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Dark (2017)

Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Rayting:   8.8/10 284282 votes
Country: Germany | USA
Language: English

A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families.

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Season 3

June 27, 2020Episode 8 The Paradise
June 27, 2020Episode 4 The Origin
June 27, 2020Episode 3 Adam and Eva
June 27, 2020Episode 1 Deja-vu

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User Reviews

savindri 21 June 2019

Insanely good, every episode shocks you in ways you never thought was possible. The constant gripping revelations were so unexpected but tied the story so well together. Exceptional and convincing acting skills by the entire cast and tons of heartfelt scenes between different character dynamics. This show is the perfect epitome of a well thought out show, meticulously crafted and executed so well and overall knows where it's trying to advance it's story. This show has revolutionized time travel storytelling and is definitely one of the most smartly and consistently written shows of our time

sliterjacob-163-407746 21 June 2019

This show is the best thing Netflix has done. It is an absolute masterpiece of story telling.

jimajima-320-952298 14 June 2019

This is quite possibly the greatest show I've ever known to exist. It's just so pure. Every scene is saturated with substance. It's actually so good that I won't binge watch it. I take in each episode (possibly without blinking) and savor each experience. I'd write more, but my mind is seriously blown.

bettercallsaul-01753 9 August 2020

Dark is Netflix's one of the best supernatural, science fiction series. The narrative is mind-bending and utterly complex, but you could see how well it has been planned and how much time has been put into the production and creation of this show. There are various reasons that make this show a fantastic series that is bound to mess with your mind, for sure. Now, science fiction is not everyone's cup of tea, and that is understandable, but trust me Dark really takes it up a notch. And if my words still hasn't convinced you to watch it yet, I hope the following few points can.

1. The Characters and Their Arcs

Dark has a whole lot of characters, I won't lie. And for someone who dislikes too many characters, this might pose as a bit of a challenge, but it is all worth it. None of the characters are purely saints, and that is the best part of this show. There is no good and evil, but rather a realistic fact that good and evil resides in everyone. We are all the heroes and also villains in the story, one way or the other. It is compelling to see how as viewers, you are confronted with your own initial prejudices and views about the characters, and how they change along with the progress of the show. It will make you so conflicted till the point that you're not sure who is wrong and who is right, and you'll empathise with them all, for sure. This is how the characters are crafted in the show, and it makes it very difficult to choose favourites.

2. The Plotline and The Writing

Trying to explain Dark's plotline will be like trying to understand whether the chicken came first or the egg. It is one of the most intricately written stories, but so well laid out and perfectly planned that it will never cease to surprise you at any point. The writers have planned everything out, and they do not miss a single detail. Easter eggs are laid out throughout the show and the whole plotline it just too clever. So clever, it will blow your mind every time.

Dark is a show full of thrill, suspense, and mystery, laden with hints of the supernatural and family drama. At no point will you feel bored or underwhelmed, that is a given guarantee. The beauty of this show is that the suspense and mystery keeps you hooked right until you've finished the show, and even then, you will be craving for more; questioning, scratching your head. The twists and turns are superb and very intricately placed in the storyline. They are dramatic but not stupid. Nothing is wasted on space, story or with dialogues. In Dark, know that every single visual, every single dialogue, everything has a role to play.

The storylines are connected, and no episode will leave you without questions in your mind. You will definitely want more, and when you think you've figured out the plot, the show writers will pull out another secret, another stunt that will leave you speechless for sure. It is amazing, and I cannot tell you how many times my jaw had hung open while watching this show.

3. Family Dynamics and Drama

It would be wrong to leave out the drama because it surely plays a pivotal role in this show. As I've already said how exceptionally well the character arcs are, same is with the family drama too. The show brings together the individual lives of four families whose paths - futures, present, and past - intricately cross with one another, connected in a whole big loop (and by connected, I mean really connected). Questions about sacrifices and betrayal and love all come into focus

Mork_the_Borg 8 July 2019

This feedback is currently based on the first 10 episodes of season one (still watching the series as we speak), and to be honest it made me downgrade my rating for 'Stranger Things' quite a bit. It's clear that this series is the child of a genius - everything just works. The acting is great, the cinematography is great, the soundtrack is awesome (reminds me of Klaus Schulze at times), and the story-line is mind-boggling. This series is just miles above anything that leaves Hollywood. Wish that all productions could be like this. Thanks Netflix for bringing this awesome series to me screen. Say bye-bye to public television!

AlvaGaugin 9 August 2020

DARK is really unique and impressive - and absolutely mind-bending ! Like a hybrid of Stephen King, David Lynch and Christopher Nolan - with a certain German touch, of course. Season 3 really blew me away. Granted, there were initial doubts, but they were completely removed, and the final cycle surpassed all my expectations. A perfect conclusion of a near perfect show!

labibakhan-21306 29 June 2020

Dark is one of the rare shows that makes you completely lose your mind and does not let to stop thinking about the things you saw. It takes time travel to a new dimension and explores in a unique and bold way which will keep you coming for more. The creators did an excellent job of storytelling and keeping the plot together and shocking us in every episode. The final season is the biggest ride that'll answer all your questions as well as tie all the loose threads together and give a story filled with mind blowing plot twists and mysteries. The whole cast and crew were absolutely brilliant and this was a magnificent mindbending experience indeed.

savagecaption 13 May 2019

I tired to watch this with the English dub but it was just terrible. It's the only show I've ever given a chance in a foreign language and I don't regret it. If you're the kind of person who watches shows with subtitles anyways then this is for you. It just hits the spot in every way you can imagine. Amazing writing, acting, great plot, and leaves you mind blown.

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