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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba (2019)

Animation | Adventure 
Popularity 196
Rayting:   8.7/10 52K votes
Country: Japan
Language: English

A family is attacked by demons and only two members survive Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, who is turning into a demon slowly. Tanjiro sets out to become a demon slayer to avenge his family and cure his sister.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

August 10, 2019star9.8 9430 votesS1E19 Hinokami
July 27, 2019star9.2 2226 votesS1E17 You Must Master a Single Thing
August 3, 2019star9.2 2023 votesS1E18 A Forged Bond
September 28, 2019star9.1 1836 votesS1E26 New Mission
April 27, 2019star9.0 1986 votesS1E4 Final Selection
August 17, 2019star9.0 1781 votesS1E20 Pretend Family
May 18, 2019star8.9 1841 votesS1E7 Muzan Kibutsuji
July 20, 2019star8.9 1695 votesS1E16 Letting Someone Else Go First
August 24, 2019star8.8 1594 votesS1E21 Against Corps Rules
June 1, 2019star8.7 1634 votesS1E9 Temari Demon and Arrow Demon
June 8, 2019star8.7 1616 votesS1E10 Together Forever
April 6, 2019star8.6 2345 votesS1E1 Cruelty
May 25, 2019star8.6 1688 votesS1E8 The Smell of Enchanting Blood
August 31, 2019star8.6 1503 votesS1E22 Master of the Mansion
June 29, 2019star8.5 1563 votesS1E13 Something More Important Than Life
April 20, 2019star8.4 1876 votesS1E3 Sabito and Makomo
May 4, 2019star8.3 1704 votesS1E5 My Own Steel
May 11, 2019star8.2 1670 votesS1E6 Swordsman Accompanying a Demon
July 13, 2019star8.2 1510 votesS1E15 Mount Natagumo

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User Reviews

RealMOJO99 24 May 2019

I hope that kimetsu no yaiba is a recurring anime and not only lasts for the confirmed 26 episodes. The story and animation are absolutely breathtaking. Very keen to see how it progresses throughout. so far, a really awesome anime.

endranokk 16 April 2019

I'm calling for it this show is going to be amazing and for the last 2 episodes have already got me because the animation is just breathtaking and very crisp too. And the storytelling is gotta be good as "Dororo". And the studio is from Ufotable, The one that made the Fate series no wonder the animation is so good.

harismahmood-79541 10 July 2019

Randomly saw this anime and clicked on it wasn't even paying attention to it and then it just got me hooked from the get go like literally from the very start I've been glued to it.

Hero academia and demon slayer(kimetsu no yaiba) are my favourites of all time

mindhy_eau 25 June 2019

I love this anime, by reading the manga and comparing the episodes I'm just blown away, the action scenes are so impressive, as well the pace, I'm usually upset when there's a lot of missing stuffs from the mangas, but not this one, so far its been great.

shammyshamnine 29 May 2019

What an anime! Most often times a soundtrack tells how good an anime will be and from the first few scenes I knew I was onto something here. The story and emotions that run through this show is just breathtaking. Anime's are rarely made like this anymore. So glad I found it.

Lucasanova 7 May 2019

This show has been given justice, this is a anime that has outdone the manga. Tanjiro our protaganist is unlike many other shonen anime protaganists (one piece: Luffy for example) while Luffy's goal is to become the pirate king, tanjiros goal does not base itself in his growth. It is his will and moral of saving others and furfilling his quest of helping his sister that drives him forward which means that gaining strengh is not the primarily focus which for me adds a new perspective to the show. If you have seen up until episode 19 and you have not rated this show, There really is no convincing you. This show is a masterpiece and you'll be hooked from the first episode!

MR_Heraclius 19 March 2020

Awesome literally awesome. I have seen alot of anime shows but this was one of the best and people attacking this show have a personal grudge to be honest as it broke some records and the fact that its fans are not attacking the critics is a proof on all its own that how toxic they are .... Characters-9 Animation-10 Voice acting-9 Plot-8 Fighting-10 Music-9

nrb-04501 28 May 2019

Really i think this anime doesn't have a bad episode, everyone has such a whole soundtracks and things eles , I like it!.

awaissaifali-79127 21 April 2019

Absolutely undeniably amazing anime, defo top 5 anime of all time. Fight scenes so far are excellent and the story is already so enthralling. Can't wait for the upcoming episodes and future seasons... and 100% a movie.

ebrailey22 9 July 2019

Great animation, interesting story, and a lot of brutal scenes later on. Def. Not a slow start but it kinda eases itself into the story and gradually gets better. Really liking the show

maxvladimir 22 April 2021

Well executed, but the only thing that differentiates it from a million other battle anime's is the artstyle. Characters have chemistry, but can get extremely annoying at times and most are very one dimensional.

ncl-66015 26 May 2021

The story of demon slayer is pretty simple. Tanjiro is the main character, his familiy gets killed by a demon only his sister survived. Now he is becoming a demon slayer to hunt the demon who murdered his family. For that he'll be part of an organization, called demon slayer corps, which a ranking system going from 1 to 10. On this journey he meet two other young demon slayer, which then accompaing him on his quest.

Well, reading that you might see many pretty generic plotlines. Of course, that must not be bad per se. But the thing here is, that the characters are quite flat. Our young hero Tanjiro for example is really nice and friendly, thats it. He has no flaws, no errors. He has a tragic backstory, cries sometimes and must train more to become stronger... wow, never heard that before. Same goes for all the other characters and also for the world. Like the ranking system for the organization, it was just once mentioned. During the first season we only get to know members from the highest rank. What about all the other ranks? ( It would be like in One Piece during the first 100 episode we will only meet yonkos ). And to the style of the main characters: The main characters look so much out of place with the hair and the styling, compared to other people. And nobody is paying attention to that (not like in FMA were everybody is constantly looking at them) What really is amazing about the tv show is the animation and beautiful drawing. It is really top, watching the episode 19 season 1 was really amazing. Also the music is quite good. (But honestly, music and animation not as good as AOT - lets be real here).

The tv show is okay to watch, it can be funny and interesting. Maybe younger audiences will love it more. For me it is quite predictable and generic.

Is it a masterpiece like so many keep saying? No, not for me.

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