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Decoupled (2021)

Rayting:   8.1/10 3.8K votes
Country: India
Language: English

Follows a writer and his wife who announce their divorce with a party, which ends up exposing other absurd relationships in their world.

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Season 1

December 17, 2021Episode 6 Affairs
December 17, 2021Episode 5 The Ex Returns
December 17, 2021Episode 4 Peak Ovulation
December 17, 2021Episode 3 Champion of Maids
December 17, 2021Episode 2 Her Phone Hangs
December 17, 2021Episode 1 Shake His Hand

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Top 20 (Ranked)

December 17, 2021star8.6 66 votesS1E8 The History of a Marriage
December 17, 2021star8.5 84 votesS1E2 Her Phone Hangs
December 17, 2021star8.2 48 votesS1E3 Champion of Maids
December 17, 2021star8.0 46 votesS1E4 Peak Ovulation
December 17, 2021star8.0 46 votesS1E6 Affairs
December 17, 2021star8.0 45 votesS1E7 How to Tell Your Daughter About Divorce
December 17, 2021star7.9 73 votesS1E1 Shake His Hand
December 17, 2021star7.8 50 votesS1E5 The Ex Returns

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User Reviews

qui_j 18 December 2021

This is an example of the new genre of Indian comedy that deals with lifestyles of wealthy Indians. The series tries to show how Western that class of Indian society has become. It plays like a very bad 1960s American TV sitcom.

bshaef 19 December 2021

I can see where Indians might not appreciate the story but I found it very humorous and well told. I like all the characters and the story line. It may have been a tad unrealistic but I enjoyed it anyway.

This is the second Indian series I've recently watched and both were superior to American comedies. Keep up the good work.

sameerlodaya 21 December 2021

Sameer Lodaya

The series is full of madness as the makers have attempted a new version of humour and entertainment in Netflix style

The story is of a couple who are separated but are hesitating to announce..every time Madhavan does some madness as he has ocd of people who mess with their private parts and he has followed his character of Tanu weds manu... some scenes have ugly humour which is difficult for Indian viewers..the series has unnecessary 8 episodes on a small was shocking to see Vikram Aditya motwane to produce such subject when he well known for his cult of subjects

The series has been made in a very rich aura but climax was boring and kept repeating same content also they have kept a entry for another season

It's purely the Netflix taste so go if you wanna try it.

jkt2006 21 December 2021

Now this what can be called brilliant script writing and not one that plainly drags a series. Every minute of the limited series comes up with something new and refreshing. The characters are real(from today's Gurgaon), well the Gold Course road area has an amazing and crazy mad crowd which I used to love when living there! The place has only got better it seems. This series deserves an applaud for its unique characters and the storyline. Finished binge watching in two sittings over two days! Hats off to the producer, director and the lovely cast.

zkzuber 2 January 2022

Finished my first episode liked it will watch all. Deshdrohi, "Anti national" was too good. Sadly it's very common today to be a social media patriotic, "hamare jawan border pe hai". Since last few years this is getting to my nerve after watching Madhavan sarcastic take on it I feel so relieved as if some one is expressing my views. Huge population of my country today seems to be infected by this fake patriotism today, I should credit to the writer too for his observance. Madhavan seems to be getting younger day by day. Will surely recommend.

TreeFiddy53 23 December 2021

This is....a very different show, surely different for an Indian show. And just like anything that's different from the norm, this show has also gotten people divided.

Gist of the story: The lead couple have fallen out of love but are best friends; they're gonna get a divorce but will live in the same house for the sake of their child. - This plot, in a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" kinda show.

You can already tell this isn't for everyone in the general Indian audience. You're either going to hate it because you don't get it, or because you get and it's the kinda social commentary that doesn't align with your views, or you'll find it refreshing because you've not come across shows like these on Indian Tv.

I fall into the 3rd category but that said, the show worked for me in parts, and was an overkill in other parts sometimes. I loved the chemistry between and the story about the lead, but it felt like that didn't get enough time. The show's far from perfect, but it's something new and the vitriol undeserved.

Also, it's got 8 eps, with ~28 mins each. So, it's a quick watch. Fits the tone of the content. Anything more would have been jarring.

rikenpatel-02979 28 December 2021

This Web Series Did Above Good Performance. Comedy is nice. With Good Thoughts and Real Acts. R. Madhavan & Surveen Chawla & Sonia Rathee & Atul Kumar & Mukesh Bhatt Did Good Acting. And Specially Thanks To Chetan Bhagat.

santoshambekar19 19 December 2021

The series is really really entertaining! Just a about a time but it's a different kind of a story. Well carted and realized. Few Parts may not be convincing and real but if you keep them at the side then you will really like it a lot.

Madhav an is at his best as usual so as Surveen Chawla as she looks stunning throughout. Hope we should be able to see the next season soon.

shumailzafar 25 December 2021

Watched Decoupled finally... Definitely funny and better written than most Indian content on Netflix.. Though the last 2 episodes were a drag. Madhavan was exceptional.

bhupinder_sidhu 31 December 2021

After a long time I watched such a entertaining hilarious series. Totally refreshed superb comedy Madhavan & Surveen done a great job & script is great. I wish series was made in hindi .

rsridhar2005 18 December 2021

Why in the world a sensible actor like Madhavan accepts to act in a totally senseless series like this?

Why on earth the makers of this series are trying portray a Tamil Iyer writer as a complete moron? Who the makers are trying to ridicule? It is absolutely idiotic to watch beyond the first episode and I decided to quit watching after the first episode.

R Madhavan, really pathetic. Being a big fan of yours, never expected such a show from you.

sanjeevanwar 30 December 2021

Anwar Says: Sorry guys, reporting late because I watched it late . I found this satire a lot interesting, definitely for the Mumbai elite class , because of the superb chemistry between Madhavan and Surveen Chawla. Madhvan a pulp fiction writer and his wife Surveen a flop Venture Capitalist , you would never want sit next to you but their chit- chat would enthuse you to watch more .

Hosting a decoupling party at Goa , seems to a weird subject, particularly in Indian Context but Hardik Mehta dealt it perfectly and thanks to the dialogue writers, who made it witty too. It isn't much a comedy about a divorcing couple but the divisive thought the director gave to the subject is an interesting watch.

Dialogues are the essence of this creation, some hits the mark and some are off target, particularly of the sex maniac Babaji , the unwanted character and to add Chetan Bhagat himself. Netflix has been promoted to its fullest. Cliffhanger says , second season is coming. Would have loved to have some song to display the moods of characters . An upmarket watch.

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