September 20, 2006star8.6 2485 votesS2E1 The Fisher King (2)
January 18, 2012star8.6 2421 votesS7E11 True Genius
October 3, 2018star8.6 1035 votesS14E1 300
February 5, 2020star8.6 693 votesS15E6 Date Night
April 8, 2009star8.5 2750 votesS4E20 Conflicted
April 16, 2008star8.5 2558 votesS3E16 Elephant's Memory
March 23, 2016star8.5 2024 votesS11E18 A Beautiful Disaster
March 29, 2006star8.4 2911 votesS1E18 Somebody's Watching

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User Reviews

hippo_butt2000 10 April 2006

Truly a great series worthy of praise. Many may say that this is a 'rip-off' of CSI but I've watched CSI and it caught me on for a bit, but after a while it just seemed to closed. Where CSI guides you through the story and gives a picture perfect ending and how you're supposed to perceive it, Criminal Minds lets you explore and judge for yourself. It doesn't preach too much and the stories are engaging and suspenseful! Excellent writing and great performances from the stars. It may begin cliché, but if you stay long enough it is a rewarding and entertaining view, and I don't feel it's going to let down any time soon. Give it a chance, or just watch episode 7 'The Fox'. It shows the best writing and acting in the show so far, in my opinion. Diving into minds of lunatics and psychopaths has never been more entertaining! Fantastic!

candelach 22 February 2016

Criminal Minds started out really well. A little bit of psychological and sociological background being introduced to the general public to get a grasp on criminal profiling. The episodes were entertaining, the characters relatable yet realistically flawed. However from season 6 on, this series just spiraled downward. The cases lost the grip they had had on the audience, became dull and left you cold. In an attempt to make up for unimaginative cases and the routine that had set it when watching the team profile, gore and violence was increased and to even it out cheesy background plots for the characters were added. Sometimes it's just better to quit while you're ahead.

socrfan-60834 12 August 2019

The profilers, out of thin air, magically know the age sex and past of way too many of the people they're chasing. Profiling is one thing but this gets way overboard. And the conclusion always has a hostage with a gun or knife to their neck. Plus how many times do we need to hear someone call out in a dark building "hello is anyone there" or say they're calling the police and turn their back so they can get hit. Instead of good scripts the writers take too many liberties and too often the easy way out.

farshidkarimi 4 February 2017

I loved this series.

But, it started a nosedive crash into boredom and sloppiness with the introduction of new actors in place of Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler.

The new characters are dull, drab, hamming their roles and do not fit with the group nicely.

The run-time of the episodes also dropped and they wander off into the personal lives of the characters.

Is it just me who feeling the show is going downhill or other fans too?

I hope they will come back to bring the show to its former status.

hapkidoba 12 June 2019

Ever since they let Thomas Gibson go the writing has significantly gone down. Wish he could have articulated and set a standard with out anger. He unfortunately, was correct. The writers left to own devices are not producing story lines that captures anyone's attention

rillau 29 January 2018

Hotchner is the legal mind, and the one to keep everything together. The show now suffers without him. "Wheels up in 30," just doesn't sound the same coming from others. Don't get me wrong, I like the other characters, but Hotch was the glue. Egos need to let it go and do what is right not what you can do to throw the playground tantrum to get what you want. No respect for people with money using that as a means of getting their way...childish!!! Hotch started on this show and his character was the most interesting. He needs to be back on the show or I feel the show is going to reach a slow demise.

hellebenzon-26367 26 March 2017

I was a hardcore fan for 11 seasons. I've seen every episode, but this last season is absolutely the s'worst. I don't know if they got new writers, or the writers are just totally out of touch with the fanbase, but it has become ridiculous and soap-like. The Reid-line has taken forever, and it's really painful to watch. I think, I'll drop the show, and maybe pick it up again later, when they maybe get it back to it's former standards. But I fear, that this is it for Criminal Minds. With the downfall, I'm not sure it will survive for a 13th season.

ccreech 30 October 2005

I have watched each episode of Criminal Minds, and I agree with the writer from Canada about this show (and also about their comments on NCIS, which seems to have more spark and humor than the other CSI shows).

Mandy Patinkin turns anything he's in to pure gold, and I hope "Criminal Minds" will get a long run! The plots are engaging, the cast interacts well together, and nobody comes off as being too "preachy," as you get with some of the CSIs and Law & Orders.

Thanks for the opportunity to support a fine show which is up against some tough competition. I watched "Lost" quite a bit it's first season, but finally got bored with it because it never seemed to have any resolution. Just episode upon episode of wondering why it wasn't going anywhere. In other words, "Lost" lost me! And I'm starting to get that same feeling with "Desperate Housewives," too. When I was a kid I really enjoyed ongoing serials; but not that much anymore....

Shows like Criminal Minds and Numbers and NCIS manage to make you think you've watched a complete story; and from my point of view, I respond to that kind of entertainment much, much better!

bch035 9 November 2005

This is one of the best shows I have ever watched (and I watch some of the best on TV - The West Wing, all of the Law and Orders, House MD). On Wednesday nights, I use to watch "The West Wing", but then that moved to Sunday. I started to watch "Head Cases", but to my great disappointment (though not surprise) that was cancelled. So, on a whim, I tried out "Criminal Minds". I have never made a better TV decision.

Criminal Minds is a psychological thriller that keeps your undivided attention. Like Law & Order, no one character gets the direct star treatment. I have seen seven episodes, and I still do not have a favorite character (which is highly unusual for me). I love them all. Every single week, this is the only show I can hardly wait for.

If you like plots that keep you thinking and guessing while having plenty of physical and mention action, this show is definitely for you.

kot426 14 February 2017

I have watched this show since day one. I am sorry to say without Hotchner this show is doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The woman that is now in charge was so-so as just one of the group but as the boss she is pathetic! The three newest "actors" are really bad. The black woman that used to be Ross' girlfriend on friends is okay, the hispanic guy is mediocre and the latest guy, the MONOTONE black guy is just so horrible, how could anyone have cast him on this show??????? Just listening to his boring voice is enough to put any insomniac to sleep..........

This 12th year should be the downfall of this show. When 2 of the best characters are no longer on the show after such a long run and are replaced by such horrible actors, it is surely doomed. Hotchner was the very best character on this show and without him and the way this show has spiraled into the depths, I think season 12 episode 10 is the final one for me. Goodbye Criminal Minds.

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