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Designated Survivor (2016)

Action | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.5/10 77599 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A low level Cabinet member becomes President of the United States after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession.

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theodorosioa 21 November 2019

At the beginning it was such an amazing show but it gets worse every season, especially season 3 when netflix picked it up.

spoonerspot 11 June 2019

This review will essentially say the same things the others do concerning season 3. The language can be bad at times and it's use and placement is unnecessary. It doesn't overwhelm but it's there and it stand outs. The constant preaching over issues that are considered left-leaning are also overwhelming and prevalent, particularly for a President that is supposed to be an Independent. The show doesn't keep the tone it established in seasons 1 and 2. That is going to keep people from tuning in to season 4 if there is a season 4. The fact that the show took such a 180 degree turn from where it started is a disappointment. I hope that if there is a season 4, that the show will find it's way back to what made it a show worth watching. In it's present state, it's just not.

jarkkotirkkonen 12 June 2019

Season 3 is awful. If you watched season 1&2 then stop there, because this show has gone down in the toilet.

jroland-70581 7 September 2019

Terribly disappointed in season 3. For an Independent President, the show seemed to cut and paste every hot button issue in the news today and preached from a far left viewpoint about it. Instead of an engaging storyline, the show became a commentary on our current election cycle from assisted suicide, election tampering, immigration, deportation, sperm donors, gene testing, Russian interference, etc. I love political dramas like West Wing, 24, and Madam Secretary but season 3 was a pathetic excuse for a political drama.

jasoncole-09619 13 June 2019

I was very disappointed when ABC canceled Designated Survivor and thrilled when Netflix picked it up, HOWEVER, Netflix has ruined this great show. Season 1&2 was strong, riveting, and President Kirkman was truly a political centrist. Season 3 is vulgar, pushing a far left political agenda, and demeaning toward those who disagree with their politics.

daveredgar 9 June 2019

New script writers in season 3 destroyed the show. Way too much social propaganda and unnecessary use of profanity. We stopped watching at episode 4. Coming from someone who LOVED season 1&2.....Don't wast your time with season 3.

glroberts 11 June 2019

I really liked the first 2 seasons, but season 3 is a waste. Soapy drama mixed with politically correct propaganda.

joe-englade 12 June 2019

Season 1 and 2 where fantastic. A true independent perspective. Season 3 changed to full blown liberal agenda and completely ruined the show. Way to go Hollywood.

tn-golfn 8 June 2019

This used to be a show we enjoyed and were happy for a season 3. Very disappointing, could only make it halfway through ep. 4. Why would viewers want to see the President sitting on the toilet, hear explicit language and be subjected to all the nudity. This adds nothing to the show, just detracts from it. I guess this is what Hollywood thinks we ought to watch.

genehwilliams 13 August 2019

What made this show special is that it was a political show that stayed away from politics. The appeal was a President tried to do what was best for the country instead of doing what was best for a party, of pushing a right or left agenda.

That all changed with season three. It's the same self-righteous tone being pushed on 90% of TV shows these days. Typical modern writers/directors thinking they are smarter than their viewers by pushing their political agenda. Instead of educating us, it's obvious and insulting.

As bad as season three is, it probably would have been better had the show stayed cancelled after season two. Would give seasons 1-2 eight stars, but season 3 two stars.

ckhan25 10 June 2019

Cannot believe what the writers have done with season 3, this was a show i loved, it was clean, one i could watch with the family, how it addressed current politics was great, but that was season 1 and 2. What were the writers thinking, profanity, sex, polictical correctness, infedility...gosh. If the first two seasons were positioned that way then fine but they were not, fans of the show will be very dissappointed with season 3.

Not to sure whats going on at present in the media, but you would think every other person is gay or lesbian, questions their gender or has had a gender change... There is alot more going on in the world.

davidhands 13 May 2017

I've just binge watched it up to the end of Episode 18. The initial premise is interesting, whether or not it's actually based in reality. You always need to grant some leeway with "initial premises", especially these days. I stopped watching 24 after the second season because I found it too infantile and silly. I did watch The West Wing through to the end. This is a sort of 24 meets The West Wing. The show lets itself down with too many loving gazes between the President and his wife (does she have any flaws at all?), some terribly clunky lines and worst of all, the relentless US Patriot, buzz word laden speeches. "The American people deserve...". "Rebuilding our amazing nation...". "Rebuilding our fantastic Government". There's no mention of lobbyists or Corporate involvement in Government. There's no mention of the profound disconnect between citizen and Government that is a feature of contemporary politics. The various "third rails" of US politics are briefly mentioned. It is a show about a fantasy America and a fantasy American Government. It's the TV Show version of America that is challenged by the initial events and it responds the way TV Show script writers think such a world would respond. Having said all that, it moves reasonably quickly and the split between the two story arcs is well handled and engaging. The only caveat is - if you find "true blue, Mom and Apple Pie American sentimental patriotism" too much to bear, you're going to struggle with this show. But it's probably worth bearing with, all in all. There are far, far worse shows on TV.

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