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Daredevil (2015)

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Rayting:   8.6/10 381K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A blind lawyer by day, vigilante by night. Matt Murdock fights the crime of New York as Daredevil.

Episode Guide

Season 3

October 19, 2018Episode 13 A New Napkin
October 19, 2018Episode 12 One Last Shot
October 19, 2018Episode 11 Reunion
October 19, 2018Episode 10 Karen
October 19, 2018Episode 9 Revelations
October 19, 2018Episode 7 Aftermath
October 19, 2018Episode 5 The Perfect Game
October 19, 2018Episode 4 Blindsided
October 19, 2018Episode 3 No Good Deed
October 19, 2018Episode 2 Please
October 19, 2018Episode 1 Resurrection

Season 2

Season 1

Best Daredevil Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

October 19, 2018star9.6 7923 votesS3E4 Blindsided
October 19, 2018star9.6 7461 votesS3E13 A New Napkin
October 19, 2018star9.6 6827 votesS3E6 The Devil You Know
March 18, 2016star9.5 9673 votesS2E3 New York's Finest
March 18, 2016star9.5 9218 votesS2E4 Penny and Dime
March 18, 2016star9.5 8147 votesS2E9 Seven Minutes in Heaven
April 10, 2015star9.4 10512 votesS1E13 Daredevil
October 19, 2018star9.4 5272 votesS3E12 One Last Shot
April 10, 2015star9.2 8757 votesS1E9 Speak of the Devil
March 18, 2016star9.2 8114 votesS2E13 A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen
October 19, 2018star9.2 5184 votesS3E9 Revelations
October 19, 2018star9.2 5067 votesS3E11 Reunion
March 18, 2016star9.1 6817 votesS2E8 Guilty as Sin
March 18, 2016star9.1 6625 votesS2E10 The Man in The Box
October 19, 2018star9.1 5172 votesS3E8 Upstairs/Downstairs
April 10, 2015star9.0 10817 votesS1E2 Cut Man
April 10, 2015star9.0 8723 votesS1E6 Condemned
March 18, 2016star9.0 8541 votesS2E1 Bang
April 10, 2015star9.0 8458 votesS1E8 Shadows in the Glass
March 18, 2016star9.0 6540 votesS2E12 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

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User Reviews

grahamcstrouse 26 February 2019

I was gutted when Daredevil was cancelled. Easily the best super-hero show on TV. Let's not give up on Red yet. #SaveDaredevil

elie-music 6 April 2019

The Marvel Netflix Universe was the best thing in Netflix along with ''Jessica Jones'', ''Luke Cage'', ''Iron Fist'', ''The Punisher'' and ''Daredevil'' is my favorite of them. I was always looking forward to see the episodes when I have time after work.

I don't want to tell anything on this trilogy Master-Piece but I'm really sad they cancelled this show but at least it ended with a perfect trilogy of seasons so I suggest you to watch this because Its what I think it is the greatest Marvel adaptation of all time.

emmanplara 16 April 2020

This is not your average super hero show. I love the dark tone of the show. It has great story, great acting, and great action. Go ahead and watch this show.

jtgarcia-13987 26 March 2019

I seriously don't understand why Netflix would cancel this show. The writing was spectacular, the acting was phenomenal, the action scenes are just perfect, and so much more. I cannot even express my love for this show. I was a fan of the Flash and thought it was a good show until I watched this. I haven't even continued the Flash since because it does NOT compare to this show.

Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk is easily my favorite MCU villain. He's just so compelling and thrilling. He truly brings this show to life. Jon Bernthal as Punisher was absolutely flawless. Wilson Bethel as Bullseye is a fantastic villain. And finally, we have Daredevil himself: Charlie Cox. Charlie Cox IS Daredevil. No question about it. Just watch it. You'll thank yourself.

This is a spectacular, more realistic adaptation of Daredevil and it works so well. The action is done much more realistically, making them even better. Action, character development, story, all the things a TV show and movie should have can all be found right here.

WATCH. IT. It will change superhero shows for you forever

ahmetkozan 30 March 2016

After delivering a wonderfully crafted show with Agent Carter, Marvel is back with another one, Daredevil. I love Netflix. They are enjoying good business. I think Marvel is one step ahead according to DC in TV series.

My favorite was superhero series Daredevil. He is lawyer in the morning but he fights with criminals at nights. The fight scenes are quite impressive and realistic. Hallway scene in first season, stairs scene in second season. Enormous scenes!

The show has a great atmosphere and is extremely dark, but it has a couple of jokes fitted around. The characters are greatly acted and the story is one of the greatest stories that has been on TV recently. The supporting cast is very good and characters get a lot of shared screen time, exploring street level hero stuff in ways we haven't seen and providing some real grit and action like never before in this genre.

Punisher and Elektra were above my expectations. I can't believe this surpassed my expectations. The show is perfect, by far the best superhero show to have ever played on screen. This is by far my favorite thing the MCU has produced thus far.

Daredevil is a must watch for Superhero fans, DC, Marvel or both. And I'm sure, you'll enjoy it! 10/10

lazaros-38024 8 April 2020

Zero CGI,great fighting scenes and choreography,amazing performance by Charlie Cox and finally a normal powered villian with a really nice motivation.Marvel cancelled this beauty to produce trash movies like Captain Marvel.Well done.

Kingofthehill000 20 October 2018

Let me start by saying Daredevil season 1 was so great it was the reason I got Netflix.Daredevil season 2 for me was ok,I really liked the punisher but I didn't feel much for the main plot.but wow season 3 ..I would probably get my memory erased to relive this masterpiece again... Every character which is introduced has a proper backstory.you actually care about each and every persons motives.you get to choose who you like.i love great villians and this show delivers not one but two.Wilson Fisk from season 1 itself was very impressive and season 3 he delivers an exemplary performance,but the person who stole the show was bullseye,his character development was amazing and the action scenes were phenomenal.usually shows have plot holes ,directors don't really care to fill them up but this show had no plot holes.It was really amazing ,they went for a bit unexpected ending which I really liked.usually multiple villains ruin movies and shows but this they did it so well.lol,this is probably how been afflecks Daredevil movie should have been.Must watch :)

emamzadeh-83848 13 January 2019

Save daredevil. Don't let one of the best super hero shows of all time (if not the best) die so soon. Daredevil doesn't deserve this fate. He is the one who keeps the city safe so the Avengers can save the earth. Can't believe such masterpiece ends so soon.

sreer-06067 1 June 2020

First of all I think this is a normal tv mini series after I completed the whole season meanwhile I changed to a Daredevil fan.........Netflix why you just cancelled this masterpiece show i don't know why godsake happend to them behind the cancellation please reconsider and start season 4

cdymally 12 June 2020

Daredevil is one of the best shows I've ever seen. The story, the fight scenes, and the characters are top-notch. Fisk is one of the best, most compelling villains on TV. I love Matt's constant battle with darkness, the pull it has over him. It's a shame this show only lasted three seasons.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 16 June 2021

Daredevil really was such an incredible show! Charlie Cox (Daredevil) and Vincent D'Onofrio (Wilson Fisk) led such an amazing cast who were all at the top of their game throughout the entire series! It sucks that Marvel and Netflix had to split up because they made some pretty special shows. All of them were great but Daredevil and The Punisher were easily the best of them! It's one of the best superhero/crime shows ever made and where all 3 seasons were great! There's really not much more to say that hasn't already been said about this amazing show so just do yourself a favor and go watch it!

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