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Dark Winds (2022)

Crime | Thriller 
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Country: USA
Language: English

Follows Leaphorn and Chee, two Navajo police officers in the 1970s Southwest that are forced to challenge their own spiritual beliefs when they search for clues in a double murder case.

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June 12, 2022star8.2 211 votesS1E1 Monster Slayer
June 19, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E2 The Male Rain Approaches
June 26, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E3 K'e
July 3, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Hooghandi
July 10, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Ha'íínlni
July 17, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 HózhóoNaashaa

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User Reviews

terrylarosa 13 June 2022

He's been in several series I've watched over the years as a costar. Always had a good presence. He does usually play a variation of the same character but he plays it well. Series is of to an intriguing start. I remember seeing a movie several years ago with the same characters ( not the actors ) and it was good. With a show featuring Native Americans as the main characters it should offer something a little different. Not crazy about the timeline and what purpose it serves but I'll go with it. Wasn't boring or slow but it could use a little more pulse. Nevertheless I'll be here for the series run. Should be good.

trademarcdesigns 13 June 2022

Well written, well acted, well paced. Two episodes in and I'm hooked. So far there are three plots to follow - the murders of two reservation residents, a high-profile armored car robbery using a helicopter, and a possible conspiracy to blow up a mining operation. And then there's spooky stuff... It sounds like a lot going on, but because the writing is so good, it's very easy to follow the various intersecting plot lines.

The characters are quite appealing - I credit the fine acting for that - consequently you get invested in the show very quickly. The show doesn't pull any punches when it comes to showing the overt and systematic racism faced by Native Americans in the 1970's (not to suggest it's strictly a thing of the past), but so far it's not falling into the trap of portraying the native people as 'noble savages,' either.

This is simply good drama, and the fact that it's set on a Navajo reservation just enhances the drama rather than over-relying on it or using it as a shtick. I like this show and I think if you give it a try, you'll be hooked, too.

ruthszulc 12 June 2022

Although I'm an Australian living here in Australia, I have a huge passion for the USA and the Navajo Indians. We travel there almost every year. Firstly I read all Longmire Books, then loved the Longmire series. After reading all the Tony Hillerman ones, I love this series as well. Just as expected. Zahn McClaron is an amazing actor, as usual, and the Dark Wind Series with so many gorgeous talented Navajos, I'm in love with it. So glad they did this series.

bbigdiddle 12 June 2022

Can't wait for the next episode. This brings back So much, as I lived on the Navajo Reservation (near Shiprock) in a log cabin during the same time frame. I turned 21 there, & it was another world entirely. This show is really bring int all back. And McClarnon - so good.

timstokes-55732 12 June 2022

I enjoy Hillermans work and have learnt a lot about Navaho culture and conversely about my own reading his books...

Leaphorn and Chee are a solid addition to the crime genre and the first episode portrays them well.

The stories I have enjoyed on the page are brought to life delightfully. The most immediate impression is of space and silence and Dark Winds does this expansively.

Set in the 70s, an alien landscape (but recogniable from so many films) following the lives of people who live there.

Story (not canon but ok) builds nicely, the characters are strong and an awesome cast who fill aforementioned landscape with well sculptured theatre.

And quiet.

intrepidami 13 June 2022

Familiar with the source material. I think the series overall is going to be called Dark Winds. This intro(first season) is loosely based on another book called The Listening Woman. It seems to be confusing some, as another book is called The Dark Wind. The acting is excellent. You have a lawman who straddles the fence between modern investigation and lore. You have another law person who will pull over and start rituals! Yet another knows the lore well, but so far disbelieves. It's not going to be Night Stalker set on an Indian Reservation if you think that's where it's going.

talkteav 13 June 2022

Dark Winds is in a perfect spot with AMC, which continues to show content that people once went to the movies to see. I think Actor Zahn McClarnon is one actor who always knows how to play it cool but wise. McClarnon and the rest of the ensemble are a great match-up. The showrunners (so far) are doing a great job getting me to connect with the characters through their stories. It feels like it's going to be a great series, and my curiosity is piqued, I honestly can't wait to see what happens next.

As always, if you made it this far, thanks for reading, and if you watch this series, let me know what you think.

Keep it interesting, Stay Channel Surfing!

Damian at TalkTeaV.

aimee925 13 June 2022

So I have AMC+ and have seen the first 2 episodes and it just gets better and better. It's part mystery, thriller, dark humor, and drama- a bit of everything with wonderful acting. I absolutely love Zach McClarnon in everything I've seen him in, the series Fargo, Reservation Dogs, Westword, can't recall what else, but the guy has range and I can't wait for him to have an Academy type role, he is due.

Noah Emmerich from the Americans plays a self-important FBI agent, Rainn Wilson plays a used car salesman and another sleezy part in the story I'm sure, lol. Every character is interesting.

This 6 part series is executive produced by George RR Martin and Robert Redford, so you know it's gonna be a great story. I can't wait to see where it goes!

pastorfbt 14 June 2022

Loving it already after one episode. No familiarity with the book(s) so nothing is "spoiled" for me. I thought Zahn was a standout in Longmire and I'm glad to see a reprise of sorts here.

surfingnaked1 13 June 2022

So the lead writer was also a lead writer on fringe. The first episode leads you in many direction. I am excited to see where they go. Not much good tv on the is def a very good start.

bregund 18 June 2022

Wind doesn't have a color. Nevertheless I gave this show my attention for the first episode and walked away with a yawn. There's nothing new, innovative, or interesting here, someone just set the parameters on the Script-o-matic and out came this thing, surely not to go beyond one season by the looks of it. I see it has already gotten some ten-star reviews from its PR company and the people who worked on it, so that's something I guess. As a native American I was impressed by our portrayal in Northern Exposure, not so much here.

retsamyar 16 June 2022

If, like really IF, you can get past the sensationalized Hollywood garbage there maybe a good story. No wonder other parts of the world think people from the usa have no right to talk. When hollywood constantly just make up history to be what ever they want. Portray all non indians, in this case, to be racists with no empathy. Cause that must be how the writers think it was in the time period the story was to take place in. When reality was much different. Why would one want to waste their time to find out if there is a point to that in the story or if its just thrown in there to manipulate the viewers? With the amount of shows coming out I see no reason to waste ones time on this one. The actor playing the native cop did a good job in the first couple episodes. But he is an experienced professional actor so I expect as much.

Feel free, as one should, to make up your own opinion on the show and such matters. Don't take anyone's word as fact. Everyone sees things in their own way from ones own experiences. If you find this show enjoyable by all means express it so others can find a range of opinions on it.

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