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Dalgliesh (2021)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.8/10 1.1K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

Follows Dalgliesh's crime fighting career from 1970s England to the present day.

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November 8, 2021star8.4 57 votesS1E4 The Black Tower (2)
November 15, 2021star8.4 44 votesS1E6 A Taste for Death (2)
November 15, 2021star8.2 51 votesS1E5 A Taste for Death (1)
November 8, 2021star8.1 104 votesS1E3 The Black Tower (1)
November 1, 2021star8.0 142 votesS1E1 Shroud for a Nightingale (1)
November 1, 2021star8.0 103 votesS1E2 Shroud for a Nightingale (2)

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User Reviews

andrewpeel 22 November 2021

betsat giriş. **********************The best thing on TV by a mile. I will take no arguments about this. If you're bored by this you have no brain or soul. I have nothing else to add.

andrewpeel 22 November 2021

**********************The best thing on TV by a mile. I will take no arguments about this. If you're bored by this you have no brain or soul. I have nothing else to add.

ociopia 18 November 2021

Dalgliesh watchseries. I should disclose that I watched the Roy Marsden Dalgliesh years ago and felt it to be fabulous and worthy of P. D. James' novels. That entire series was superlative; tender, thoughtful and often rather spooky. When I saw the ads for this new series, I couldn't imagine it would be good. The first two episodes were mediocre. Above average compared to American procedurals but nothing particularly special. I nearly skipped the third episode. Praise be that I turned it on. It is wonderful. I think from seeing it I can critique retrospectively what ails the first two episodes. Tone. P. D. James has a voice in her novels that the original series was able to translate to the screen. It is restrained but under the restraint lies both a mounting tension and an overwhelming reflection of sorrow, encapsulated and reflected to us by Dalgliesh himself. Bertie Carvel captured that perfectly in the third episode. I was touched.

ianbrumpton 4 November 2021

Stylishly directed and photographed with an excellent cast all-round and a lovely score. Bertie Carvel (never seen him give a bad performance yet) nailed the lead role as Inspector Dalgliesh, adapted from three of the novels by one of the greatest British crime writers, PD James.

The scripts were sharp, with good plots and pacing, nice dialogue and lots of interesting character and period detailing. Everyone involved in this series seemed to be on song. I hope it gets re-commissioned as I really like what I've seen so far. Dalgliesh is a definite winner.

There are 3 standalone two parters, best watched in a single sitting.

teachermarkthailand 9 November 2021

There's nothing new about this 'made for TV' disposable product. There are the obligatory woke token representations of race, there's the ridiculously fierce lighting in every scene, the actor's marks have been set using a computer program and the script is thick with melodrama but not a realistic word is spoken.

It's Murder In Paradise minus the paradise. Stick a pipe in his gob and he's Sherlock Holmes... and this Watson is so two-dimensionally annoying he needs a good punch in the face!

It's embarrassing to me (an elderly Brit) that this garbage rates an 8 (Yes, eight!) on here. That the British TV viewing public have been so conditioned to sit through and approve of this immature cartoonish drivel should be a cause for shame. (Yes, cartoonish... the UK is one of the few places left on earth where TV blood is still brighter than ketchup, even after it's been dried for hours!)

I keep giving these UKTV dramas a fair crack of the whip and I'm continually let down. I wish the makers of this fodder would look to other countries for inspiration, because, sadly, UK TV is completely out of it.

Absolute dross!

Avidviewer-02847 15 November 2021

Never really been a fan of PD James (Phyllis Dorothy James) and her main sleuth Adam Dalgleish of the Met (Scotland Yard). Roy Marsden played him in an earlier series which was ok. I too only watched the first two episodes of the current series and I'm not that impressed, but I will watch the last four episodes and maybe it will improve. Bertie Carvel and Jeremy Irvine are fine actors, no slight intended to their skills.

I prefer the characters of Colin Dexter (Morse, Lewis and Endeavour) and Ann Cleeves (Vera and Shetland) over PD James and Ruth Rendell. Even Christie's characters are much more interesting. Very dark episodes, like something set in the 1800s not in 1970s.

Watched the last four episodes and the last story "A Taste for Death" was better. Still Dalgliesh is dark and moody, fits with dark churches. Masterson is more of a jack the lad.

jjr-76474 1 November 2021

All the usual assets of British TV, great acting, quality cinematography, refined writing, but somehow it fails to entertain.

Might be my taste only so i sure hope someone else rates it better.

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